Author Andi McClure <andi.m.mcclure@gmail.com>
License Creative Commons Zero
Homepage https://github.com/mcclure/ppx_const
Issue Tracker https://github.com/mcclure/ppx_const/issues
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Maintainer Andi McClure <andi.m.mcclure@gmail.com>
& ocamlbuild
ppx_tools >= 0.99.1
Available ocaml-version >= "4.02.0" & opam-version >= "1.2"
Published Jun 7, 2015
Source [http] http://github.com/mcclure/ppx_const/archive/ppx_const-1.1.tar.gz
Statistics Installed 4 times in last month.
Edit https://github.com/ocaml/opam-repository/tree/master/packages/ppx_const/ppx_const.1.1/opam

Compile-time "if" statement for conditional inclusion of code.

This is a ppx extension which adds if#const and match#const constructs to OCaml. They behave like normal if and const, but conditions are evaluated at compile time and AST sections not selected are excluded from the program completely. In conjunction with ppx_getenv, this can be used for conditional compilation of code.

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