Author Daniel Bünzli <daniel.buenzl i@erratique.ch>
License BSD3
Homepage http://erratique.ch/software/xmlm
Tags { xml, codec }
Maintainer Daniel Bünzli <daniel.buenzl i@erratique.ch>
& ocamlbuild
OCaml >= 4.00.0
Published Oct 11, 2013
Source [http] http://erratique.ch/software/xmlm/releases/xmlm-1.2.0.tbz
Statistics Installed 3684 times in last month.
Edit https://github.com/ocaml/opam-repository/tree/master/packages/xmlm/xmlm.1.2.0/opam

Streaming XML codec for OCaml

Xmlm is a streaming codec to decode and encode the XML data format. It can process XML documents without a complete in-memory representation of the data.

Xmlm is made of a single independent module and distributed under the BSD3 license.