Author Thierry Martinez <>
License BSD
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Maintainer Thierry Martinez <>
Published Dec 23, 2016
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````: OCaml bindings for Python

==================================== provides OCaml bindings for Python 2 and Python 3. This library subsumes the pycaml library, which is no longer actively maintained.



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OPAM: opam install pyml

The Python library is linked at runtime and the same executable can be run in a Python 2 or a Python 3 environment. does not require any Python library at compile time, nor any other dependency.

Bindings are split in three modules:

  • Py provides the initialization functions and some high-level bindings, with error handling and naming conventions closer to OCaml usages.

  • Pycaml provides a signature close to the old Pycaml module, so as to ease migration.

  • Pywrappers provides low-level bindings, which follow closely the conventions of the C bindings for Python. Submodules Pywrappers.Python2 and Pywrappers.Python3 contain version-specific bindings.

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