Name Version Description
0install 2.8 The antidote to app-stores
aacplus 0.2.1 Bindings for the aacplus library which provides functions for decoding AAC audio files
abella 2.0.2 Interactive theorem prover based on lambda-tree syntax
acgtk 1.1 Abstract Categorial Grammar development toolkit.
ackdo-reloaded 0.4 ackdo - companion to sed and grep/ack/ag
acme 0.1 A library to interact with the acme text editor.
acpc 1.2.2 Chemoinformatics tool for ligand-based virtual screening
aez 0.3 Alt-Ergo Zero is an OCaml library for an SMT solver.
ago 0.2 ago(1) - compute the number of days between two calendar dates
agrep 1.0 String searching with errors
aifad 2.0.6 Machine learning library and application written in OCaml which generalizes decision tree learning to algebraic data types
aio 0.0.3 Linux kernel AIO access library for ocaml
alberto 0.4 OCaml interface to Erlang ports
alcotest 0.2.0 Alcotest is a lightweight and colourful test framework
aliases 0.0.5 In memory indexes
alpaca 1.0.2 An asynchronous SOCKS5 proxy library
alphaCaml 20061214 Turns a so-called "binding specification" into an OCaml compilation unit
alsa 0.2.1 Bindings for the ALSA library which provides functions for using soundcards
alt-ergo 0.99.1 Automatic theorem prover based on SMT technology and dedicated to program verification
altgr-ergo 0.99.1 Automatic theorem prover based on SMT technology and dedicated to program verification: Graphical interface
ancient 0.9.0 Allows to use in-memory data structures which are larger than available memory and so are kept in swap
annexlib 0.13.5 An extension to the standard library
annot 1.0.0 annotation parser for external editors and IDEs
ansicolor 0.5 Simple ANSI terminal color library (deprecated in favor of ANSITerminal).
ANSITerminal 0.6.5 Basic control of ANSI compliant terminals and the windows shell.
ao 0.2.0 Bindings for the AO library which provides high-level functions for using soundcards
apalogretrieve 0.9.6-4 Retrieve data from an Apache logfile with a syntax derived from the SQL language.
apron 0.9.10 APRON numerical abstract domain library
arakoon 1.6.7 A distributed key-value store that guarantees consistency above anything else.
archimedes 0.4.17 Extensible 2D plotting library.
argot 1.1 An enhanced HTML generator for the ocamldoc tool of the OCaml language.
asn1-combinators 0.1.1 Combinators for expressing ASN.1 grammars in OCaml
async 112.24.00 Monadic concurrency library
async-zmq 0.0.1 Async wrapper for OCaml's zeromq bindings
async_core 109.55.02 Monadic concurrency library
async_extended 112.24.00 Additional utilities for async
async_extra 112.24.00 Monadic concurrency library
async_find 111.28.00 Directory traversal with Async
async_graphics 0.5.1 Async wrapper for the OCaml Graphics library
async_inotify 111.28.00 Async wrapper for inotify
async_kernel 112.24.00 Monadic concurrency library
async_parallel 112.17.00 Distributed computing library
async_shell 109.28.03 Shell helpers for Async
async_smtp 112.24.00 SMTP client and server
async_ssl 112.24.01 An Async-pipe-based interface with OpenSSL.
async_unix 112.24.00 Monadic concurrency library
atd 1.1.2 Parser for the ATD data format description language
atd2cconv 0.0.0 Convert ATD definitions to OCaml code that uses the CConv 0.1 library
atdgen 1.5.0 Generates efficient JSON serializers, deserializers and validators
aws 0.0.3 AWS client for Amazon Web Services
baardskeerder 0.5.2 Baardskeerder is an append-only B-ish tree.
bap 0.9.5 Binary Analysis Platform
base-bytes legacy Bytes compatibility library distributed with ocamlfind
base-metaocaml-ocamlfind base Findlib toolchain configuration for MetaOCaml.
base-no-ppx base A pseudo-library to indicate lack of extension points support
base64 2.0.0 Base64 encoding and decoding library
batsh 0.0.6 A (C-like syntax) programming language that compiles to Bash and Windows Batch.
batteries 2.3.1 Community-maintained foundation library
bdd 0.3 Quick implementation of a Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD) library for OCaml
beluga 0.5 A Language for programming and reasoning using Higher-Order Abstract Syntax
bench 1.3 A benchmarking tool for statistically valid benchmarks
benchmark 1.4 Benchmark running times of code.
bencode 1.0.2 Read/Write bencode (.torrent) files in OCaml
bencode_rpc 0.2.1 Remote Procedure Call in OCaml, with B-encode and Lwt.
bes boolean expression simplifier
bibtex2html 1.98 BibTeX to HTML translator
bigbro 2.0.4-rev3 Management tool for hypertext (HTML) documents
bignum 112.24.00 Core-flavoured wrapper around zarith's arbitrary-precision rationals.
bin_prot 112.24.00 A binary protocol generator
biniou 1.0.9 Binary data format designed for speed, safety, ease of use and backward compatibility as protocols evolve
biocaml 0.3.1 The OCaml Bioinformatics Library
bisect 1.3 Code coverage tool for the OCaml language
bitcoin 1.1.1 Library offering an OCaml interface to the official Bitcoin client API
bitmasks 1.0.0 BitMasks over int and int64 exposed as sets
bitstring 2.0.4 bitstrings and bitstring matching for OCaml
bitv 1.1 A bit vector library
bjack 0.1.4 Bindings for the Jack library which provides functions for linking audio programs
blahcaml 2.1 Blahcaml provides basic OCaml bindings to the Blahtex library.
bolt 1.4 Bolt is an OCaml Logging Tool
bookaml 2.1 Library for retrieving information about published books
bsdowl 2.2 Highly portable build system targetting modern UNIX systems
bson 0.89.3 A bson data structure, including encoding/decoding
bt 0.2 BitTorrent library and client using Lwt
cache 1.0 Implements a caching service for storing arbitrary strings that can be located by string keys
cairo 1.2.0 Binding to Cairo, a 2D Vector Graphics Library
cairo2 0.4.6 Binding to Cairo, a 2D Vector Graphics Library.
calendar 2.03.2 Library for handling dates and times in your program
caml-mode 4.02 OCaml code editing commands for Emacs
caml2html 1.4.3 Produce ready-to-go HTML files
camlbz2 0.6.0 Bindings for bzip2
camldm 0.1.0 Bindings for Linux libdevicemapper
CamlGI 0.6 FastCGI and CGI library
camlgpc 1.0 Interface to Alan Murta's General Polygon Clipper
camlhighlight 3.0 Camlhighlight provides syntax highlighting facilities for OCaml applications.
camlidl 1.05 Stub code generator for OCaml
camlimages 4.2.0 Image processing library
camlmix 1.3.0 Camlmix is a generic preprocessor which converts text with embedded
camlp4 4.03.0 Camlp4 is a system for writing extensible parsers for programming languages
camlp5 6.12 Preprocessor-pretty-printer of OCaml
camlpdf 2.1.1 Read, write and modify PDF files
camlprime 0.5 Primality testing with lazy lists of prime numbers
camltc 0.9.2 OCaml bindings for tokyo cabinet
camltemplate 1.0.2 Library for generating text from templates
camlzip 1.05 Provides easy access to compressed files in ZIP, GZIP and JAR format
camomile 0.8.5 A comprehensive Unicode library
capnp 2.0.1 OCaml code generation plugin for the Cap'n Proto serialization framework
caravan 0.0.2 A framework for testing arbitrary systems, in OCaml.
cbor 0.1 CBOR encoder/decoder (RFC 7049)
cconv 0.3.1 Combinators for Type Conversion in OCaml, and ppx_deriving plugin.
ccss 1.5 CCSS is a preprocessor for CSS, extending the language with arithmetic operations and variables.
cdrom 0.9.1 Query the state and contents of CDROM devices under Linux.
