Author Markus Mottl <markus.mottl@gmail.com>
License LGPL-2.1+ with OCaml linking exception
Homepage http://mmottl.github.io/pomap
Issue Tracker https://github.com/mmottl/pomap/issues
Maintainer Markus Mottl <markus.mottl@gmail.com>
& ocamlbuild
ocamlfind >= 1.3.1
Available ocaml-version >= "3.12"
Published Aug 18, 2016
Source [http] http://github.com/mmottl/pomap/releases/download/v3.0.6/pomap-3.0.6.tar.gz
Statistics Installed 2 times in last month.
Edit https://github.com/ocaml/opam-repository/tree/master/packages/pomap/pomap.3.0.6/opam

pomap - Partially Ordered Maps for OCaml

pomap supports creating and manipulating partially ordered maps in a purely functional and efficient way.

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