Authors { Yoshihiro Imai, Jun Furuse }
Homepage https://github.com/yoshihiro503/ocamltter
Issue Tracker https://github.com/yoshihiro503/ocamltter/issues
Maintainer jun.furuse@gmail.com
& base64
ocurl >= 0.5.3
ppx_meta_conv >= 2.4.0
ppx_orakuda >= 3.0.0
spotlib >= 3.0.0
Available ocaml-version >= "4.03.0"
Published Feb 2, 2017
Source [http] http://github.com/yoshihiro503/ocamltter/archive/4.1.1.tar.gz
Statistics Installed 6 times in last month.
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The OCAMLTTER OAuth1 library and twitter, flickr clients

OCAMLTTER is an OAuth1 library with a CUI twitter client and a flickr uploader.

OCAMLTTER Twitter client is a CLI application, implemented as a custom OCaml toplevel (REPL). Common twitter commands are accessible via simple functions like:

       - l();;                 list timeline
       - lc COUNT;;            list timeline (COUNT lines)
       - lu "NAME";;           list NAME's timeline
       - m();;                 list mentions (tweet containing @YOU)
       - u "TEXT";;            post a new message
       - re ID "TEXT";;        reply to ID
       - del ID;;              delete tweet of ID
       - rt ID;;               retweet ID
       - qt ID "TEXT";;        qt ID
       - follow "NAME";;       follow NAME
       - unfollow "NAME";;     unfollow NAME
       - fav ID;;              mark ID as favorites
       - report_spam "NAME"    report NAME as a spam user
       - s "WORD";;            search tweets by a WORD
       - setup ();;            (re)authorize ocamltter
       - let CMD = ...;;       define a your own command CMD
       - help;;                print the help
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