cduce 0.5.5 Modern XML-oriented functional language with innovative features
cduce_ws 0.1 Library fo Web Services creation
cfg 2.0.4 Manipulate context-free grammars
cfstream 1.1.2 Stream operations in the style of Core's API.
cgi 0.8 Library for writing CGIs
chamo 2.03 A source code editor, even if it can be used to edit any text file.
choice 0.1 Monadic combinators for enumerating alternatives.
cil 1.7.3 A front-end for the C programming language that facilitates program analysis and transformation
cmdliner 0.9.7 Declarative definition of command line interfaces for OCaml
cmitomli 1.0.0 Converts compiled interface files (.cmi) into source interface files (.mli)
coccinelle 1.0.0-rc22 Coccinelle is a C source code matching and transformation engine.
cohttp 0.15.2 HTTP library for Lwt, Async and Mirage
coinst 1.9.1 Coinst tool suite to perform analysis on package repositories.
combine 0.55 Combine is a library for combinatorics problem solving.
comparelib 109.60.00 Part of Jane Street’s Core library
conduit 0.7.2 Network connection library for TCP and SSL
conf-cairo 1 Virtual package relying on a Cairo system installation.
conf-expat 1 Virtual package relying on an expat system installation.
conf-ftgl 1 Virtual package relying on an ftgl system installation.
conf-glade 2 Virtual package relying on a libglade system installation.
conf-glew 1 Virtual package relying on a GLEW system installation.
conf-gmp 1 Virtual package relying on a GMP lib system installation.
conf-gnomecanvas 2 Virtual package relying on a Gnomecanvas system installation.
conf-gnutls 1 Virtual package relying on a gnutls system installation.
conf-gsl 1 Virtual package relying on a GSL lib system installation.
conf-gssapi 1 Virtual package relying on a krb5-gssapi system installation.
conf-gtksourceview 2 Virtual package relying on a GtkSourceView system installation.
conf-leveldb 1 Virtual package relying on a LevelDB lib system installation.
conf-libcurl 1 Virtual package relying on a libcurl system installation.
conf-libev 4-11 High-performance event loop/event model with lots of features
conf-libffi 1 Virtual package relying on a libffi system installation.
conf-libgsasl 1 Virtual package relying on a GSASL lib system installation.
conf-libMagickCore 1 Virtual package relying on an ImageMagick system installation.
conf-libpcre 1 Virtual package relying on a libpcre system installation.
conf-libpng 1 Virtual package relying on a libpng system installation.
conf-libuv 1 Virtual package relying on a libuv system installation.
conf-llvm-debug 0.0 Debug mode for LLVM and clang package.
conf-lua 1 Virtual package relying on a Lua system installation.
conf-mpfr 1 Virtual package relying on library MPFR installation.
conf-nanomsg 0 Virtual package relying on a nanomsg system installation.
conf-ode 1 Virtual package relying on a ODE system installation.
conf-pkg-config 1.0 Virtual package relying on pkg-config installation.
conf-python-2-7 1.0 Virtual package relying on Python-2.7 installation.
conf-python-2-7-dev 1.0 Virtual package relying on Python-2.7 development package installation.
conf-qt 5.2.1 Installation of Qt5 using APT packages or from source.
conf-sdl-gfx 1 Virtual package relying on a sdl-gfx system installation.
conf-sdl-image 1 Virtual package relying on a sdl-image system installation.
conf-sdl-mixer 1 Virtual package relying on a sdl-mixer system installation.
conf-sdl-net 1 Virtual package relying on a sdl-net system installation.
conf-sdl-ttf 1 Virtual package relying on a sdl-ttf system installation.
conf-sdl2 1 Virtual package relying on a SDL2 system installation.
conf-sdl2-image 1 Virtual package relying on a sdl2-image system installation.
conf-sdl2-mixer 1 Virtual package relying on a sdl2-mixer system installation.
conf-sdl2-net 1 Virtual package relying on a sdl2-net system installation.
conf-sdl2-ttf 1 Virtual package relying on a sdl2-ttf system installation.
conf-sfml2 1 Virtual package relying on a SFML2 system installation.
conf-zmq 0.1 Virtual package relying on zmq library installation.
config-file 1.2 Small library to define, load and save options files.
containers 0.9 A modular standard library focused on data structures.
cookie-js 1.0.0 Simple library for setting/getting cookies in js_of_ocaml
coq 8.4.5 Formal proof management system.
coqide 8.4.5 IDE of the coq formal proof management system
core 112.24.00 Industrial strength alternative to OCaml's standard library
core_bench 112.17.00 Benchmarking library
core_extended 112.24.00 Extra components that are not as closely vetted or as stable as Core
core_kernel 112.24.00 Industrial strength alternative to OCaml's standard library
core_profiler 112.19.01 Profiling library
cow 1.2.1 XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, and Markdown syntax and libraries
cowabloga 0.0.9 Simple static blogging support.
cpdf 2.1.1 High-level pdf tools based on CamlPDF
cppo 1.1.2 Equivalent of the C preprocessor for OCaml programs
crc 0.9.0 CRC implementation supporting strings and cstructs
crunch 1.4.0 Convert a filesystem into a static OCaml module
cry 0.2.2 The cry library is an implementation of the shout protocol to connect to audio diffusion servers such as icecast
crypt 1.3 Tiny binding for the unix crypt function
cryptgps 0.2.1 Cryptographic functions
cryptodbm 0.8 Encrypted layer over the dbm library: access to serverless, key-value databases with symmetric encryption.
cryptohash 0.1 hash functions for OCaml
cryptokit 1.10 Cryptographic primitives library.
cstruct 1.5.0 access C structures via a camlp4 extension
csv 1.3.4 A pure OCaml library to read and write CSV files.
ctypes 0.4.0 Combinators for binding to C libraries without writing any C.
ctypes-foreign 0.4.0 Virtual package for enabling the ctypes.foreign subpackage.
cubicle 1.0.1 SMT based model checker for parameterized systems
cudf 0.7 CUDF library (part of the Mancoosi tools)
curses 1.0.3 Bindings to curses/ncurses
custom_printf 112.24.00 Extension for printf format strings
datalog 0.5.1 An in-memory datalog implementation for OCaml.
dbforge 2.0.1 A tool to describe database schemas and generate OCaml code to access these databases.
dbm 1.0 Binding to the NDBM/GDBM Unix "databases"
delimcc 0 Oleg's delimited continuations library for byte-code and native OCaml
depext 0.3 Query and install external dependencies of OPAM packages
deriving 0.7 Extension to OCaml for deriving functions from type declarations
deriving-ocsigen 0.5 Extension to OCaml for deriving functions from type declarations
deriving-yojson 0.4 Parse/convert ocaml value from/to yojson ast
dht 0.1.3 DHT library and test client for Lwt
diy 5.01 Tool suite for testing shared memory models
dlist 0.1.0 A purely functional list-like data structure supporting O(1) concatenation
dns 0.14.0 DNS client and server implementation
dnscurve 0.3.0 DNSCurve protocol for DNS queries over a secure channel
dockerfile 1.1.0 Typed interface for constructing Docker container descriptions
docout 0.0.1 Functor to create (text) output functions
dog 0.1.0 A loyal and faithful synchronisation tool that you can rely on.
dolog 1.0 the dumb OCaml logger (lazy and optionally colorful)
dose 3.3 Dose library (part of Mancoosi tools)
dssi 0.1.1 Bindings for the DSSI API which provides audio synthesizers
dtools 0.3.0 Library providing various helper functions to make daemons
dum 1.0.1 Inspect the runtime representation of arbitrary OCaml values
dumpast 0.2.0 OCaml AST dumper
duppy 0.5.0 Library providing monadic threads
dyntype 0.9.0 syntax extension which makes OCaml types and values easier to manipulate programmatically
dypgen 20120619-1 Self-extensible parsers and lexers for OCaml
easy-format 1.0.2 High-level and functional interface to the Format module of the OCaml standard library
efl 1.13.0 An OCaml interface to the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) and Elementary.
