SQL Guided (code) Generator

sqlgg is an SQL query parser and binding code generator for C#, C++, Java, OCaml. Distinguishing feature of sqlgg is that it starts off with actual SQL queries, not object models or SQL table descriptions. It analyzes SQL query and determines the set of input parameters and the set of resulting columns. Consequently, the generated code (in host language) maps query parameters on function arguments with corresponding native data types. The main idea is that the generator should take care only of semantic binding between SQL and code sides, being as unobtrusive as possible. So the choice of the specific database and API is a programmer's choice. Similarly, queries to the database are expressed in plain SQL, so that the generator can be easily plugged in any existing project.

Source [http] https://ygrek.org/p/release/sqlgg/sqlgg-0.2.5.tar.gz
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