Name Latest version Description
js_of_ocaml3.3.0Compiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
ocaml-base-compiler4.07.1Official release 4.07.1
menhir20181113An LR(1) parser generator
coq8.9.0Formal proof management system
merlin3.2.2Installation with Opam
dune1.8.2Fast, portable and opinionated build system
merlin-extend0.3A protocol to provide custom frontend to Merlin
cmdliner1.0.3Declarative definition of command line interfaces for OCaml
utop2.3.0Universal toplevel for OCaml
cohttp2.0.0An OCaml library for HTTP clients and servers
re1.8.0RE is a regular expression library for OCaml
yojson1.7.0Yojson is an optimized parsing and printing library for the JSON format
lambda-term1.13Terminal manipulation library for OCaml
num1.1The legacy Num library for arbitrary-precision integer and rational arithmetic
lwt4.1.0Promises, concurrency, and parallelized I/O
ppx_deriving_yojson3.3JSON codec generator for OCaml
chalk1.0Composable and simple terminal highlighting package
ppx_tools_versioned5.2.1A variant of ppx_tools based on ocaml-migrate-parsetree
conduit1.4.0A network connection establishment library
atd2.0.0Parser for the ATD data format description language
ocamlfind1.8.0A library manager for OCaml
cppo1.6.5Equivalent of the C preprocessor for OCaml programs
bos0.2.0Basic OS interaction for OCaml
corev0.12.1Industrial strength alternative to OCaml's standard library
ppx_deriving4.2.1Type-driven code generation for OCaml >=4.02
fpath0.7.2File system paths for OCaml
oasis0.4.11Tooling for building OCaml libraries and applications
ctypes0.14.0Combinators for binding to C libraries without writing any C.
ounit2.0.8Unit testing framework loosely based on HUnit. It is similar to JUnit, and other XUnit testing frameworks
camlp57.06.10-g84ce6cc4Preprocessor-pretty-printer of OCaml
lwt_log1.1.0Lwt logging library (deprecated)
ocamlbuild0.14.0OCamlbuild is a build system with builtin rules to easily build most OCaml projects.
sexplibv0.12.0Library for serializing OCaml values to and from S-expressions
printbox0.2Allows to print nested boxes, lists, arrays, tables in several formats
zarith1.7Implements arithmetic and logical operations over arbitrary-precision integers
ocaml-migrate-parsetree1.2.0Convert OCaml parsetrees between different versions
core_kernelv0.12.0Industrial strength alternative to OCaml's standard library
odoc1.4.0OCaml documentation generator
uuidm0.9.7Universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) for OCaml
magic-mime1.1.1Map filenames to common MIME types
ocp-indent1.7.0A simple tool to indent OCaml programs
cryptokit1.13A library of cryptographic primitives.
ocamlgraph1.8.8A generic graph library for OCaml
pcre7.4.1Bindings to the Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions library
msgpck1.4Fast MessagePack ( library
camlp44.07+systemCamlp4 is a system for writing extensible parsers for programming languages
graphics4.07.1The OCaml graphics library
topkg1.0.0The transitory OCaml software packager
depexttransitionopam-depext transition package
uutf1.0.2Non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml
result1.3Compatibility Result module
opam-depext1.1.2Query and install external dependencies of OPAM packages
configuratorv0.11.0Helper library for gathering system configuration
visitors20180513An OCaml syntax extension for generating visitor classes.
bisect_ppx1.4.0Code coverage for OCaml
uri2.2.0An RFC3986 URI/URL parsing library
fileutils0.5.3Functions to manipulate real file (POSIX like) and filename.
ppx_expectv0.12.0Cram like framework for OCaml
user-setup0.7Helper for the configuration of editors for the use of OCaml tools
ppx_tools5.1+4.06.0Tools for authors of ppx rewriters and other syntactic tools
basev0.12.0Full standard library replacement for OCaml
fmt0.8.5OCaml Format pretty-printer combinators
base643.1.0Base64 encoding for OCaml
tyxml4.3.0TyXML is a library for building correct HTML and SVG documents
uchar0.0.2Compatibility library for OCaml's Uchar module
ocp-build1.99.20-betaProject builder for OCaml
reason3.4.0Reason: Syntax & Toolchain for OCaml
camomile1.0.1A Unicode library
ppx_letv0.12.0Monadic let-bindings
logs0.6.2Logging infrastructure for OCaml
ppx_derivers1.0Shared [@@deriving] plugin registry
stdiov0.12.0Standard IO library for OCaml
containers2.5A modular, clean and powerful extension of the OCaml standard library
cstruct3.7.0Access C-like structures directly from OCaml
sedlex2.0An OCaml lexer generator for Unicode
ppx_type_convv0.11.0Deprecated: use ppxlib instead
ssl0.5.7Bindings for OpenSSL
ocplib-endian1.0Optimised functions to read and write int16/32/64 from strings and bigarrays, based on new primitives added in version 4.01.
extlib1.7.6A complete yet small extension for OCaml standard library (reduced, recommended)
parsexpv0.12.0S-expression parsing library
lablgtk2.18.7OCaml interface to GTK+
biniou1.2.0Binary data format designed for speed, safety, ease of use and backward compatibility as protocols evolve
ocaml-compiler-libsv0.11.0OCaml compiler libraries repackaged
lwt_ppx1.2.1PPX syntax for Lwt, providing something similar to async/await from JavaScript
liquidsoap1.3.6Swiss-army knife for multimedia streaming
lwt_ssl1.1.2OpenSSL binding with concurrent I/O
xml-light2.4Xml-Light is a minimal XML parser & printer for OCaml
alt-ergo2.3.0The Alt-Ergo SMT prover
opam-file-format2.0.0Parser and printer for the opam file syntax
easy-format1.3.1High-level and functional interface to the Format module of the OCaml standard library
cry0.6.2The cry library is an implementation of the shout protocol to connect to audio diffusion servers such as icecast
alcotest0.8.5Alcotest is a lightweight and colourful test framework
ANSITerminal0.8.1Basic control of ANSI compliant terminals and the windows shell
camlzip1.07Provides easy access to compressed files in ZIP, GZIP and JAR format
mad0.4.5Bindings for the mad library which provides functions for encoding wave audio files into mp3
lame0.3.3Bindings for the lame library which provides functions for encoding mp3 files
sha1.12Binding to the SHA cryptographic functions
taglib0.3.3Bindings for the taglib library which provides functions for reading tags in headers of audio files
ppx_blob0.4.0Include a file as a string at compile time
vorbis0.7.1Bindings to libvorbis
angstrom0.11.1Parser combinators built for speed and memory-efficiency
ipaddr3.1.0A library for manipulation of IP (and MAC) address representations
ppxlib0.5.0Base library and tools for ppx rewriters
re2v0.12.0OCaml bindings for RE2, Google's regular expression library
textutils_kernelv0.12.0Text output utilities
qcheck0.9QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml.
