Rdr is a cross-platform binary analysis and reverse engineering tool, utilizing a unique symbol map for global analysis.

rdr is an OCaml tool/library for doing cross-platform analysis of binaries, by printing headers, locating entry points, showing import and export symbols, their binary offsets and size, etc.

It also features a symbol map which allows fast lookups for arbitrary symbols, and their associated data, on your system (the default search location are binaries in /usr/lib).

See the README at http://github.com/m4b/rdr for more details.


  • 64-bit Linux and Mach-o binary analysis
  • Searchable symbol-map of all the symbols on your system, including binary offset, size, and exporting library
  • Print imports and exports of binaries
  • Make pretty graphs, at the binary or symbol map level
Authorm4b <m4b.github.io@gmail.com>
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Maintainerm4b <m4b.github.io@gmail.com>
Source [http] https://github.com/m4b/rdr/archive/v1.0.tar.gz
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