A simple immutable database for the masses

SandDB is a simple immutable database, which is also:

  • Simple: It only does one thing, which is persisting data in a file.
  • Easy to use: SandDB's API is extremely small, so you only need to know few functions to use it.
  • Type safe: Every common dangerous operation (like parsing) is covered by the Result type, so you will know where to expect errors.
  • Immutable: Database is based on the immutable stack idea, where you can only push onto the stack.
  • Crud capable: Even though the database is immutable you still can update and delete records, by shadowing them.
  • Version keeping: Every update and delete operation will produce a new version of the affected record, without modifying the original, so you will have all versions of your data.
  • Concurrent: SandDB is based on lwt, so every database operation is asynchronous.
  • Supports multiple serializers: SandDB supports both json and biniou serialization format thanks to the atdgen library.
AuthorRobert Toth
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