CryptoVerif: Cryptographic protocol verifier in the computational model

CryptoVerif is an automatic protocol prover sound in the computational model. It can prove

  • secrecy;
  • correspondences, which include in particular authentication;
  • indistinguishability between two games.

It provides a generic mechanism for specifying the security assumptions on cryptographic primitives, which can handle in particular symmetric encryption, message authentication codes, public-key encryption, signatures, hash functions.

The generated proofs are proofs by sequences of games, as used by cryptographers. These proofs are valid for a number of sessions polynomial in the security parameter, in the presence of an active adversary. CryptoVerif can also evaluate the probability of success of an attack against the protocol as a function of the probability of breaking each cryptographic primitive and of the number of sessions (exact security).

This software is under development; please use it at your own risk. Comments and bug reports welcome.

AuthorBruno Blanchet <> and David Cadé <>
MaintainerBruno Blanchet <>
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