eliom 4.1.0 Framework for programming Web sites and client/server Web applications.
email_message 112.17.00 E-mail message parser
enumerate 111.08.00 Quotation expanders for enumerating finite types.
erm_xml 0.3 XML stream parser
erm_xmpp 0.2 XMPP protocol implementation
erssical 0.1 Erssical is a tool to fetch, merge and filter Event RSS channels.
estring 1.3 Extension for string literals
exenum 0.6 Build efficient enumerations for datatypes. Inspired by Feat for Haskell.
exn-source 0.1 Exception backtrace for OCaml with source code printing
expect 0.0.4 Simple implementation of "expect" to help building unitary testing of interactive program
extlib 1.6.1 A complete yet small extension for OCaml standard library (reduced, recommended)
extlib-compat 1.6.1 A complete yet small extension for OCaml standard library (full, compatibility)
extprot 1.1.2 Extensible binary protocols for cross-language communication and long-term serialization
extunix 0.1.1 Collection of thin bindings to various low-level system API
ezjsonm 0.4.1 An easy interface on top of the Jsonm library
ezxmlm 1.0.1 Combinators to use with XMLM for parsing and selection
faad 0.3.2 Bindings for the faad library which provides functions for decoding AAC audio files
facebook-sdk 0.3.5 Facebook Graph API SDK for OCaml
facile 1.1 Constraint programming library over integer finite domains
faillib 111.17.00 Part of Jane Street’s Core library
fat-filesystem 0.10.3 FAT filesystem implementation
fd-send-recv 1.0.1 Bindings for sendmsg/recvmsg that allow Unix.file_descrs to be sent and received over Unix domain sockets
ffmpeg 0.1.0 Bindings for the ffmpeg library which provides functions for decoding audio and video files
fftw3 0.7.1 Binding to the famous Fast Fourier Transform library FFTW
fieldslib 109.20.03 Syntax extension to define first class values representing record fields, to get and set record fields, iterate and fold over all fields of a record and create new record values
fileutils 0.4.4 Library to provide pure OCaml functions to manipulate real file (POSIX like) and filename.
fix 20130611 a least fixed point computation library, using an efficient imperative algorithm
flac 0.1.1 Interface for the Free Lossless Audio Codec otherwise known as FLAC
flow 0.3 Deprecated exceptionless “systems” library on top of Core and Lwt.
flowcaml 1.07 Flow Caml is an extension of OCaml with a type system tracing information flow.
flowtype 0.7.0 Flow is a static typechecker for JavaScript.
fluent-logger 1.0.2 A structured logger for Fluentd
forkwork 0.3.2 Fork child processes to perform work on multiple cores
format 0.1 Format is a syntax extension which defines quotations for building
frag 0.1.0 File fragment extraction
frama-c 20150201 Platform dedicated to the static analysis of source code written in C
freetds 0.5.1 Binding to the ct-lib component of the FreeTDS library.
freetennis 0.4.8 Free Tennis, a free tennis simulation.
frei0r 0.1.0 Bindings for the frei0r API which provides video effects
frenetic 3.4.1 The Frenetic SDN Controller Platform
froc 0.2.2 Jake Donham's Froc library for functional reactive programming in OCaml.
FrontC 3.4 Library providing a C parser and lexer
fstreams 0.2.1 Functional, lazy, infinite streams.
ftp 0.1.0 Functions for accessing files via FTP
functory 0.5 Distributed computing library.
fury-puyo 0.5 Fury Puyo is a free clone of the Puyo Puyo game.
gadelac 0.6.1 Preprocessor for the Game Description Language.
gammu 0.9.2 Cell phone and SIM card access.
gapi-ocaml 0.2.6 A simple OCaml client for Google Services.
gasoline 0.1 Unix-ish application development framework
gavl 0.1.5 Bindings for the gavl library which provides functions for converting images formats, colorspaces, etc.
gdal 0.6.1 Bindings to the GDAL and OGR libraries
gedcom 1.0.0 GEDCOM parsing.
gen 0.2.4 Simple and efficient iterators (modules Gen and GenLabels).
gen_server 2.0.2 An Erlang-like gen_server framework written for Async.
genet 0.6 Genet is tool to build a continuous integration platform.
genlet 201406 Let-insertion for MetaOCaml.
genspir 0.1 functions to generate almost uniformly points on the unit sphere
geoip 0.0.2 Bindings to GeoIP database library.
getopt 20120615 Parsing of command line arguments (similar to GNU GetOpt) for OCaml
gettext 0.3.5 Provides enough service to build a basic internationalized program
gg 0.9.0 Basic types for computer graphics in OCaml
git 1.4.11 Low-level Git bindings in pure OCaml
github 0.9.4 GitHub APIv3 client bindings
glical 0.0.3 Glical: glancing at iCalendar data.
glMLite 0.03.51 OpenGL bindings for OCaml
google-drive-ocamlfuse 0.5.13 A FUSE filesystem over Google Drive
gperftools 0.2 Bindings to gperftools
gpr 1.2.0 GPR - Library and Application for Gaussian Process Regression
gpx 1.1.1 Conversions between XML and GPX (1.1) types.
graphicspdf 1.1 Version of OCaml's Graphics library which outputs PDFs.
grib 0.9.7 Bindings for the ECMWF GRIB API
gsasl 0.10.0 Bindings ot the GNU SASL library using Ctypes
gsl 1.18.3 GSL - Bindings to the GNU Scientific Library
gstreamer 0.2.0 Bindings for the GStreamer library which provides functions for playning and manipulating multimedia streams
gtk-light 0.0.1 Light wrapper around lablgtk2
gtktop 2.0 A small library to ease the creation of graphical toplevels.
gxl-light 1.0 Gxl parser and in-place destructive update library
hamt 0.1 Hash Array Mapped Tries
hardcaml 1.1.0 Register Transfer Level hardware design in OCaml
hardcaml-examples 0.1.0 HardCaml example designs
hardcaml-reedsolomon 0.1 HardCaml implementation of Reed-Solomon error correction coding.
hardcaml-vpi 0.1.0 HardCaml Icarus Verilog cosimulation module
hardcaml-waveterm 0.1.0 Terminal based digital waveform viewer
hdf 0.9.1 Bindings for the HDF4 library
headache 1.03 Automatic generation of files headers
heptagon 1.00.06 Compiler for the Heptagon/BZR synchronous programming language
herelib 109.35.02 Part of Jane Street’s Core library
hevea 2.21 A quite complete and fast LATEX to HTML translator
hex 0.1.0 Hexadecimal converter
higher 0.2 Library for higher-kinded programming.
higlo 0.4 Library for syntax highlighting.
humane-re 0.1.0 A human friendly interface to regular expressions in OCaml
hweak 1.1 An hastable with weak pointer enabling the GC to collect things that are in the hashtable
hydro 0.7.1 An independent implementation of ICE, the object-oriented RPC protocol by ZeroC
ibx 0.7.4 OCaml implementation of the Interactive Brokers TWS API
imagemagick 0.34 Bindings for ImageMagick
imap 1.0 Non-blocking client library for the IMAP4rev1 protocol
imaplet-lwt 0.1.9 IMAP server prototype, supports IMAPv4rev1
indexmap 0.0.3 Generic indexed data for OCaml
inotify 2.0 Inotify bindings for ocaml.
inspect 0.2.1 Inspect the runtime representation of arbitrary OCaml values.
integration1d 0.4.1 Integration of functions of one variable.
io-page 1.5.1 Allocate memory pages suitable for aligned I/O
io-page-unix 0.9.9 Allocate OS memory pages suitable for aligned I/O
io-page-xen 0.9.9 Allocate OS memory pages suitable for aligned I/O
iocaml 0.4.7 A webserver for iocaml-kernel and iocamljs-kernel.
iocaml-kernel 0.4.6 An OCaml kernel for the IPython notebook.
iocamljs-kernel 0.4.6 An OCaml javascript kernel for the IPython notebook.
ipaddr 2.6.1 IP (and MAC) address representation library
irc-client 0.2.0 IRC client library
irmin 0.9.4 Irmin, the database that never forgets
irmin-unix 0.9.4 Irmin, the database that never forgets
irrlicht 0.0.3 An OCaml binding for the Irrlicht Engine.
