Microsoft C Compiler Environment Settings (32-bit x86)

This package uses msvs-tools to find additional values required for the environment in order to use the x86 (32-bit) Microsoft C compiler (cl).

After installation, the package's variables indicate the required values:

  • conf-msvc32:msvs-bin, conf-msvc32:msvs-inc and conf-msvc32:msvc-lib are values to be added to PATH, INCLUDE and LIB respectively. In opam 2.2, they should be added using x-env-path-rewrite set to false, as they contain multiple directories.
  • conf-msvc32:package is the name of the Visual Studio package providing the compiler (e.g. Visual Studio Community 2022)
  • conf-msvc32:ml is the name of the assembler (usually "ml")
  • conf-msvc32:script is the vcvarsall or setenv script which was queried by msvs-detect to provide this information
AuthorDavid Allsopp
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MaintainerDavid Allsopp <>
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