Search for directories by type

dirsift -t TYPE [PATH]

Subdirectories of PATH which satisfy specified TYPE requirements are listed

PATH defaults to . if unspecified

TYPE can be one of

  • git
    • Directory identified as git repository
  • not-git
  • borg
    • Directory identified as BorgBackup backup program repository
  • not-borg
  • restic
    • Directory identified as Restic backup program repository
  • not-restic
  • hidden
    • Name of directory begins with .
  • not-hidden
  • hot
    • Directory contains >=1 file last modified within past 7 days (7 x 24 hours)
    • User configurable
  • warm
    • Directory contains >=1 file last modified within past 30 days (30 x 24 hours), but not hot
    • User configurable
  • cold
    • Directory is neither hot nor warm
  • empty
  • not-empty

If multiple -t TYPE are specified, they are connected by and (conjunction), i.e. directory must satisfy all TYPE requirements to be listed

AuthorDarren Ldl
Issue Trackerhttps://github.com/darrenldl/dirsift/issues
MaintainerDarren Ldl <darrenldldev@gmail.com>
Source [http] https://github.com/darrenldl/dirsift/releases/download/v0.0.5/v0.0.5.tar.gz
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