ISO8601 0.2.3 ISO 8601 and RFC 3339 date parsing and printing.
itv-tree 2.0 float intervals tree library
ivy 1.3.1 This OCaml-library interfaces the Ivy software bus C-library.
javalib 2.3 Javalib is a library written in OCaml with the aim to provide a high level representation of Java .class files.
jenga 112.24.00 Build system
joolog 0.4 Logger for js_of_ocaml
js-lz4 109.38.alpha1 Barebones bindings for the LZ4 C api
js_of_ocaml 2.5 Compiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
json-static 0.9.8 JSON camlp4 syntax extension using json-wheel
json-wheel 1.0.6 JSON parser and writer, with optional C-style comments
jsondiff 0.0.1 JSON sensitive diffing
jsonm 0.9.1 Non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml
kaputt 1.2 Testing tool
KaSim 3.5.141112 Command line stochastic simulator for kappa models.
ketrew 0.0.0 Ketrew: a workflow engine based on an OCaml EDSL
kinetic-client 0.0.4 Client for Seagate's kinetic drives.
krb5 109.38.alpha1 Kerberos 5 bindings
lablgl 1.05 Interface to OpenGL
lablgtk 2.18.3 OCaml interface to GTK+
lablgtk-extras 1.5 A collection of additional tools and libraries to develop ocaml applications based on Lablgtk2.
lablgtkosx 2.00 Lablgtkosx binds gOSX_application on top of lablgtk
lablqt 0.3 OCamlfind package and PPX extension to interface OCaml and QtQuick.
labltk 8.06.0 OCaml interface to Tcl/Tk, including OCaml library explorer OCamlBrowser
lacaml 7.2.1 OCaml-bindings to BLAS and LAPACK.
lacc 0.2 fat-free list accumulators
ladspa 0.1.4 Bindings for the LADSPA API which provides audio effects
lambda-term 1.8 Terminal manipulation library for OCaml
lambdoc 1.0-beta2 Library providing support for semantically rich documents in web applications.
lame 0.3.1 Bindings for the lame library which provides functions for encoding mp3 files
lastfm 0.3.0 The lastfm library is an implementation of the API used by the to keep count of played songs
lazy-trie 1.1.0 Implementation of lazy prefix trees
lbfgs 0.8.6 Minimization of multidimensional functions on bounded or unbounded domains.
ledit 2.03 Line editor, a la rlwrap
leveldb 1.0.3 OCaml bindings for Google's LevelDB library.
levenshtein 1.1.0 Levenshtein distance algorithm for general array.
libres3 1.0 Amazon S3 compatible server
libsvm 0.9.2 LIBSVM Bindings for OCaml
libvhd 0.9.0 OCaml bindings for the C library 'libvhd' which allows the manipulation
libvirt Libvirt is a portable toolkit to interact with the virtualisation capabilities of Linux, Solaris and other operating systems.
lilis 0.2.1 Library to Interpret Lindenmayer Systems
liquidsoap 1.1.0 Swiss-army knife for multimedia streaming
litiom 4.0 Extensions to Ocsigen's Eliom.
llvm 3.6 The OCaml bindings distributed with LLVM
llvmgraph 0.1 Ocamlgraph overlay for llvm
lo 0.1.0 Bindings for the lo library which provides functions for communicating with input controls using the OSC protocol
lpd 1.2 A Line Printer Daemon (LPD) server library written entirely in OCaml.
lwt 2.4.8 A cooperative threads library for OCaml
lwt-binio 0.2.1 Asynchronous random access IO for numbers
lwt-zmq 2.0.0 Lwt-friendly interface to ZeroMQ
lz4 1.0.1 Bindings for LZ4, a very fast lossless compression algorithm
lzo 0.0.1 Bindings to LZO - a portable lossless data compression library
macaque 0.7.1 Macaque (Macros for Caml Queries) is a DSL for OCaml, wich produce SQL requests from a comprehension syntax. Macaque can build queries by from simpler components, using phantom types used to ensure safety.
macaque_lwt 0.1 Utils for MaCaQue with Lwt
macaroons 0.1.0 Macaroons for OCaml
mad 0.4.4 Bindings for the mad library which provides functions for encoding wave audio files into mp3
magic 0.7.3 Bindings for libmagic (to determine the type of files)
magic-mime 1.0.0 Convert file extensions to MIME types
maildir 0.9.0 This is a preliminary release of an OCaml library to access directories in the Maildir format.
mascot 1.0 A style-checker for OCaml sources (code, documentation, interface, metrics, and typography).
mbr-format 0.2 A simple library for manipulating Master Boot Records.
melt 1.4.0 Program LaTeX documents using OCaml
menhir 20141215 LR(1) parser generator
merge-queues 0.2.0 Mergeable queues
merge-ropes 0.2.0 Mergeable ropes
merlin 2.1.2 Editor helper, provides completion, typing and sources browsing in Vim and Emacs
merlin-acme 0.1 Merlin interface for acme.
mesh 0.8.5 Triangular mesh generation and manipulation.
message-switch 0.10.4 A simple store-and-forward message switch.
meta_conv 1.1.5 Meta conv, type_conv for various tree data formats.
mezzo 0.0.m8 We present the design of Mezzo, a programming language in the ML tradition,
mikmatch 1.0.8 OCaml syntax extension for regexps
milter 1.0.1 OCaml libmilter bindings
mindstorm 0.5.4 Drive Lego Mindstorms bricks from OCaml
mirage 2.3.0 The Mirage library operating system
mirage-block-unix 1.2.2 Mirage disk block driver for Unix
mirage-block-xen 1.3.1 Mirage block driver for Xen that implements the blkfront/back protocol
mirage-bootvar-xen 0.2 Library for reading MirageOS unikernel boot parameters in Xen
mirage-clock-unix 1.0.0 A Mirage-compatible Clock library for Unix
mirage-clock-xen 1.0.0 A Mirage-compatible Clock library for Xen
mirage-conduit 2.0.0 Virtual package for the Mirage Conduit transports
mirage-console 2.1.3 A Mirage-compatible Console library for Xen and Unix
mirage-console-unix 1.0.0 A Mirage-compatible Console library for Unix
mirage-console-xen 1.0.2 A Mirage-compatible Console library for Xen
mirage-dns 2.0.0 Virtual package for the Mirage DNS transports
mirage-entropy-unix 0.2.0 Mirage entropy device
mirage-entropy-xen 0.2.0 Mirage entropy device
mirage-flow 1.0.0 Various implementations of the mirage FLOW interface
mirage-fs 0.6.0 Mirage filesystem utilities
mirage-fs-unix 1.1.4 Mirage filesystem passthrough driver for Unix
mirage-http 2.1.0 Mirage HTTP client and server driver
mirage-http-unix 1.0.0 Mirage HTTP client and server driver for Unix
mirage-http-xen 1.0.0 Mirage HTTP client and server driver for Xen
mirage-net 0.9.4 Mirage TCP/IP networking stack
mirage-net-direct 0.9.4 TCP/IP networking stack in pure OCaml
mirage-net-macosx 1.1.0 MacOS X implementation of the Mirage NETWORK interface
mirage-net-socket 0.9.4 Socket-based networking stack compatible with Mirage
mirage-net-unix 2.2.0 Ethernet network driver for Mirage, using tuntap
mirage-net-xen 1.4.1 Ethernet network device driver for Mirage/Xen
mirage-profile 0.4 Collect profiling information
mirage-tc 0.3.0 Mirage type-classes
mirage-tcpip-unix 0.9.5 Userlevel TCP/IP stack
mirage-tcpip-xen 0.9.5 Userlevel TCP/IP stack
mirage-types 2.3.0 Module type definitions for Mirage-compatible applications
mirage-types-lwt 2.3.0 Lwt module type definitions for Mirage-compatible applications
mirage-unix 2.2.3 Mirage OS library for Unix compilation
mirage-www 1.1.0 Mirage website (written in Mirage)
mirage-xen 2.3.0 MirageOS library for Xen
mirage-xen-minios 0.7.0 Xen MiniOS guest operating system library
mirage-xen-ocaml 2.3.0 MirageOS headers for the OCaml runtime
mirage-xen-posix 2.3.0 MirageOS library for posix headers
mirari 0.9.7 Mirage application builder
missinglib 0.4.1 Collection of OCaml-related utilities
mlbdd 0.1 A high performance BDD implementation in OCaml
mldonkey 3.1.5 Cross-platform multi-network peer-to-peer daemon
mlgmp 20120224 Interface of GNU MP and MPFR
mlorg 0.1.2 mlorg is a parser and exporter for org-mode files.