xmlm1.3.0Streaming XML codec for OCaml
csv2.2A pure OCaml library to read and write CSV files
ppx_enumeratev0.12.0Generate a list containing all values of a finite type
sexplib0v0.12.0Library containing the definition of S-expressions and some base converters
astring0.8.3Alternative String module for OCaml
octavius1.2.0Ocamldoc comment syntax parser
fdkaac0.2.1Fraunhofer FDK AAC Codec Library
dose35.0.1Dose library (part of Mancoosi tools)
markup0.8.0Error-recovering functional HTML5 and XML parsers and writers
opus0.1.2Bindings for the opus library to decode audio files in opus format
ocaml-protoc1.2.0A Protobuf Compiler for OCaml
sqlite34.4.1SQLite3 bindings for OCaml
ezjsonm1.0.0Simple interface on top of the Jsonm JSON library
tls0.10.1Transport Layer Security purely in OCaml
tuareg2.2.0OCaml mode for GNU Emacs and XEmacs.
flac0.1.4Interface for the Free Lossless Audio Codec otherwise known as FLAC
faad0.4.0Bindings for the faad library which provides functions for decoding AAC audio files
ppx_bin_protv0.12.0Generation of bin_prot readers and writers from types
seqbaseCompatibility package for OCaml's standard iterator type starting from 4.07.
ppx_typerep_convv0.12.0Generation of runtime types from type declarations
secp256k10.4.0Elliptic curve library secp256k1 wrapper for Ocaml
stdint0.5.1signed and unsigned integer types having specified widths
ocurl0.8.2Bindings to libcurl
mirage3.5.0The MirageOS library operating system
core_extendedv0.12.0Extra components that are not as closely vetted or as stable as Core
hex1.3.0Library providing hexadecimal converters
google-drive-ocamlfuse0.7.3A FUSE filesystem over Google Drive
jane-street-headersv0.12.0Jane Street C header files
ppx_js_stylev0.12.0Code style checker for Jane Street Packages
ppx_sexp_valuev0.12.0A ppx rewriter that simplifies building s-expressions from ocaml values
ppx_benchv0.12.0Syntax extension for writing in-line benchmarks in ocaml code
ppx_traversev0.11.0Deprecated: use ppxlib instead
asyncv0.12.0Monadic concurrency library
fieldslibv0.12.0Syntax extension to define first class values representing record fields, to get and set record fields, iterate and fold over all fields of a record and create new record values
lambdasoup0.6.3Easy functional HTML scraping and manipulation with CSS selectors
ppx_hashv0.12.0A ppx rewriter that generates hash functions from type expressions and definitions
ppx_failv0.12.0Add location to calls to failwiths
ocp-ocamlres0.4Manipulation, injection and extraction of embedded resources
graphql0.9.0Build GraphQL schemas and execute queries against them
postgresql4.4.1Bindings to the PostgreSQL library
ppx_optcompv0.12.0Optional compilation for OCaml
zed1.6Abstract engine for text edition in OCaml
ppx_pipebangv0.12.0A ppx rewriter that inlines reverse application operators `|>` and `|!`
textutilsv0.12.0Text output utilities
ppxfind1.2ocamlfind ppx tool
splittable_randomv0.12.0PRNG that can be split into independent streams
ppx_optionalv0.12.0Pattern matching on flat options
ocamlmod0.0.9Generate OCaml modules from source files
ocamlify0.0.1Include files in OCaml code
caqti1.1.0Unified interface to relational database libraries
ppx_protocol_conv3.1.3Ppx for generating serialisation and de-serialisation functions of ocaml types
react1.2.1Declarative events and signals for OCaml
ppx_fields_convv0.12.0Generation of accessor and iteration functions for ocaml records
websocket2.12Websocket library
ppx_sexp_convv0.12.0[@@deriving] plugin to generate S-expression conversion functions
ppx_variants_convv0.12.0Generation of accessor and iteration functions for ocaml variant types
typerepv0.12.0Typerep is a library for runtime types
bigstringaf0.5.0Bigstring intrinsics and fast blits based on memcpy/memmove
ppx_basev0.12.0Base set of ppx rewriters
bin_protv0.12.0A binary protocol generator
mirage-stack1.4.0MirageOS signatures for network stacks
jsonm1.0.1Non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml
variantslibv0.12.0Part of Jane Street's Core library
cairo20.6Binding to Cairo, a 2D Vector Graphics Library
ppx_inline_testv0.12.0Syntax extension for writing in-line tests in ocaml code
ppx_module_timerv0.12.0Ppx rewriter that records top-level module startup times
ppx_stablev0.12.0Stable types conversions generator
digestif0.7.1Hashes implementations (SHA*, RIPEMD160, BLAKE2* and MD5)
mirage-fs2.0.0MirageOS signatures for filesystem devices
ppx_janev0.12.0Standard Jane Street ppx rewriters
ppx_sexp_messagev0.12.0A ppx rewriter for easy construction of s-expressions
stringext1.5.0Extra string functions for OCaml
spawnv0.12.0Spawning sub-processes
js-build-tools113.33.04Collection of tools to help building Jane Street Packages
ocamlbuild-atdgen0.1.0Atdgen plugin for OCamlbuild
base_quickcheckv0.12.0Randomized testing framework, designed for compatibility with Base
ptmap2.0.4Maps over integers implemented as Patricia trees
integers0.3.0Various signed and unsigned integer types for OCaml
semver0.1.0Semantic versioning module
ptime0.8.4POSIX time for OCaml
lwt-zmq2.1.0Lwt-friendly interface to ZeroMQ
mirage-channel3.2.0Buffered channels for MirageOS FLOW types
mtime1.1.0Monotonic wall-clock time for OCaml
faraday0.7.0A library for writing fast and memory-efficient serializers.
base_bigstringv0.12.0String type based on [Bigarray], for use in I/O and C-bindings
rresult0.6.0Result value combinators for OCaml
atdj20151001.01.2Java code generation for ATD.
ocamlformat0.8Auto-formatter for OCaml code
parmap1.0-rc10Minimalistic library allowing to exploit multicore architecture
toml5.0.0TOML parser.
frama-c18.0Platform dedicated to the analysis of source code written in C
FrontC3.4.1Library providing a C parser and lexer
sawja1.5.6Sawja provides a high level representation of Java bytecode programs and static analysis tools
junit2.0.1JUnit XML reports generation library
ulex1.2lexer generator for Unicode and OCaml
mirage-console2.4.1Implementations of Mirage console devices
core_benchv0.12.0Benchmarking library
ISO86010.2.5ISO 8601 and RFC 3339 date parsing and printing.
ppx_custom_printfv0.12.0Printf-style format-strings for user-defined string conversion
wtf81.0.1Encoder and decoder for WTF-8
samplerate0.1.4Bindings for the samplerate library which provides functions for changing samplerate of audio data
calendar2.04Library for handling dates and times in your program
safepass3.0Facilities for the safe storage of user passwords
why31.2.0Why3 environment for deductive program verification
ppx_gen_rec1.0.0A ppx rewriter that transforms a recursive module expression into a `struct`.
