Shortcuts and helpers for common tasks in OCaml ecosystem

If you're doing any modern OCaml then you're doubtlessly annoyed by the state of libraries and committing to one of the big ones can be restricting. Podge is a single module containing specialized modules for their respectives usages for seemingly common tasks.

Some conveniences with Podge: 1) Web: Simple HTTP get/put requests that return Yojson objects 2) Yojson: Pretty printing, updating keys, and removing key-value pairs from Yojson objects 3) Unix: Read output of a process, simple daemonize, read all of a file. 4) Xml: Simple reading of node content given a path. 5) ANSITerminal: Create a colored string for the shell, with or without current time. 6) Other modules: Math, Html5, Analyze, Cohttp, Printf, Debugging, List and String for common string tasks.

Podge is especially useful for Hackathons and prototyping.

AuthorEdgar Aroutiounian <edgar.factorial@gmail.com>
Issue Trackerhttps://github.com/fxfactorial/podge/issues
MaintainerEdgar Aroutiounian <edgar.factorial@gmail.com>
Source [http] https://github.com/fxfactorial/podge/archive/v0.5.tar.gz
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