mlpost 0.8.1 Interface to Metapost
mm 0.2.1 The mm library contains high-level to create and manipulate multimedia streams (audio, video, MIDI)
modelica_ml 0.1.1 Modelica abstract syntax and parser
monadlib 0.1 A starter library for monads, with transformers and applicatives.
mongo 0.67.2 OCaml driver for MongoDB
monomorphic 1.1 A small library used to shadow polymorphic operators (and functions) contained in the stdlib.
more-ocaml 1.0 Support code for the book 'More OCaml'
mparser 1.1 A simple monadic parser combinator library
mpi 1.01 OCaml binding to the Message Passing Interface (MPI)
mpp 0.1.5 A preprocessor meant to blend languages.
mpris 0.1.0 Client library for the MPRIS D-Bus media player interface
mqtt 0.0.1 MQTT message parser in OCaml
mqtt_client 0.0.1 MQTT pub/sub transport protocol client written in OCaml
msgpack 1.1.1 Msgpack library for Objective Caml
mstruct 1.3.2 Mstruct is a thin mutable layer on top of cstruct
mtime 0.8.1 Monotonic wall-clock time for OCaml
mtl 1.0.0 A Monad Transformers Library for OCaml
mustache 1.0.1 Mustache logic-less templates in OCaml
mysql 1.2.0 Bindings to libmysqlclient for interacting with mysql databases
mysql_protocol 1.0 Implementation of MySQL Protocol with the Bitstring library
nanomsg 1.0 Ctypes based bindings to nanomsg
nbd 1.0.2 Network Block Device (NBD) protocol implementation
netamqp 1.0 Implements an AMQP client for accessing a message broker
netlink 0.1.0 Bindings to the Netlink Protocol Library Suite (libnl)
nit 0.6 Nit, a static analyis tool, checks whether a java bytecode program is NullPointerException free.
nlopt-ocaml 0.5.1 OCaml bindings to the NLOpt optimization library
nocrypto 0.3.1 Small functional-style crypto library.
nonstd 0.0.1 Non-standard mini-library
numerix 0.22 Big integer library, written by Michel Quercia. Compares well to GMP.
oasis 0.4.5 Architecture for building OCaml libraries and applications
oasis-mirage 0.3.0a This is a fork of OASIS with support for native output-obj.
oasis2opam 0.5.1 Tool to convert OASIS metadata to OPAM package descriptions
obeanstalk 0.1 Async based client for the beanstalk work queue
obigstore 0.9.1 Client/server + embeddable semi-structured database.
objsize 0.17 Small library to compute sizes of OCaml heap values.
obrowser 1.1.1 OCaml virtual machine written in Javascript
obuild 0.1.2 simple package build system for OCaml
obus 1.1.6 A pure OCaml implementation of DBus
ocaml+twt 0.93.2 The Whitespace Thing, a layout preprocessor for OCaml code
ocaml-arg 0.3 A simple library to handle subcommand arguments
ocaml-buddy 0.6.1 Bindings for the Buddy BDD library.
ocaml-data-notation 0.0.11 Store data using OCaml notation
ocaml-expat 0.9.1 Write XML-Parsers using the SAX method
ocaml-glpk 0.1.6 Bindings for glpk
ocaml-http 0.1.5 Library freely inspired from Perl's HTTP::Daemon module
ocaml-indent 1.2.1 OCaml-indent: OCaml source code indenter
ocaml-inifiles 1.2 An ini file parser
ocaml-lua 1.2 Lua bindings
ocaml-makefile 6.38.0 Easy to use Makefile for small to medium-sized OCaml-projects
ocaml-markdown 0.1.1 Markdown processor for Ocsigen
ocaml-posix-resource 0.0.1 POSIX resource operations bindings
ocaml-radixtree 0.0.1 Radix tree for string
ocaml-src 4.03.0 Compiler sources
ocaml-top 1.1.2 The OCaml interactive editor for education
ocaml-xdg-basedir 0.0.2 xdg-basedir specification implementation
ocaml-xml-rpc 0.2.3 An XML-RPC client and server, using an ad-hoc interface definition language and IDL compiler
ocaml-zmq 0 OCaml bindings for ZMQ 2.1
ocaml9p 0.4 ocaml9p is a library for the 9p protocol.
ocaml_plugin 112.24.00 Automatically build and dynlink OCaml source files
ocamlcc 1.0 Compiler from OCaml bytecode executable files to C source code
ocamlclean 2.0 Reduce size of OCaml bytecode files by dead-code removing
ocamldap 2.2 Implementation of the Light Weight Directory Access Protocol
ocamldbi 0.9.11 Database independent layer patterned upon Perl DBI
ocamldiff 1.1 OCamldiff is a small OCaml library providing functions to parse and display diff results.
ocamldot 1.0 OCamldot is a small library to parse, print and display graphviz dot files.
ocamldsort 0.16.0 Sorts a set of OCaml source files according to their dependencies
ocamleditor 1.13.2 OCamlEditor is a GTK+ source code editor and build tool for OCaml.
ocamlfind 1.5.5 A library manager for OCaml
ocamlfind-lint 0.1.0 Simple tool performing checks on installed findlib META files
ocamlfuse 2.7.1-cvs2 OCaml bindings for FUSE (Filesystem in UserSpacE)
ocamlgraph 1.8.6 A generic graph library for OCaml
ocamlgsl 0.6.0 Interface to GSL (GNU scientific library)
ocamlify 0.0.1 Include files in OCaml code
ocamlmod 0.0.7 Generate OCaml modules from source files
ocamlnet 4.0.2 Internet protocols (http, cgi, email etc.) and helper data structures (mail messages, character sets, etc.)
ocamlpp 1.0 OCaml binary files (.byte and .cmo) pretty printers.
ocamlrss 2.2.2 Library providing functions to parse and print RSS 2.0 files
ocamlscript 2.0.4 Tool which compiles OCaml scripts into native code
ocamlsdl 0.9.1 Interface between OCaml and SDL
ocamlspot OCamlSpotter - OCaml source browsing
ocamltop-gtk 2.1.1 A Gtk2 graphical interface for the OCaml toplevel.
