Authors { François Bobot, Jean-Christophe Filliâtre, Claude Marché, Guillaume Melquiond, Andrei Paskevich }
License GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1
Homepage http://why3.lri.fr/
Tags { deductive, program verification, formal specification, automated theorem prover, interactive theorem prover }
Maintainer Francois.Bobot@cea.fr
& alt-ergo
Optional dependencies
| coq
Published Apr 2, 2013
Source [http] http://gforge.inria.fr/frs/download.php/33491/why3-0.81.tar.gz
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Why3 is a platform for deductive program verification.

It provides a rich language for specification and programming, called WhyML, and relies on external theorem provers, both automated and interactive, to discharge verification conditions. Why3 comes with a standard library of logical theories (integer and real arithmetic, Boolean operations, sets and maps, etc.) and basic programming data structures (arrays, queues, hash tables, etc.). A user can write WhyML programs directly and get correct-by-construction OCaml programs through an automated extraction mechanism. WhyML is also used as an intermediate language for the verification of C, Java, or Ada programs.

Why3 is a complete reimplementation of the former Why platform. Among the new features are: numerous extensions to the input language, a new architecture for calling external provers, and a well-designed API, allowing to use Why3 as a software library. An important emphasis is put on modularity and genericity, giving the end user a possibility to easily reuse Why3 formalizations or to add support for a new external prover if wanted.

Necessary for
& >= 2.32
Optional for
>= 20160502
& >= 2.34