ezxmlm1.1.0Combinators for parsing and selection of XML structures
tar1.0.1Decode and encode tar format files in pure OCaml
piqi0.7.6Protocol Buffers, JSON and XML serialization system for OCaml
ppx_assertv0.12.0Assert-like extension nodes that raise useful errors on failure
ppx_comparev0.12.0Generation of comparison functions from types
omd1.3.1A Markdown frontend in pure OCaml.
ocamlnet4.1.6Internet protocols (HTTP, CGI, e-mail etc.) and helper data structures
bitstring3.1.0bitstrings and bitstring matching for OCaml
ppx_herev0.12.0Expands [%here] into its location
linenoise1.2.0Lightweight readline alternative
aws-s34.3.0Ocaml library for accessing Amazon S3
bap-signatures1.5.0A data package with binary signatures for bap
cpuid0.1.1Detect CPU features
crunch3.0.0Convert a filesystem into a static OCaml module
atdgen2.0.0Generates efficient JSON serializers, deserializers and validators
bisect1.3.1Code coverage tool for the OCaml language
jupyter2.4.0An OCaml kernel for Jupyter notebook
ocp-browser1.1.9Console browser for the documentation of installed OCaml libraries
pprint20180528A pretty-printing combinator library and rendering engine.
cppo_ocamlbuild1.6.0ocamlbuild support for cppo, OCaml-friendly source preprocessor
camlbz20.6.0Bindings for bzip2
bn1280.1.3Barreto-Naehrig 128 Elliptic Curve pairing function library in OCAML
rlp0.1RLP: Recursive Length Prefix Encoding
async_graphics0.6.0Async wrapper for the OCaml Graphics library
io-page2.1.0Support for efficient handling of I/O memory pages
zmq5.0.0OCaml bindings for ZeroMQ 4.x
mirage-block1.2.0Block signatures and implementations for MirageOS
x5090.6.2Public Key Infrastructure purely in OCaml
mirage-time1.1.0Time operations for MirageOS
yaml1.0.0Parse and generate YAML 1.1 files
ezgzip0.2.1# ezgzip - Simple gzip (de)compression library
patdiffv0.12.0File Diff using the Patience Diff algorithm
reactiveData0.2.2Declarative events and signals for OCaml
async_sslv0.12.0An Async-pipe-based interface with OpenSSL
sequence1.1Simple and lightweight sequence abstract data type.
mysql1.2.2Bindings to C client library for interacting with Mysql/MariaDB/Percona databases
dns1.1.1DNS client and server implementation in pure OCaml
bignumv0.12.0Core-flavoured wrapper around zarith's arbitrary-precision rationals
owl0.5.0OCaml Scientific and Engineering Computing
getopt20120615Parsing of command line arguments (similar to GNU GetOpt) for OCaml
mirage-clock2.0.0Libraries and module types for portable clocks
bap1.5.0Binary Analysis Platform
ocplib-json-typed0.7.1Type-aware JSON and JSON schema utilities
mirage-unix3.2.0Unix core platform libraries for MirageOS
omake0.10.3Build system designed for scalability and portability
obeam0.1.4A utility library for parsing BEAM format
z34.8.4Z3 solver
camlimages5.0.1Image processing library
uuseg12.0.0Unicode text segmentation for OCaml
piqilib0.6.14The Piqi library -- runtime support for multi-format Protobuf/JSON/XML/Piq data serialization and conversion
sodium0.6.0Binding to libsodium UNAUDITED
coqide8.9.0IDE of the Coq formal proof management system
process0.2.1Easy process control
vchan4.0.1Xen Vchan implementation
ppx_import1.6A syntax extension for importing declarations from interface files
pgx0.1Pgx - Pure-OCaml PostgreSQL client library
redis0.3.6Bindings for the key-value cache and store redis.
session0.4.1A session manager for your everyday needs
opium0.17.1Sinatra like web toolkit based on Lwt + Cohttp
dtoa0.3.1Converts OCaml floats into strings (doubles to ascii, "d to a"), using the efficient Grisu3 algorithm.
ppx_metaquotv0.11.0Deprecated: use ppxlib instead
inotify2.3Inotify bindings for ocaml.
ppx_astv0.11.0Deprecated: use ppxlib instead
jingoo1.3.0Template engine almost compatible with Jinja2(python template engine)
magic0.7.3Bindings for libmagic (to determine the type of files)
tcpip3.7.1OCaml TCP/IP networking stack, used in MirageOS
apron20160125APRON numerical abstract domain library
mirage-kv2.0.0MirageOS signatures for key/value devices
mirage-random1.2.0Random-related devices for MirageOS
nocrypto0.5.4-1Simpler crypto
ppx_driverv0.11.0Deprecated: use ppxlib instead
ppx_traverse_builtinsv0.11.0Deprecated: use ppxlib instead
obuild0.1.10simple package build system for OCaml
ocaml-monadic0.4.0OCaml monadic syntax extensions
mustache3.0.2Mustache logic-less templates in OCaml
psq0.1.0Functional Priority Search Queues
patience_diffv0.12.0Diff library using Bram Cohen's patience diff algorithm
json-derivers1.0.0Common Derivers for Jsonm/Yjson
curly0.1.0The Dumbest Http Client
oseq0.2Simple list of suspensions, as a composable lazy iterator that behaves like a value
gen0.5.1Simple and efficient iterators (modules Gen and GenLabels).
cohttp-lwt-unix2.0.0CoHTTP implementation for Unix and Windows using Lwt
eigen0.1.3Owl's OCaml interface to Eigen3 C++ library
fix20181206Facilities for memoization and fixed points
mirage-kv-lwt2.0.0MirageOS signatures for key/value devices
llvm7.0.0The OCaml bindings distributed with LLVM
mwt0.1.0Mediumweight thread library for OCaml via Lwt
ppx_defer0.3.0Go-like `[%defer later]; now` syntax.
wasm1.0An OCaml library to read and write Web Assembly (wasm) files and manipulate their AST.
conduit-async1.4.0A network connection establishment library for Async
lru0.2.0Scalable LRU caches
odig0.0.4Lookup documentation of installed OCaml packages
mirage-logs0.3.0A reporter for the Logs library that writes log messages to stderr, using a Mirage `CLOCK` to add timestamps.
