Module OpamSystem

Bindings of lots of filesystem and system operations

exception Process_error of OpamProcess.result

Exception raised when subprocess fails

exception Command_not_found of string
val process_error : OpamProcess.result ‑> 'a

raise Process_error

val raise_on_process_error : OpamProcess.result ‑> unit

raise Process_error if the process didn't return 0

exception Internal_error of string

Exception raised when a computation in the current process fails.

val internal_error : ('a, unit, string, 'b) Pervasives.format4 ‑> 'a

Raise Internal_error

val with_tmp_dir : (string ‑> 'a) ‑> 'a

with_tmp_dir fn executes fn in a tempory directory

val with_tmp_dir_job : (string ‑> 'a OpamProcess.job) ‑> 'a OpamProcess.job

Runs a job with a temp dir that is cleaned up afterwards

val verbose_for_base_commands : unit ‑> bool

Returns true if the default verbose level for base commands (cp, mv, etc.) is reached

val mk_temp_dir : ?⁠prefix:string ‑> unit ‑> string

Returns a directory name, in the temporary directory, composed by opam (if prefix is not set), pid, and random number.

val copy_file : string ‑> string ‑> unit

copy_file src dst copies src to dst. Remove dst before the copy if it is a link.

val copy_dir : string ‑> string ‑> unit

copy_dir src dst copies the contents of directory src into directory dst, creating it if necessary, merging directory contents and ovewriting files otherwise

val mv : string ‑> string ‑> unit
val install : ?⁠exec:bool ‑> string ‑> string ‑> unit

install ?exec src dst copies file src as file dst using install. If exec, make the resulting file executable (otherwise, look at the permissions of the original file to decide).

val is_exec : string ‑> bool

Checks if a file is an executable (regular file with execution permission)

val file_is_empty : string ‑> bool
val real_path : string ‑> string

real_path p returns the real path associated to p: .. are expanded and relative paths become absolute.

val string_of_channel : Pervasives.in_channel ‑> string

Return the contents of a channel.

exception File_not_found of string

Raised when a file or directory can't be accessed (doesn't exist, bad permissions, etc.)

val read : string ‑> string

read filename returns the contents of filename (while taking an advisory read lock to prevent concurrent writes)

val write : string ‑> string ‑> unit

write filename contents write contents to filename (while taking an advisory write lock to prevent concurrent reads or writes)

val remove : string ‑> unit

remove filename removes filename. Works whether filename is a file or a directory

val remove_file : string ‑> unit

remove_file filename removes filename. Works only for normal files (or also at least for symlinks)

val remove_dir : string ‑> unit

remove_dir filename removes filename. Works only for directory (not for symlinks or other files).

val chdir : string ‑> unit

Change the current working directory

val in_dir : string ‑> (unit ‑> 'a) ‑> 'a

in_dir dir fn evaluates fn in the directory dir

val ls : string ‑> string list

Returns the list of files and directories in the given directory (full names)

val rec_files : string ‑> string list

rec_files dir returns the list of all files in dir, recursively. Links behaving like directory are crossed.

val files : string ‑> string list

Return the list of files in the current directory.

val rec_dirs : string ‑> string list

rec_dirs dir return the list list of all directories recursively (going through symbolink links).

val dirs : string ‑> string list

Return the list of directories in the current directory.

val dir_is_empty : string ‑> bool
val make_command : ?⁠verbose:bool ‑> ?⁠env:string array ‑> ?⁠name:string ‑> ?⁠text:string ‑> ?⁠metadata:(string * string) list ‑> ?⁠allow_stdin:bool ‑> ?⁠stdout:string ‑> ?⁠dir:string ‑> ?⁠resolve_path:bool ‑> string ‑> string list ‑> OpamProcess.command

Make a comman suitable for OpamProcess.Job. if verbose, is set, command and output will be displayed (at command end for the latter, if concurrent commands are running). name is used for naming log files. text is what is displayed in the status line for this command. May raise Command_not_found, unless resolve_path is set to false (in which case you can end up with a process error instead)


type command = string list

a command is a list of words

val resolve_command : ?⁠env:string array ‑> ?⁠dir:string ‑> string ‑> string option

Test whether a command exists in the environment, and returns it (resolved if found in PATH)

val get_cygpath_function : command:string ‑> (string ‑> string) lazy_t

Returns a function which should be applied to arguments for a given command by determining if the command is the Cygwin variant of the command. Returns the identity function otherwise.

