A detection tool for traditional and popular testing frameworks

It works with Alcotest or OUnit 2. It's fast. Everything processed (with the help of OCaml's parser) is cached - you can choose where. It's intuitive. You can get started with the command line (be that with templates or --help).

No bootstrapping is required and you can keep all your tooling when writing tests. No compromises on the syntax. It's as clean as it gets. You can see the generated tests running dryunit gen --framework alcotest from the test dir.

If you use jbuilder just run:

# Setting up a virtual test executable
mkdir tests
dryunit init > tests/jbuild

# Adding a test
echo "let test_dummy () = ()" > tests/dummy_tests.ml

# Running things
jbuilder build tests/main.exe && _build/default/tests/main.exe

Integration with other building systems should be straightfoward.

AuthorGerson Moraes
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