irmin1.4.0Irmin, a distributed database that follows the same design principles as Git
multipart-form-data0.2.0Parser for ocaml [![Build Status](](
coq-serapi8.9.0+0.6.0Sexp-based serialization library and protocol for machine interaction with the Coq proof assistant
mlgmpidl1.2.8OCaml interface to the GMP library
ppx_corev0.11.0Deprecated: use ppxlib instead
mparser1.2.3A simple monadic parser combinator library
async_extendedv0.11.0Additional utilities for async
mirage-dns3.1.2DNS implementation for the MirageOS unikernel framework
charrua-client0.12.0DHCP client implementation
alsa0.2.3Bindings for the ALSA library which provides functions for using soundcards
checkseum0.0.3Adler-32, CRC32 and CRC32-C implementation in C and OCaml
hmap0.8.1Heterogeneous value maps for OCaml
ocsigen-start1.5.0An Eliom application skeleton ready to use to build your own application with users, (pre)registration, notifications, etc
plplot5.11.0Bindings for the PLplot library
theora0.3.1Bindings for the theora library to decode video files in theora format
camltc0.9.8OCaml bindings for tokyo cabinet
httpaf0.5.0A high-performance, memory-efficient, and scalable web server for OCaml
landmarks1.3A simple profiling library
ocaml-top1.1.5The OCaml interactive editor for education
duppy0.8.0Library providing monadic threads
jbuildertransitionThis is a transition package, jbuilder is now named dune. Use the dune
psmt2-frontend0.2A library to parse and type-check a conservative extension of the SMT-LIB 2 standard with prenex polymorphism
doc-ock-html1.2.1From doc-ock to HTML
shexpv0.12.0Process library and s-expression based shell
doc-ock-xml1.2.1XML printer and parser for Doc-Ock
cudf0.9CUDF library (part of the Mancoosi tools)
ethernet2.0.0OCaml Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) layer, used in MirageOS
decompress0.8.1Implementation of Zlib in OCaml
ocaml-inifiles1.2An ini file parser
orocksdb0.4.0ctypes based bindings for rocksdb
eliom6.7.0Client/server Web framework
elpi1.1.1ELPI - Embeddable λProlog Interpreter
snappy0.1.1Bindings to snappy - fast compression/decompression library
archimedes0.4.19Extensible 2D plotting library
pkcs110.18.0PKCS#11 ocaml types
arp2.0.0Address Resolution Protocol purely in OCaml
lwt-dllist1.0.0Mutable doubly-linked list with Lwt iterators
js_of_ocaml-lwt3.3.0Compiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
ocplib-simplex0.4A library implementing a simplex algorithm, in a functional style, for solving systems of linear inequalities and optimizing linear objective functions
uucp12.0.0Unicode character properties for OCaml
shared-memory-ring3.1.0Shared memory rings for RPC and bytestream communications
earlybird0.1.4OCaml debug adapter
jwt0.1Implementation of JWT in OCaml.
cfstream1.3.0Stream operations in the style of Core's API.
async_extrav0.12.0Monadic concurrency library
ppx_yojson0.2.0PPX extension for Yojson literals and patterns
irmin-http1.3.3HTTP client and server for Irmin
git2.0.0Git format and protocol in pure OCaml
xmlplaylist0.1.4Library to parse various file playlists in XML format
async_unixv0.12.0Monadic concurrency library
memcpy0.2.1Safe and efficient copying between blocks of memory.
lablgl1.05Interface to OpenGL
ott0.28Ott is a tool for writing definitions of programming languages and calculi
why3-base0.88.3Why3 environment for deductive program verification (base)
bindlib5.0.1OCaml Bindlib library for bound variables
lablgtk33.0.beta5OCaml interface to GTK+3
ordma0.0.5Ordma provides OCaml bindings to librdmacm (rsocket)
geoip0.0.3Bindings to GeoIP database library.
hidapi1.0-1A Simple library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices on Linux, Mac, and Windows.
async_rpc_kernelv0.12.0Platform-independent core of Async RPC library
dtools0.4.1Library providing various helper functions to make daemons
ffmpeg0.2.1Bindings for the ffmpeg library which provides functions for decoding audio and video files
qcow-tool0.10.5A command-line tool for manipulating qcow2-formatted data
sexp_prettyv0.12.0S-expression pretty-printer
mirage-net-lwt2.0.0Network signatures for MirageOS
stdcompat9Compatibility module for OCaml standard library
cil1.7.3A front-end for the C programming language that facilitates program analysis and transformation
expect_test_helpersv0.12.0Async helpers for writing expectation tests
mirage-bootvar-unix0.1.0Unix implementation of MirageOS Bootvar interface
mm0.4.0The mm library contains high-level to create and manipulate multimedia streams (audio, video, MIDI)
mock0.1.0Configurable functions to test impure code
dune-release1.1.0Release dune packages in opam
protocol_version_headerv0.12.0Protocol versioning
b00.0.0Software construction care
custom_printf113.00.00Extension for printf format strings
earley2.0.0Parsing library based on Earley Algorithm
gmp-freestanding6.1.2-2The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
0install2.12.3The antidote to app-stores
camlidl1.05Stub code generator for OCaml
soundtouch0.1.8Bindings for the soundtouch library which provides functions for changing pitch and timestretching audio data
ppx_deriving_cmdliner0.4.1Cmdliner.Term.t generator
gstreamer0.3.0Bindings for the GStreamer library which provides functions for playning and manipulating multimedia streams
dolog3.0the dumb OCaml logger (lazy and optionally colorful)
ocaml-manual4.07.0The OCaml system manual
logs-syslog0.2.1Logs reporter to syslog (UDP/TCP/TLS)
notty0.2.2Declaring terminals
smart-print0.2.0The pretty-printing library which feels natural to use.
git-http2.0.0Client implementation of the "Smart" HTTP Git protocol in pure OCaml
irmin-watcher0.4.0Portable Irmin watch backends using FSevents or Inotify
pipebang113.00.00Part of Jane Street’s Core library
mirage-protocols2.0.0MirageOS signatures for network protocols
pa_bench113.00.00Syntax extension for inline benchmarks
proverif2.00ProVerif: Cryptographic protocol verifier in the symbolic model
webmachine0.6.1A REST toolkit for OCaml
cow2.4.0Caml on the Web
email_messagev0.12.0E-mail message parser
hevea2.32A quite complete and fast LATEX to HTML translator
text0.8.0Library for dealing with "text", i.e. sequence of unicode characters, in a convenient way
zmq-lwt5.0.0Lwt aware bindings to zmq
crowbar0.1write tests, let a fuzzer find failing cases
pa_test112.24.00Quotation expander for assertions.
lens1.2.2Functional lenses
deriving0.8.1Extension to OCaml for deriving functions from type declarations
freetds0.7Binding to the FreeTDS library
ocaml-basics0.5.0Implements common functionnal patterns / abstractions
enumerate111.08.00Quotation expanders for enumerating finite types.
optcomp1.6Optional compilation with cpp-like directives
resource-pooling0.7Library for pooling resources like connections, threads, or similar
labltk8.06.5OCaml interface to Tcl/Tk, including OCaml library explorer OCamlBrowser
caml-mode4.06OCaml code editing commands for Emacs
syndic1.6.0RSS1, RSS2, Atom and OPML1 parsing
ocamlsdl0.9.1Interface between OCaml and SDL
duration0.1.2Conversions to various time units
hashcons1.3OCaml hash-consing library
jwto0.2.0JWT encoding, decoding and verification
gsl1.24.0GSL - Bindings to the GNU Scientific Library
ladspa0.1.5Bindings for the LADSPA API which provides audio effects
incremental_kernelv0.11.1Library for incremental computations depending only on Core_kernel
mirage-random-stdlib0.0.1Random device implementation using the OCaml stdlib
ledit2.04Line editor, a la rlwrap
ocaml-variants4.07.1+statistical-memprofOCaml 4.07.1 plus statistical memory profiling, see <>
pbkdf0.3.0Password based key derivation functions from PKCS#5, RFC 2898
mdx1.3.0Executable code blocks inside markdown files
qtest2.9qtest : Inline (Unit) Tests for OCaml.
