AuthorJun Furuse
Issue Trackerhttps://bitbucket.org/camlspotter/ocamlspot/issues?status=new&status=open
Availableocaml-version >= "4.06.0" & ocaml-version < "4.07.0"
PublishedNov 21, 2017
Source [http] https://bitbucket.org/camlspotter/ocamlspot/get/
StatisticsInstalled 7 times last month.

OCamlSpotter - OCaml source browsing

OCamlSpotter is a tool for OCaml source code browsing.

  • You can search the definitions of names of values, functions, data types and modules.
  • Emacs and Vim helpers help your browsing via editors.
  • Definition search traverses module aliases and functor applications: if module M = N, OCamlSpotter automatically seeks the definition of M.x in N. Very helpful in the modern OCaml programming with lots of modules.

OCamlSpotter uses *.cmt and *.cmti files created by OCaml compiler 4.00.0 or newer with -bin-annot option.

In OPAM, ocamlspot.el and ocamlspot.vim is %{lib%}/ocamlspot .

No package is dependent