val command : ?⁠verbose:bool ‑> ?⁠env:string array ‑> ?⁠name:string ‑> ?⁠metadata:(string * string) list ‑> ?⁠allow_stdin:bool ‑> command ‑> unit

command cmd executes the command cmd in the correct OPAM environment.

val commands : ?⁠verbose:bool ‑> ?⁠env:string array ‑> ?⁠name:string ‑> ?⁠metadata:(string * string) list ‑> ?⁠keep_going:bool ‑> command list ‑> unit

commands cmds executes the commands cmds in the correct OPAM environment. It stops whenever one command fails unless keep_going is set to true. In this case, the first error is re-raised at the end.

val read_command_output : ?⁠verbose:bool ‑> ?⁠env:string array ‑> ?⁠metadata:(string * string) list ‑> ?⁠allow_stdin:bool ‑> command ‑> string list

read_command_output cmd executes the command cmd in the correct OPAM environment and return the lines from stdout if the command exists normally. If the command does not exist or if the command exited with a non-empty exit-code, throw an error.


val is_archive : string ‑> bool

Test whether the file is an archive, by looking as its extension

val extract : dir:string ‑> string ‑> unit

extract ~dir:dirname filename extracts the archive filename into dirname. dirname should not exists and filename should contain only one top-level directory.

val extract_job : dir:string ‑> string ‑> exn option OpamProcess.job

Same as extract, but as an OpamProcess.job

val extract_in : dir:string ‑> string ‑> unit

extract_in ~dir:dirname filename extracts the archive filename into dirname.

val extract_in_job : dir:string ‑> string ‑> exn option OpamProcess.job

extract_in_job is similar to extract_in, but as a job

val make_tar_gz_job : dir:string ‑> string ‑> exn option OpamProcess.job
val mkdir : string ‑> unit

Create a directory. Do not fail if the directory already exist.

val cpu_count : unit ‑> int

Get the number of active processors on the system

File locking function

type lock

Unix file locks (mutable structure, to follow actual semantics)

type actual_lock_flag = [
| `Lock_read
| `Lock_write

The different kinds of unix advisory locks available (`Lock_none doesn't actually lock anything, or even create the lock file)

type lock_flag = [
| `Lock_none
| actual_lock_flag
val lock_none : lock

Dummy lock

exception Locked

Raised when locks can't be acquired and dontblock was specified)

val release_all_locks : unit ‑> unit

Force releases all open locks in the process. Required for Windows if an exception has been raised, since Windows doesn't permit unlinking while handles are open.

val flock : [< lock_flag ] ‑> ?⁠dontblock:bool ‑> string ‑> lock

Acquires a lock on the given file. Raises Locked if the lock can't be acquired and dontblock is set. Raises OpamStd.Sys.Exit if safe_mode is set and a write lock is required. Also raises Unix errors if the lock file can't be opened.

val flock_update : [< lock_flag ] ‑> ?⁠dontblock:bool ‑> lock ‑> unit

Updates an existing lock to the given level. Raises the same exceptions as flock.

val funlock : lock ‑> unit

Releases an acquired lock (equivalent to flock_update `Lock_none)

val lock_max : lock_flag ‑> lock_flag ‑> lock_flag

Returns the highest of the two lock flags (with the order no lock < read lock < write lock)

val lock_isatleast : [< lock_flag ] ‑> lock ‑> bool

Returns true if the lock already has the lock_flag rights or more

val get_lock_flag : lock ‑> lock_flag

Returns the current kind of the lock

val get_lock_fd : lock ‑> Unix.file_descr

Returns the underlying fd for the lock or raises Not_found for `No_lock


val patch : ?⁠preprocess:bool ‑> dir:string ‑> string ‑> exn option OpamProcess.job

Apply a patch file in the current directory. If preprocess is set to false, there is no CRLF translation. Returns the error if the patch didn't apply.

val temp_file : ?⁠auto_clean:bool ‑> ?⁠dir:string ‑> string ‑> string

Create a temporary file in ~/.opam/logs/<name>XXX, if dir is not set. ?auto_clean controls whether the file is automatically deleted when opam terminates (default: true).

val print_stats : unit ‑> unit

Print stats

val register_printer : unit ‑> unit

Registers an exception printer that adds some OPAM version info, and details on process and Unix errors

val init : unit ‑> unit

Initialises signal handlers, catch_break and some exception printers. The lib may not perform properly without this if Sys.catch_break isn't set and SIGPIPE isn't handled (with a no-op)

val forward_to_back : string ‑> string

On Unix, a no-op. On Windows, convert / to \

val back_to_forward : string ‑> string

On Unix, a no-op. On Windows, convert \ to /