graphql-cohttp0.12.0Run GraphQL servers with `cohttp`
mirage-bootvar-solo50.3.0Solo5 implementation of MirageOS Bootvar interface
herdtools77.52The herdtools suite for simulating and studying weak memory models
quickcheck1.0.2Translation of QuickCheck from Haskell into OCaml
async_kernelv0.12.0Monadic concurrency library
levenshtein1.1.3Levenshtein distance algorithm for general array.
pgocaml2.3Interface to PostgreSQL databases
async_core109.55.02Monadic concurrency library
pulseaudio0.1.3Bindings to Pulseaudio client library
solo5-bindings-genode0.4.1Solo5 sandboxed execution environment (genode target)
ocp-indent-nlfork1.5.3ocp-indent library, "newline tokens" fork
enumerators0.2.0Finite lazy enumerators
lacaml11.0.3Lacaml - OCaml-bindings to BLAS and LAPACK
mirage-net-unix2.6.0Unix implementation of the Mirage_net_lwt interface
gavl0.1.6Bindings for the gavl library which provides functions for converting images formats, colorspaces, etc.
tiny_json1.1.6A small Json library from OCAMLTTER
async_parallelv0.11.0Distributed computing library
open0.2.2Open files in their default applications
tsdl0.9.6Thin bindings to SDL for OCaml
broken0.4.2The Broken package is a simple testsuite framework.
cordova-plugin-statusbar1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-statusbar using gen_js_api.
terminal_size0.1.3Get the dimensions of the terminal
key-parsers0.10.1Parsers for multiple key formats
mirage-net-solo50.4.2Solo5 implementation of MirageOS network interface
mirage-net-xen1.10.1Network device for reading and writing Ethernet frames via then Xen netfront/netback protocol
opal0.1.1Self-contained monadic parser combinators for OCaml
zxcvbn2.3+1Bindings for the zxcvbn password strength estimation library
bjack0.1.5Bindings for the Jack library which provides functions for linking audio programs
osdp1.0.0OCaml Interface to SDP solvers
timed1.0Timed references for imperative state
benchmark1.6Benchmark running times of code
glical0.0.7Glical: glancing at iCalendar data.
javalib3.0Javalib is a library written in OCaml with the aim to provide a high level representation of Java .class files
rpc_parallelv0.12.0Type-safe parallel library built on top of Async_rpc
tip-parser0.6Parser for
why3-ide1.2.0Why3 environment for deductive program verification
ocaml-js-stdlib1.0Binding OCaml to JavaScript standard library
ocsigen-toolkit2.1.0Reusable UI components for Eliom applications (client only, or client-server)
ppx_monadic2.3.0ppx extension for do notation, pattern guards, and monad comprehension
speex0.2.1Bindings for the speex library to decode audio files in speex format
extlib-compat1.7.2A complete yet small extension for OCaml standard library (full, compatibility)
abella2.0.6Interactive theorem prover based on lambda-tree syntax
minios-xen0.9A minimal OS for running under the Xen hypervisor
mirage-block-unix2.11.1MirageOS disk block driver for Unix
ocb-stubblr0.1.1-1OCamlbuild plugin for C stubs
ocaml-makefile6.39.2Generic Makefile for building OCaml projects
frei0r0.1.1Bindings for the frei0r API which provides video effects
lo0.1.1Bindings for the lo library which provides functions for communicating with input controls using the OSC protocol
randomconv0.1.2Convert from random byte vectors (Cstruct.t) to random native numbers
type_conv113.00.02Library for building type-driven syntax extensions
bigstring0.2Bigstring built on top of bigarrays, and convenient functions
webbrowser0.6.1Open and reload URIs in browsers from OCaml
bap-dead-code-elimination1.4.0A BAP plugin that removes dead IR code
cohttp-mirage2.1.0CoHTTP implementation for the MirageOS unikernel
jupyter-archimedes2.3.2A Jupyter-friendly 2D plotting library (Archimedes backend)
ocsigen-i18n3.3.0I18n made easy for web sites written with eliom.
ao0.2.1Bindings for the AO library which provides high-level functions for using soundcards
dockerfile6.1.0Dockerfile eDSL and distribution support
mariadb1.1.2OCaml bindings for MariaDB
tyre0.4.1Typed Regular Expressions
altgr-ergo2.3.0The Alt-Ergo SMT prover (graphical interface)
cpdf2.2.1High-level pdf tools based on CamlPDF
lwt_react1.1.1Helpers for using React with Lwt
torch0.3PyTorch bindings for OCaml
duff0.2Rabin's fingerprint and diff algorithm in OCaml
pyml20180530OCaml bindings for Python
encore0.2Library to generate encoder/decoder which ensure isomorphism
js_of_ocaml-ppx3.3.0Compiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
opam-lock0.2Locking of development package definition dependency versions
protocol-9p2.0.0An implementation of the 9p protocol in pure OCaml
conduit-lwt-unix1.4.0A network connection establishment library for Lwt_unix
pla1.2Ppx templating library using verbatim strings.
macaque0.7.4Macaque (Macros for Caml Queries) is a DSL for OCaml, which produces
mpp0.3.2A preprocessor meant to blend languages.
otr0.3.6Off the record implementation purely in OCaml
asn1-combinators0.2.0Embed typed ASN.1 grammars in OCaml
bare1.5.0BAP Rule Engine Library
incrementalv0.12.0Library for incremental computations
opam2web1.5.0A tool to generate a website from an OPAM repository
ppx_fast_pipe0.0.1Fast pipe, pipe first as a syntax transform
prometheus0.5Client library for Prometheus monitoring
uint1.2.1Unsigned ints for OCaml
datakit0.12.3Orchestrate applications using a Git-like dataflow
emoji1.1.0Use emojis by name
tsdl-image0.2.0SDL2_Image bindings to go with Tsdl
usbmux1.3.2Control port remapping for iOS devices
cordova-plugin-push-notifications1.1.2Binding OCaml to phonegap-plugin-push using gen_js_api.
js_of_ocaml-compiler3.3.0Compiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
lymp0.2.5Use Python functions and objects from OCaml
imagelib20180522The imagelib library implements image formats such as PNG and PPM
incr_domv0.12.0A library for building dynamic webapps, using Js_of_ocaml
mirage-profile0.8.2Collect runtime profiling information in CTF format
ocamlfuse2.7.1-cvs6OCaml bindings for FUSE (Filesystem in UserSpacE)
stitch0.0.0Refactoring framework
tsdl-mixer0.2SDL2_mixer bindings to go with Tsdl
tsdl-ttf0.2SDL2_ttf bindings to go with Tsdl
virtual_domv0.12.0OCaml bindings for the virtual-dom library
afl-persistent1.3Use afl-fuzz in persistent mode
expect_test_helpers_kernelv0.12.0Helpers for writing expectation tests
extunix0.1.6Collection of thin bindings to various low-level system API
mlcuddidl3.0.4OCaml interface to the CUDD BDD library
ocp-index1.1.9Lightweight completion and documentation browsing for OCaml libraries
pa_sqlexpr0.9.0Type-safe, convenient SQLite database access - extension for use with sqlexpr.
