Graphical front-end to ocamldebug


* Emulates only the emacs mode from OCamlDebug, does not need any hooks into ocaml core.
* Full Qt application: can be compiled on Windows, MacOS and Linux
* Save/Restore of window position, and debug parameter.
* Detection of the modification of the debugged application or sources. (automatically reloaded when modified)
* Syntax highlighting of ocamldebug command and ocaml sources.
* Persistent command line history
* Mouse support: middle click on a symbol in the code to print it, and mouse wheel to step/backstep through the code.
* Setting breakpoints directly into the source code.
* Watch window
* Call stack window
* Separated application output window

OQamlDebug needs Qt4 to be generated. Qt4 can be downloaded from http://qt-project.org. On debian install simply qt4-dev package..

On MacOS it is necessary to set QMAKESPEC as follow to install the package export QMAKESPEC=macx-g++

Source [http] http://oqamldebug.forge.ocamlcore.org/oqamldebug-0.9.2.tar.gz
No package is dependent