ocamltter 4.0.1 The OCAMLTTER twitter client
ocamlviz 1.01 real-time profiling tool
ocamlwc 0.3 Count lines in OCaml source code
ocamlweb 1.38 A literate programming tool for OCaml
ocamlyices 0.7.1 Yices SMT solver binding
ocapic 3.0 Development tools to run OCaml programs on PIC microcontrollers
oclock 0.4.0 Oclock: Precise POSIX clock for OCaml
ocp-build 1.99.9-beta Project manager for OCaml
ocp-indent 1.5 A simple tool to indent OCaml programs
ocp-index 1.1.1 Lightweight documentation extractor for installed OCaml libraries
ocp-manager 0.1.3 Global Manager for OCaml versions and OPAM switches
ocp-ocamlres 0.3 Manipulation, injection and extraction of embedded resources
ocplib-endian 0.8 Optimised functions to read and write int16/32/64 from strings and bigarrays, based on new primitives added in version 4.01.
ocsfml 2.0 Binding to the C++ SFML gaming library.
ocsigenserver 2.5 A full-featured and extensible Web server
ocurl 0.7.2 Bindings to libcurl
ocveralls 0.2.1 Generate JSON for from bisect code coverage data.
odate 0.5 Date & Duration Library
odb-server 0.1 Text editors/IDE helper module
odbc 3.0 Interface to various ODBC drivers
odepack 0.6.6 Binding to ODEPACK.
odiff-gtk 1.0 OCaml library to display and merge diffs using Lablgtk.
odisco 0.1.3 OCaml library for Disco workers.
ogg 0.4.3 Interface for Ogg Bitstream Library, otherwise known as libogg
ojquery 0.1 JQuery binding for OCaml
ojs-base 0.2.0 Components to create web applications using js_of_ocaml and websockets.
ojwidgets 0.1 Browser widgets in OCaml with js_of_ocaml.
ollvm 0.99 ollvm library offers an interface to manipulate LLVM IR in pure OCaml.
omake Build system designed for scalability and portability
omake-mode 1.1.1 Omake Emacs integration
omd 1.2.5 A Markdown frontend in pure OCaml.
omonad 0.3.0 Monad programming using ppx preprocessor
oni 1.0.11 Oni - assorted components for low-level networking.
oolc 0.3 An Ocaml implementation of Open Location Code.
opa-base 1.1.0+4263 Extended standard library developped along the OPA language
opam-doc 0.9.3 Produce documentation for OPAM packages
opam-installext 1.0.1 OPAM plugin to install external system dependencies
opam-lib 1.2.0 The OCaml PAckage Manager (OPAM)
opam-publish 0.2.1 A tool to ease contributions to opam repositories.
opam-query 1.2 A tool to query opam files from shell scripts
opam-sync-github-prs 1.0.0 Sync OCaml GitHub issues with OPAM
opam2web 1.4.0 A tool to generate a website from an OPAM repository
opamfu 0.1.2 Functions over OPAM Universes
opass 1.0.2 A simple command line tool for storing, retreiving, and generating password and
opasswd 0.9.3 This is an OCaml binding to the glibc passwd file and shadow password
openflow 0.9.1 Serialization and protocol implementation for OpenFlow 1.{0,3}
operf-micro 0.1 Simple tool for benchmarking the OCaml compiler
opium 0.13.2 Sinatra like web toolkit based on Lwt + Cohttp
oplay 1.0.0 Raw YUV video player
optcomp 1.6 Optional compilation with cpp-like directives
optimization1d 0.5.1 Find extrema of 1D functions.
opus 0.1.0 Bindings for the opus library to decode audio files in opus format
oqamldebug 0.9.4 Graphical front-end to ocamldebug
orakuda 2.0.0 ORakuda, Perlish string literals in OCaml
orm 0.7.0 The ORM library provides a storage backend to persist ML values.
osm_xml 0.0.1 Library for parsing OpenStreetMap XML dumps.
ospec 0.3.2 Behavior-Driven Development tool for OCaml, inspired by RSpec
otags 4.01.1 Tag file generation of OCaml sources (for vi and emacs)
otfm 0.2.0 OpenType font decoder for OCaml
otr 0.1.0 Off-the-record in pure OCaml
ott 0.25 Ott is a tool for writing definitions of programming languages and calculi
ounit 2.0.0 Unit testing framework loosely based on HUnit. It is similar to JUnit, and other XUnit testing frameworks
owebl 0.1 A fast, light, and concurrent web framework inspired by Flask and Sinatra.
ox 1.1.1 A platform for writing OpenFlow controllers
p3 0.0.6 P3 parser library
pa_bench 112.06.00 Syntax extension for inline benchmarks
pa_comprehension 0.4 Syntax extension for comprehension expressions
pa_do 0.8.16 Syntax extension to write arithmetic expressions
pa_monad_custom v6.0.0 Syntactic Sugar for Monads
pa_ounit 112.24.00 Syntax extension for oUnit
pa_ovisitor 1.0.0 CamlP4 type_conv module to auto-generate visitor, folder, mapper from type definitions.
pa_test 112.24.00 Quotation expander for assertions.
pa_where 0.4 Backward declaration syntax
packet 0.4.0 A serialization library for several common packet formats
pareto 0.2 GSL powered OCaml statistics library, which provides:
parmap 1.0-rc6 Minimalistic library allowing to exploit multicore architecture
patdiff 112.24.00 File Diff using the Patience Diff algorithm
patience_diff 112.24.00 Diff library using Bram Cohen's patience diff algorithm.
patoline 0.1 A new typesetting system, programmable in ocaml.
pbs 0.2.0 Helper library around PBS/Torque
pcap-format 0.3.3 read and write pcap-formatted network packet traces
pcf-format 0.0.1 parse PCF format X11 bitmap font files
pci-db 0.3.0 Library to parse and query the pci.ids database of PCI devices
pcre 7.1.5 pcre-ocaml - bindings to the Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions library
pfff 0.27.3 Tools and APIs for program analysis, code visualization, refactoring
pgocaml 2.1 Interface to PostgreSQL databases
pipebang 110.01.00 Part of Jane Street’s Core library
piqi 0.7.4 Protocol Buffers, JSON and XML serialization system for OCaml
piqilib 0.6.12 The Piqi library -- runtime support for multi-format Protobuf/JSON/XML/Piq data serialization and conversion
planck 2.1.1 A small monadic parser combinator library
planets 0.1.14 A simple interactive program for playing with simulations of planetary systems
plasma 0.6.2 Distributed filesystem for large files, implemented in user space
pomap 3.0.5 Library for partially ordered maps
portaudio 0.2.0 Bindings for the portaudio library which provides high-level functions for using soundcards
portia 0.1 Literate Programming Preprocessor.
postgresql 3.2.0 postgresql-ocaml - bindings to the PostgreSQL library
pprint 20140424 an OCaml adaptation of Wadler's and Leijen's prettier printer
ppx_blob 0.1 Include a file as a string at compile time
ppx_deriving 2.0 Type-driven code generation for OCaml >=4.02
ppx_deriving_protobuf 2.1 A Protocol Buffers codec generator for OCaml >=4.02
ppx_deriving_yojson 2.2 JSON codec generator for OCaml >=4.02
ppx_import 1.0 A syntax extension for importing declarations from interface files
ppx_include 1.0 Include OCaml source files in each other
ppx_meta_conv 2.0.1 ppx_meta_conv, ppx based type_conv for various tree data formats.
ppx_monad 0.0.1 A monad syntax extension
ppx_monadic 1.0.3 ppx_monadic: ppx extension for do notation, pattern guards, and monad comprehension
ppx_overload 1.0.1 ppx_overload: SML style simple but user definable overloading
ppx_pattern_guard 1.0.1 ppx_pattern_guard: ppx extension for pattern guard
ppx_poly_record 1.0.1 ppx for polymorphic records
ppx_test 1.1.0 A ppx replacement of pa_ounit.
ppx_tools 0.99.2 Tools for authors of ppx rewriters and other syntactic tools
prob-cache 1.0.0 Polymorphic probability cache API, including a distributed riak backed cache.
procord 0.2.0 Procord: a portable library to delegate tasks to other processes.