voaacenc0.1.1Bindings for the voaacenc library to encode audio files in AAC format
delimcc2018.03.16Oleg's delimited continuations library for byte-code and native OCaml
leveldb1.2.0OCaml bindings for Google's LevelDB library.
liquidsoap-daemon1.0.0Daemonization scripts for liquidsoap
optint0.0.2Abstract type on integer between x64 and x86 architecture
cohttp-async2.0.0CoHTTP implementation for the Async concurrency library
decoders0.1.2Elm-inspired decoders for Ocaml
frama-c-base15.0Platform dedicated to the analysis of source code written in C.
lastfm0.3.2The lastfm library is an implementation of the API used by the to keep count of played songs
mirage-net2.0.0Network signatures for MirageOS
amqp-client2.1.0Amqp client base library
fstar0.9.6.0An ML-like language with a type system for program verification.
mmap1.0.2File mapping functionality
oml0.0.7Math Library
shine0.2.1Fixed-point MP3 encoder.
bwrap0.1Use Bubblewrap to sandbox executables
gapi-ocaml0.3.9A simple OCaml client for Google Services
ocveralls0.3.4Generate JSON for from bisect code coverage data.
pa_structural_sexp113.00.00Quotation expanders to simplify building s-expressions from ocaml values
redis-lwt0.3.6Lwt-based client for Redis
rope0.6.2Ropes (heavyweight strings)
textwrap0.2Text wrapping and filling library
aws-s3-lwt4.3.0Ocaml library for accessing Amazon S3 - Lwt version
delimited_parsingv0.12.0Parsing of character (e.g., comma) separated and fixed-width values
uwt0.3.3libuv bindings
doc-ock1.2.1Extract documentation from OCaml files
lbfgs0.9.2Bound-constrainted optimization in many variables
msat0.8Library containing a SAT solver that can be parametrized by a theory
github4.0.0GitHub APIv3 OCaml library
js_of_ocaml-camlp43.1.0Compiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
mirage-bootvar-xen0.5.0Library for reading MirageOS unikernel boot parameters in Xen
mirage-device1.2.0Abstract devices for MirageOS
mirage-kv-mem2.0.0In-memory key value store for MirageOS
stb_image0.4OCaml bindings to stb_image, a public domain image loader
bisect_ppx-ocamlbuild1.0.1Ocamlbuild plugin for Bisect_ppx, the coverage tool
camlpdf2.2.1Read, write and modify PDF files
gg0.9.3Basic types for computer graphics in OCaml
lablgtk-extras1.6A collection of additional tools and libraries to develop ocaml applications based on Lablgtk2.
npy0.0.8Numpy npy file format reading/writing.
qcow-format0.5.0Read and write images in Qcow2 format
acpc1.2.3Chemoinformatics tool for ligand-based virtual screening
dssi0.1.2Bindings for the DSSI API which provides audio synthesizers
functoria2.2.3A DSL to organize functor applications
jst-configv0.12.0Compile-time configuration for Jane Street libraries
opam-lib1.3.1The OPAM library
tablecloth-native0.0.5Native OCaml library implementing Tablecloth, a cross-platform standard library for OCaml, Bucklescript and ReasonML
vg0.9.2Declarative 2D vector graphics for OCaml
why3-coq1.2.0Why3 environment for deductive program verification
bddapron2.3.3Logico-numerical domain(s) based on BDDs and APRON
BetterErrors0.0.1Better compiler error output.
camllib1.3.2Utility Library (including various datatypes)
mirage-clock-unix2.0.0Unix-based implementation for the MirageOS Clock interface
mirage-xen3.3.0Xen core platform libraries for MirageOS
ocaml-twt0.94.0The Whitespace Thing, a layout preprocessor for OCaml code
cinapsv0.12.0Trivial metaprogramming tool
arakoon1.9.17A distributed key-value store that guarantees consistency above anything else.
curses1.0.4Bindings to curses/ncurses
datalog0.6An in-memory datalog implementation for OCaml
graphql_parser0.11.0Library for parsing GraphQL queries
js_of_ocaml-tyxml3.3.0Compiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
kinetic-client0.0.11Client API for Seagate's Kinetic drives
opamfu0.1.4Functions over OPAM Universes
ppx_deriving_protobuf2.6A Protocol Buffers codec generator for OCaml >=4.02
ppx_tyre0.4.1PPX syntax for tyre regular expressions and routes
rawlink1.0Portable library to read and write raw packets
shcaml0.2.1Library for Unix shell programming
sqlgg0.4.5SQL Guided (code) Generator
bibtex2html1.99BibTeX to HTML translator
cowabloga0.4.0Simple static blogging support
eqaf0.2Constant-time equal function on string
ocp-pack-split1.0.1ocp-pack and ocp-split
orpie1.6.0Curses-based RPN calculator
ppx_regexp0.4.0Matching Regular Expressions with OCaml Patterns
qcow0.10.4Support for Qcow2 images
travis-senv1.0.0Utility to manipulate Travis CI secure environment variables
async_interactivev0.12.0Utilities for building simple command-line based user interfaces
async_smtpv0.12.0SMTP client and server
core_profilerv0.12.0Profiling library
gnuplot0.5.3Simple interface to Gnuplot
heptagon1.05.00Compiler for the Heptagon/BZR synchronous programming language
bitv1.3A bit vector library
cmitomli1.0.0Converts compiled interface files (.cmi) into source interface files (.mli)
DrawGrammar0.2.2Draw railroad diagrams of EBNF grammars
obytelib1.5OCaml bytecode library tools to read, write and evaluate OCaml bytecode files
ocaml-freestanding0.4.4Freestanding OCaml runtime
ocsigenserver2.11.0A full-featured and extensible Web server.
pa_sexp_conv113.00.01Library for serializing OCaml values to and from S-expressions
typerex-build1.99.17-betaProject manager for OCaml
uunf12.0.0Unicode text normalization for OCaml
xenstore2.1.0Xenstore protocol in pure OCaml
async_inotifyv0.12.0Async wrapper for inotify
async_shellv0.12.0Shell helpers for Async
frenetic5.0.3The Frenetic SDN Controller Platform
mirage-types3.5.0Module type definitions for MirageOS applications
osx-fsevents0.2.0OS X FSevents bindings
ppx_csv_convv0.12.0Generate functions to read/write records in csv format
prof_spacetime0.2.0A viewer for OCaml spacetime profiles.
