GCC mingw-w64 OCaml Runtime Dependency (64-bit)

This package is an internal part of the implementation of the OCaml compiler in opam-repository.

This package is used to create an indirection between the OCaml compiler packages and conf-mingw-w64-gcc-i686. The compiler packages must have one of conf-mingw-w64-gcc-i686 or conf-mingw-w64-gcc-x8664 depending on configuration, but if they directly refer to both packages in their depends fields then the subsequent installation of the _other C compiler package would trigger a rebuild of the OCaml compiler package, because it changes its dependency cone. By having the compiler packages instead depend on either ocaml-env-mingw64 or ocaml-env-mingw32, the installation of conf-mingw-w64-gcc-i686 into a switch already containing ocaml-env-mingw64 does not trigger a rebuild of the OCaml compiler, because ocaml-env-mingw32 is not installed.

AuthorDavid Allsopp
Issue Trackerhttps://github.com/ocaml/opam-repository/issues
MaintainerDavid Allsopp <david@tarides.com>
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