profound 0.4.2 Interactive proof exploration based on formula linking
proj4ml 0.9.1 Bindings to the PROJ.4 projection library
promela 0.4.2 Library to create, manipulate and reason about PROMELA data structures.
protobuf 1.0.0 Protobuf implementation for Ocaml
pulseaudio 0.1.2 Bindings to Pulseaudio client library
pvem 0.0.1 Polymorphic-Variants-based Error Monad
pvem_lwt_unix 0.0.1 Access to the Operating system with Pvem and Lwt_unix
pxp 1.2.3 Polymorphic XML Parser
qcheck 0.3 QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml.
qfs 0.1 Bindinga to libqfs - client library to access QFS
qmp 0.9.1 OCaml implementation of a Qemu Message Protocol (QMP) client
qocamlbrowser 0.2.7 OCamlBrowser clone written with OCaml and QtQuick 2.
qrencode 0.1 Binding to libqrencode (QR-code encoding library)
qtest 2.0.1 Inline unit test extractor
quickcheck 1.0.2 Translation of QuickCheck from Haskell into OCaml
ranger 0.1.0 A consecutive range slice library for strings, arrays, etc.
rdf 0.9.0 Native OCaml implementation of RDF Graphs and Sparql 1.1 Query.
re 1.3.1 RE is a regular expression library for OCaml
re2 112.06.00 OCaml bindings for RE2, Google's regular expression library
react 1.2.0 Declarative events and signals for OCaml
reactiveData 0.1 Functional reactive programming with incremental changes in data structures
receive-mail 0.1.2 A simple SMTP server for OCaml
redis 0.2.3 Bindings for the key-value cache and store redis.
reedsolomon 0.2 Reed-Solomon error correction CODEC
regstab 2.0.0 SAT-Solver able to deal with formulae patterns
reins 0.1a Persistent data structure library from OCaml Summer Project 2007 sponsored by Jane St. Capital.
release 1.1.1 Release is a multi-process Lwt-enabled daemon framework for OCaml.
res 4.0.7 RES - Library for resizable, contiguous datastructures.
riak 1.0.0 A Riak OCaml client
riak-pb 1.0.0 Riak OCaml Protobuffs library
riakc 2.0.0 Protobuf based Riak client
riakc_ppx 3.1.2 An OCaml library that provides type safe caching extensions to riakc using ppx deriving
river 0.1.2 A planet (feed aggregator) in OCaml.
rml 1.09.03 ReactiveML: a programming language for implementing interactive systems.
root1d 0.3 Find roots of 1D functions.
rope 0.5 Ropes ("heavyweight strings")
rpc 1.5.1 A library to deal with RPCs in OCaml
rpc_parallel 112.24.00 Type-safe parallel library built on top of Async_rpc
rresult 0.1.0 Result value combinators for OCaml
rtime 0.9.3 Module implementing timelines for React
safa 1.3 Symbolic Algorithms for Finite Automata
safepass 1.3 A library enabling the safe storage of user passwords
samplerate 0.1.2 Bindings for the samplerate library which provides functions for changing samplerate of audio data
sarek 20140620 GPGPU kernels DSL for OCaml.
satML-plugin 0.99.1 Automatic theorem prover based on SMT technology and dedicated to program verification: satML plugin
sawja 1.5 Provide a high level representation of Java bytecode programs and static analysis tools.
schoca 0.2.3 Implementation of the Scheme language in OCaml
schroedinger 0.1.0 Bindings for the schroedinger library to decode video files in Dirac format
scrypt 0.2.1 C bindings and a high level interface to the official scrypt distribution.
sedlex 1.99.2 unicode-friendly lexer generator (successor of ulex, now based on -ppx instead of camlp4)
sequence 0.5.5 Simple and lightweight sequence abstract data type.
sexplib 112.24.00 Library for serializing OCaml values to and from S-expressions
sha 1.9 Binding to the SHA cryptographic functions
shared-block-ring 1.0.0 A shared ring over a Mirage block device
shared-memory-ring 1.1.1 Shared memory rings for RPC and bytestream communications.
shcaml 0.1.3 Library for Unix shell programming
should 0.1.0 Literate assertions
sill 1.3 Implementation of Linear Session Types
simple-bmc 0.0.1 A tool to translate Hybrid automata into SMT formula which is solvable by dReal(
simple_pam 0.1.2 Tiny binding around PAM
slacko 0.12.0 Access the Slack API
slap 1.0.1 A linear algebra library with static size checking for matrix operations
smart-print 0.2.0 The pretty-printing library which feels natural to use.
smtp 0.2 SMTP library with Unix and Lwt backends
snappy 0.1.0 Bindings to snappy - fast compression/decompression library
sociaml-facebook-api 0.4.0 Facebook Graph API Client Library for OCaml
sociaml-oauth-client 0.5.0 OAuth Client Library for Ocaml
sociaml-tumblr-api 0.2.0 Tumblr API Client Library for OCaml
sociaml-vcard 0.2.1 vCard library for OCaml
sodium 0.3.0 Binding to libsodium UNAUDITED
sonet 0.1.2 Collection of modules for asynchronous network applications
sosa 0.0.1 Sane OCaml String API
soundtouch 0.1.7 Bindings for the soundtouch library which provides functions for changing pitch and timestretching audio data
spatial_index 0.0.2 Implementation of several spatial indexes (R-tree, etc.)
spdiff 0.1 tool for automatic inference of semantic patches
speex 0.2.0 Bindings for the speex library to decode audio files in speex format
spelll 0.1 Fuzzy string searching, using Levenshtein automaton. Can be used for spell-checking.
spf 1.0.1 OCaml bindings for libspf2
spoc 20140620 High-level GPGPU programming library for OCaml.
spotify-cli 0.2.0 CLI program for controlling the Spotify client on Linux and OSX
spotify-web-api 0.2.0 OCaml library for interacting with the web-based Spotify metadata API
spotinstall 1.2.0 A tool to facilitate the installation of OCaml annotation files (.cmt, .cmti, .spot, .spit).
spotlib 2.5.2 Useful functions for OCaml programming used by @camlspotter
spotlib_js 2.2.0_js Useful functions for OCaml programming used by @camlspotter
sqlexpr 0.5.5 Type-safe, convenient SQLite database access.
sqlgg 0.2.5 SQL Guided (code) Generator
sqlite3 2.0.9 sqlite3-ocaml - SQLite3 bindings
sqlite3EZ 0.1.0 Thin wrapper for sqlite3-ocaml with a simplified interface
srs 1.0.0 OCaml bindings for libsrs2
ssl 0.4.7 Bindings for OpenSSL
statsd-client 1.0.1 StatsD client library
stemmer 0.2 Porter stemming algorithm in pure OCaml
stemming 0.2.0 Collection of stemmers
stog 0.14.0 A static web site generator, able to handle blog posts as well as regular pages.
stog-rdf 0.11.0 Plugin for Stog. Define and query RDF graphs in rewrite rules.
stog-writing 0.13.0 Plugin for Stog to use footnotes and bibliographies in stog-generated web sites.
stone 0.3.3 Simple static website generator, useful for a portfolio or documentation pages
stringext 1.3.0 Extra string functions for OCaml
sundialsml 2.5.0p2 Sundials/ML is an interface to the Sundials suite of numerical solvers.
swdogen 0.1.0 SWagger DOcumentation GENerator
symkat 1.3 Symbolic Algorithms for Kleene algebra with Tests (KAT)
syndic 1.2 RSS1, RSS2, Atom and OPML1 parsing
syslog 1.4 syslog(3) routines for ocaml
taglib 0.3.0 Bindings for the taglib library which provides functions for reading tags in headers of audio files
tar-format 0.2.1 A pure OCaml library to read and write tar files
tcpip 2.3.0 Userlevel TCP/IP stack
tcx 0.25.0 OCaml library for parsing and formatting Training Center XML files.
tdk 0.1.1 tdk - The Decision Kit
termbox 0.1.0 Bindings for the termbox library, minimalistic API for creating text-based interfaces.