sundialsml3.1.1p0Interface to the Sundials suite of numerical solvers
tgls0.8.5Thin bindings to OpenGL {3,4} and OpenGL ES {2,3} for OCaml
time_nowv0.12.0Reports the current time
zlib0.5Bindings to the zlib compression library
command_rpcv0.12.0Utilities for Versioned RPC communication with a child process over stdin and stdout
comparelib113.00.00Part of Jane Street’s Core library
faillib111.17.00Part of Jane Street’s Core library
mirage-time-unix1.2.0Implementation of `Mirage_time_lwt.S` for the Unix backend
portaudio0.2.1Bindings for the portaudio library which provides high-level functions for using soundcards
pxp1.2.8Polymorphic XML Parser
acgtk1.5.0Abstract Categorial Grammar development toolkit
asetmap0.8.1Alternative, compatible, OCaml standard library Sets and Maps
batsh0.0.6A (C-like syntax) programming language that compiles to Bash and Windows Batch.
csv-lwt2.2A pure OCaml library to read and write CSV files, LWT version
domain-name0.1.2RFC 1035 Internet domain names
goblint-cil1.7.3A front-end for the C programming language that facilitates program analysis and transformation.
influxdb0.2.0InfluxDB client library
mirage-qubes0.7.0Implementations of various Qubes protocols for MirageOS
obus1.1.8A pure OCaml implementation of DBus
py1.2Ctypes bindings to Python 3.5 or greater
spelll0.3Fuzzy string searching, using Levenshtein automaton
tensorflow0.0.11TensorFlow bindings for OCaml
ago0.4ago(1) - compute the number of days between two calendar dates
biocaml0.9.0The OCaml Bioinformatics Library
cairo1.2.0Binding to Cairo, a 2D Vector Graphics Library
clangml4.0.0beta1OCaml bindings for Clang API
dbm1.2Binding to the NDBM/GDBM Unix "databases"
efl1.20.0An OCaml interface to the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) and Elementary.
mirage-solo50.5.0Solo5 core platform libraries for MirageOS
res5.0.1RES - Library for resizable, contiguous datastructures
sequencer_tablev0.12.0A table of [Async.Sequencer]'s, indexed by key
gen_js_api1.0.5Easy OCaml bindings for Javascript libraries
mirage-types-lwt3.5.0Lwt module type definitions for MirageOS applications
nproc0.5.1Process pool implementation for OCaml.
ocamlscript2.0.4Tool which compiles OCaml scripts into native code
ppx_cstruct3.7.0Access C-like structures directly from OCaml
tuntap1.8.0OCaml library for handling TUN/TAP devices
aifad2.2.2AIFAD - Automated Induction of Functions over Algebraic Datatypes
angstrom-unix0.11.1Unix support for Angstrom
async_findv0.12.0Directory traversal with Async
async_jsv0.12.0A small library that provide Async support for JavaScript platforms
cohttp-lwt2.0.0CoHTTP implementation using the Lwt concurrency library
conf-sdpa1Virtual package relying on a SDPA binary system installation
dum1.0.1Inspect the runtime representation of arbitrary OCaml values
fftw30.8.2Binding to the famous Fast Fourier Transform library FFTW
gd1.0a5OCaml interface to the GD graphics library.
iter1.2Simple abstraction over `iter` functions, intended to iterate efficiently on collections while performing some transformations
js_of_ocaml-ocamlbuild3.1.0Compiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
mirage-flow1.5.0Flow implementations and combinators for MirageOS
ocamlclean2.2Reduce size of OCaml bytecode files by dead-code removing
TCSLib0.3A multi-purpose library for OCaml.
aacplus0.2.2Bindings for the aacplus library which provides functions for decoding AAC audio files
angstrom-async0.11.1Async support for Angstrom
angstrom-lwt-unix0.11.1Lwt_unix support for Angstrom
coccinelle1.0.2Coccinelle is a C source code matching and transformation engine.
dedukti2.6.0The Dedukti logical framework
dispatch0.4.0Path-based dispatching for client- and server-side applications.
facile1.1.4A Functional Constraint Library implemented in Objective Caml.
hiredis0.8Redis tools based on the Hiredis C library
incr_dom_widgetsv0.12.0A library of libraries and widgets for Incr_dom applications
mirage-block-ramdisk0.3In-memory block device ("Ramdisk") for Mirage
mirage-nat1.1.0library for network address translation intended for use with mirage unikernels
mirage-xen-ocaml3.3.0MirageOS headers for the OCaml runtime
ocaml-src4.07.1Compiler sources
podge0.8.0Shortcuts and helpers for common tasks in OCaml ecosystem
revops2.5Reversible operations
why2.41Why is a software verification platform.
dyntype0.9.0syntax extension which makes OCaml types and values easier to manipulate programmatically
edn0.1.6-1-gff9db95Parsing OCaml library for EDN format
flow_parser0.80.0The Flow parser is a JavaScript parser written in OCaml
headache1.04Automatic generation of files headers
mesh0.9.5Triangular mesh generation and manipulation
mirage-tc0.3.0MirageOS type-classes
moss0.1.1A client for the MOSS plagiarism detection service
bencode1.0.2Read/Write bencode (.torrent) files in OCaml
dose3.4.2Dose library (part of Mancoosi tools)
hdf50.1.4Manages HDF5 files used for storing large amounts of data
KaSim4.0.0Software suite for the Kappa language.
mlgmp20120224Interface of GNU MP and MPFR
msgpack1.3.0Msgpack library for OCaml
ocephes0.8.2Bindings to special math functions from the Cephes library
pareto0.3GSL powered OCaml statistics library.
slap4.1.0A linear algebra library with static size checking for matrix operations
aez0.3Alt-Ergo Zero is an OCaml library for an SMT solver.
bimage0.1A simple, efficient image-processing library
capnp-rpc0.3.1Cap'n Proto is a capability-based RPC system with bindings for many languages.
depyt0.2.0Yet-an-other type combinator library
ecamlv0.12.0Library for writing Emacs plugin in OCaml
extprot1.6.0Extensible binary protocols for cross-language communication and long-term serialization
functory0.6Distributed computing library.
json-wheel1.0.6+safe-stringJSON parser and writer, with optional C-style comments
kaputt1.2Testing tool
lazy-trie1.2.0Implementation of lazy prefix trees
mirage-entropy0.4.1Entropy source for MirageOS unikernels
mirage-os-shim3.1.0Portable shim for MirageOS OS API
obelisk0.4.0Pretty-printing for Menhir files
ocaml-r0.1.1Objective Caml bindings for the R interpreter
ocaml-version2.0.0Manipulate, parse and generate OCaml compiler version strings
ocamlformat_support0.4Support package for OCamlFormat
ocamlwc0.3Count lines in OCaml source code
pcap-format0.5.1Decode and encode PCAP (packet capture) files
ppx_deriving_rpc5.9.0ppx extension for rpclib
ppx_monoid0.2A syntax extension for easier building of values of monoids.
resp0.9.1Redis serialization protocol library
rml1.09.05ReactiveML: a programming language for implementing interactive systems.
stog0.18.0A static web site compiler, handling blog posts, or XML document in general.
