DKML component for 64-bit versions of opam

For 64-bit capable platforms, opam, opam-putenv and opam-installer will be in <share>/staging-files/<platform>. But for any platform that does not support 64-bit, this package will install nothing (aka. be a no-op). Consumers of the component should place both tools/opam64 and tools/opam32 into the PATH, so that whichever is available can be used.

Cross-compiling to both darwin_arm64 and darwin_x86_64 platforms are supported on macOS when you have both dkml-base-compiler and conf-dkml-cross-toolchain installed in your switch.

The package version, and what [opam --version] returns, are closely associated with the Opam version from the Opam source code. The only modifications are to ensure that the package version can be ordered using semver. In particular:

  • 2.2.0~alpha~dev -> 2.2.0~alpha0~20221231
  • 2.2.0~alpha~1 -> 2.2.0~alpha1~20230601
  • 2.2.0 -> 2.2.0

The dates (YYYYMMDD) are the Git commit dates in the Opam source code, and simply replacing the tildes (~) with dashes (-) is sufficient to be a semver version.

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