TestSimple 0.3.1 A simple unit testing framework
text 0.8.0 Library for dealing with "text", i.e. sequence of unicode characters, in a convenient way
textutils 112.17.00 Text output utilities
textwrap 0.1 Text wrapping and filling library
tgls 0.8.3 Thin bindings to OpenGL {3,4} and OpenGL ES {2,3} for OCaml
themoviedb 0.8.1 API for website
theora 0.3.0 Bindings for the theora library to decode video files in theora format
thrift 0.9.0 OCaml bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
tiny_json 1.1.2 A small Json library from OCAMLTTER
tiny_json_conv 1.4.1 Meta conv for Tiny Json
tls 0.4.0 Transport Layer Security (TLS) in OCaml
toml 2.2.1 TOML parser.
tophide 1.0.3 Hides toplevel values whose name starts with an underscore
topology 0.4.0 A library for working with network topologies.
tplib 1.3 TPLib: Tropical Polyhedra Library
tptp 0.3.1 Library for reading and writing FOF and CNF formulas in TPTP format
travis-senv 1.0.0 Utility to manipulate Travis CI secure environment variables
treeprint 2.0.0 Small tree structure printer with operator associations and precedences.
tryocaml 0.2.2 Easiest way to learn how to code in OCaml language
tsdl 0.8.1 Thin bindings to SDL for OCaml
tuareg 2.0.9 OCaml mode for GNU Emacs and XEmacs.
tuntap 1.0.0 TUN/TAP bindings
type_conv 112.01.01 Library for building type-driven syntax extensions
typehashlib 109.15.04 Part of Jane Street’s Core library
typerep 112.24.00 typerep is a library for runtime types.
typerep_extended 112.17.00 Runtime types for OCaml
tyxml 3.4.0 A simple library for building valid HTML5 and SVG documents.
ucorelib 0.0.2 A light weight Unicode library for OCaml
udunits 0.2.0 Bindings to the UDUNITS-2 library
uint 1.1.5 Unsigned ints for OCaml
ulex 1.1 lexer generator for Unicode and OCaml
unison 2.40.102 File-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows
uri 1.8.0 RFC3986 URI/URL parsing library
usb 1.3.0 OCaml bindings for libusb-1.0
user-setup 0.3 OPAM User Setup helper to configure various editors and tools for OCaml
utop 1.17 Universal toplevel for OCaml
uucd 2.0.0 Unicode character database decoder for OCaml
uucp 0.9.1 Unicode character properties for OCaml
uuidm 0.9.5 Module for universally unique identifiers (UUIDs)
uunf 0.9.3 Unicode text normalization for OCaml
uuseg 0.8.0 Unicode text segmentation for OCaml
uutf 0.9.4 Non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml
uwt 0.0.1 libuv bindings
variantslib 109.15.03 Part of Jane Street’s Core library
vchan 2.0.2 Xen Vchan implementation
vector3 0.2 module for 3D vectors (implemented as records of x, y and z floats)
vg 0.8.1 Declarative 2D vector graphics for OCaml
vhd-format 0.7.1 A pure OCaml library for reading and writing .vhd format data with a particular emphasis on efficient streaming and format conversion.
vhd-tool 0.7.6 A command-line tool to manipulate, transcode and stream .vhd format data.
vhdlib 0.9.1 Bindings to libvhd
vmnet 1.0.1 Userlevel network bridging on MacOS X
voaacenc 0.1.0 Bindings for the voaacenc library to encode audio files in AAC format
vorbis 0.6.1 Bindings to libvorbis
vrt 0.1.0 A setup command line tools to help with development on remote AWS desktops
wdialog 2.1.3 Dialog-oriented web applications
webdav 1.1 Implements the client side of the WebDAV protocol (RFC 4918)
weberizer 0.7.7 HTML templating system.
websocket 0.9.3 Websocket library
wget 0.1.0 Basic wget-like client, based on the Citrix' HTTP library.
why 2.35 Why is a software verification platform.
why3 0.85 Why3 is a platform for deductive program verification.
wiringpi 0.0.1 WiringPi for OCaml, low level Raspberry Pi hardware access
wyrd 1.4.6 Text-based front-end to Remind, a sophisticated calendar and alarm program
x509 0.3.0 X.509 certificate (RFC5280) library
xapi 1.9.56 The xapi toolstack daemon which implements the XenAPI
xapi-forkexecd 0.9.2 Sub-process control service for xapi
xapi-idl 0.9.19 Interface descriptions and common boilerplate for xapi services.
xapi-inventory 0.9.1 Library for accessing the xapi toolstack inventory file
xapi-libs-transitional 0.9.6 Further transitional libraries required by xapi
xapi-netdev 0.9.1 Host network device configuration
xapi-networkd 0.9.4 Xapi toolstack host network configurator
xapi-rrd 0.9.1 RRD library for use with xapi
xapi-rrd-transport 0.7.2 Shared-memory protocols for exposing performance counters
xapi-rrdd 0.9.8 Performance monitoring daemon for xapi
xapi-rrdd-plugin 0.6.0 A plugin library for the xapi performance monitoring daemon
xapi-squeezed 0.10.7 A memory ballooning daemon for the Xen hypervisor
xapi-stdext 0.12.0 A deprecated collection of utility functions
xapi-tapctl 0.9.2 A library to control tapdisk on a Xen host
xapi-xenops 0.9.6 Create/destroy/manipulate Xen domains
xapi-xenops-cli 0.9.1 A CLI for the xapi Xen domain manager.
xapi-xenopsd 0.9.44 A single-host domain/VM manager for the Xen hypervisor
xe 0.6.3 A command-line client for the 'xapi' service (as used in XenServer)
xe-unikernel-upload 0.4 A simple tool to upload a Unikernel to a XenServer pool.
xen-api-client 0.9.8 Xen-API client library for remotely-controlling an XCP or XenServer host.
xen-block-driver 0.2.5 Xen disk device drivers: both client ("frontend") and server ("backend")
xen-disk 1.2.1 A command-line tool for attaching disks to VMs running on a xen host.
xen-evtchn 1.0.6 Xen event channel bindings.
xen-gnt 2.2.0 Xen grant table bindings
xenbigarray 1.0.0 Portable Bigarray intended for embedded Xen use
xenctrl 0.9.26 Low-level Xen hypercall bindings.
xenstore 1.2.5 Xenstore protocol clients and server
xenstore_transport 0.9.4 Low-level libraries for connecting to a xenstore service on a xen host.
xentropyd 0.9.3 Xentropyd: provide entropy to Xen VMs
xml-light 2.4 Xml-Light is a minimal XML parser & printer for OCaml
xmldiff 0.5.0 Diffs on XML trees.
xmlm 1.2.0 Streaming XML codec for OCaml
xmlplaylist 0.1.3 Library to parse various file playlists in XML format
xstr 0.2.1 Functions for string searching/matching/splitting
xstrp4 1.8 Brace expansion (alias 'interpolation') performed by camlp4
xtmpl 0.11 XML templating library and ppx.
yajl 0.7.3 bindings to the YAJL streaming JSON library
yajl-extra 0.7.3 extended YAJL bindings with a convenient high-level JSON representation
yojson 1.2.0 Yojson is an optimized parsing and printing library for the JSON format
zarith 1.3 Implements arithmetic and logical operations over arbitrary-precision integers
zbar 0.9 Binding to ZBar (QR-code scanning library)
zed 1.4 Abstract engine for text edition in OCaml
zenon 0.7.1 Automated theorem prover for first order classical logic (with equality), based on the tableau method
zephyrus 0.1 Zephyrus automatic configuration generation tool.
zero 109.28.00 Deprecated, merged into core_kernel
zmq 4.0-3 OCaml bindings for ZeroMQ 4.0