Parallel and distributed execution of command lines, pardi!

Command line tool to parallelize programs which are not parallel; provided that you can cut an input file into independent chunks.

For example, to compress a file in parallel using 1MB chunks:

$ pardi -d b:1048576 -m s -i <YOUR_BIG_FILE> -o <YOUR_BIG_FILE>.gz -w 'xz -c -9 %IN > %OUT'

You can cut the input file by lines (e.g. SMI files), by number of bytes (for binary files), by a separating line verifying a regexp (quite generic) or by a block separating line (e.g. MOL2/SDF/PDB file formats).

If processing a single record of your input file is too fine grained, you can play with the -c option to reach better parallelization (try 10,20,50,100,200,500,etc).

usage: pardi ... {-i|--input} <file>: where to read from (default=stdin) {-o|--output} <file>: where to write to (default=stdout) {-n|--nprocs} <int>: max jobs in parallel (default=all cores) {-c|--chunks} <int>: how many chunks per job (default=1) {-d|--demux} {l|b:<int>|r:<regexp>|s:<string>}: how to cut input file into chunks (line/bytes/regexp/sep_line; default=line) {-w|--work} <string>: command to execute on each chunk {-m|--mux} {c|s|n}: how to mux job results in output file (cat/sorted_cat/null; default=cat)

AuthorFrancois Berenger
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