Network connection library for TCP and SSL

The conduit library takes care of establishing and listening for TCP and SSL/TLS connections for the Lwt and Async libraries.

The reason this library exists is to provide a degree of abstraction from the precise SSL library used, since there are a variety of ways to bind to a library (e.g. the C FFI, or the Ctypes library), as well as well as which library is used (either OpenSSL or a native OCaml TLS implementation).

If you are using the Lwt_unix version of the library, you can set two environment variables to control the behaviour of the library:

  • CONDUIT_DEBUG=1 will output debug information to standard error.
  • CONDUIT_TLS=native will force the use of the pure OCaml TLS library.
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AuthorsAnil Madhavapeddy, Thomas Leonard, Thomas Gazagnaire and Rudi Grinberg
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