Big integer library, written by Michel Quercia. Compares well to GMP.

Numerix is a library implementing arbitrary long signed integers and the usual arithmetic operations between those numbers. It primarily targets ocaml, but is also available with reduced functionalities for the Camllight, C and Pascal languages on 32 or 64 bit Unix-type computers.

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Note: this opam package only builds the ocaml version (all modules, e.g. slong, dlong, clong, gmp and big), with the --enable-sse2 flag. Because of gmp, you need gmp headers (aptitude install libgmp-dev on debian). The --enable-longlong flag is not uses (gives some troubles on x86-64 architecture).

AuthorMichel Quercia
LicenseGNU Library General Public License version 2 with special exception (cf LICENCE file)
Source [http]
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