zenon0.8.4An Extensible Automated Theorem Prover Producing Checkable Proofs
cconv0.5Combinators for Type Conversion in OCaml
conduit-lwt1.4.0A portable network connection establishment library using Lwt
coq-shell1Simplified OPAM shell for Coq
cstruct-async3.7.0Access C-like structures directly from OCaml
genspio0.0.2Typed EDSL to generate POSIX Shell scripts
gmap0.2.1Heterogenous maps over a GADT
ivy1.3.1This OCaml-library interfaces the Ivy software bus C-library.
lru-cache0.3.0A simple implementation of a LRU cache.
spacetime_lib0.2.0Library for decoding OCaml spacetime profiles
typpx1.4.3a library for PPX with types
xen-gnt3.1.0Xen grant table bindings for OCaml
xxhash0.1Bindings for xxHash, an extremely fast hash algorithm.
aws1.0.2Amazon Web Services SDK
caml2html1.4.4Produce ready-to-go HTML files
camlon2.0.2Caml Object Notion, parsing and printing OCaml like data expressions
caqti-driver-sqlite31.0.0Sqlite3 driver for Caqti using C bindings
ctypes-build0.0.2Support for building Ctypes bindings.
depgraph0.1.0dot graphs out of ocamldep output
fat-filesystem0.13.0Pure OCaml implementation of the FAT filesystem
gpr1.4.1GPR - Library and Application for Gaussian Process Regression
hardcamlv0.12.0RTL Hardware Design in OCaml
hkdf1.0.3HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function (RFC 5869)
incr_mapv0.12.0Helpers for incremental operations on map like data structures
lablqml0.6OCamlfind package and PPX extension to interface OCaml and QtQuick.
minisat0.2Bindings to Minisat-C-1.14.1, with the solver included
mirage-fs-unix1.6.0Passthrough filesystem for MirageOS on Unix
monadlib0.2A starter library for monads, with transformers and applicatives.
objsize0.18Small library to compute sizes of OCaml heap values
openai-gym0.01OCaml binding for openai Gym toolkit
ppx_xml_convv0.12.0Generate XML conversion functions from records
slacko0.15.0Type-safe binding to the Slack API
teash0.1.0TEA for the shell
websocket-lwt2.12Websocket library (Lwt)
alberto0.4OCaml interface to Erlang ports
amqp-client-lwt2.1.0Amqp client library, lwt version
c30.4.0OCaml bindings for the Javascript c3 charting library.
cbor0.2CBOR encoder/decoder (RFC 7049) - native OCaml implementation
cgi0.9Library for writing CGIs
cohttp-top2.0.0CoHTTP toplevel pretty printers for HTTP types
gemini0.2.0OCaml bindings for Gemini Trading Exchange API
irmin-unix1.3.3Unix backends for Irmin
mecab0.0.0An OCaml binding of MeCab, a part-of-speech and morphological analyzer.
odepack0.7Binding to ODEPACK
pa_fields_conv113.00.01Syntax extension to define first class values representing record fields, to get and set record fields, iterate and fold over all fields of a record and create new record values
spotify-cli0.3.0CLI program for controlling the Spotify client on Linux and OSX
ssh-agent0.1.0Ssh-agent protocol parser and serialization implementation.
stb_image_write0.2OCaml bindings to stb_image_write, a public domain image writer
travis-opam1.4.0Scripts for OCaml projects
amqp-client-async2.1.0Amqp client library, async version
bap-elf1.5.0BAP ELF parser and loader written in native OCaml
codept0.10.2alternative ocaml dependency analyzer
config-file1.2Small library to define, load and save options files.
cstruct-lwt3.7.0Access C-like structures directly from OCaml
cubicle1.1.2SMT based model checker for parameterized systems
d30.3.0OCaml bindings for D3.js
inspect0.2.1Inspect the runtime representation of arbitrary OCaml values.
mirage-console-solo50.3.0Solo5 implementation of MirageOS console interface
more-ocaml1.0Support code for the book 'More OCaml'
mpi1.03OCaml binding to the Message Passing Interface (MPI)
mstruct1.4.0A mutable interface to Cstruct buffers
notty_asyncv0.12.0An Async driver for Notty
ocamlyices0.7.1Yices SMT solver binding
ppx_deriving_argparse0.0.5Very simple ppx deriver of command line parser for Ocaml >=4.02
ppx_protocol_conv_jsonm3.1.3Jsonm driver for Ppx_protocol_conv
scrypt-kdf0.4.0Scrypt Password-Based Key Derivation Function
sexpv0.12.0S-expression swiss knife
spoc20170724High-level GPGPU programming library for OCaml.
topkg-jbuilder0.2.0Helpers for using topkg with jbuilder
toplevel_expect_testv0.12.0Expectation tests for the OCaml toplevel
uucd12.0.0Unicode character database decoder for OCaml
zipperposition1.5A fully automatic theorem prover for typed first-order and beyond.
asl0.11Bindings for the Apple System Log API
bamboo0.0.03A compiler targeting Ethereum Virtual Machine
base580.1.2Base58 encoding and decoding
beluga0.8.2A Language for programming and reasoning using Higher-Order Abstract Syntax
Camldiets0.2A highly efficient OCaml set implementation for fat sets, i.e. densely populated sets over a discrete linear order.
caqti-async1.0.0Async support for Caqti
clangml-transforms0.23Transformations over the clang AST for MemCAD
crc2.0.0CRC implementation supporting strings and cstructs
csvfieldsv0.12.0Runtime support for ppx_xml_conv and ppx_csv_conv
deriving-yojson0.4Parse/convert ocaml value from/to yojson ast
dryunit0.5.0A detection tool for traditional and popular testing frameworks
ezsqlite0.4.1Simplified SQLite3 bindings for OCaml
gdbprofiler0.3gdbprofiler, a profiler for native OCaml and other executables
glpk0.1.8Bindings for glpk
higher0.3.1Library for higher-kinded programming.
ke0.2Queue implementation
links0.8Linking Theory to Practice for the Web
lmdb0.1Bindings for LMDB, a fast in-file database with ACID transactions
logs-async1.0Jane Street Async logging with Logs
melt1.4.0Program LaTeX documents using OCaml
mlpost0.8.2Interface to Metapost
nlopt-ocaml0.5.1OCaml bindings to the NLOpt optimization library
ocaml-expat1.1.0Write XML-Parsers using the SAX method
ocamlpp1.1OCaml binary files (.byte and .cmo) pretty printers.
opam-ed0.3Command-line edition tool for handling the opam file syntax
opam-installext1.0.1OPAM plugin to install external system dependencies
opam-package-upgrade0.1Upgrades opam package definition files to the latest format
prometheus-app0.5Client library for Prometheus monitoring
radare20.0.2OCaml interface to r2
swagger0.2.0Swagger 2.0 code generator for OCaml
xen-evtchn2.1.0Xen event channel interface for MirageOS
alcotest-async0.8.5Async-based helpers for Alcotest
async_durablev0.12.0Durable connections for use with async
aws-s3-async4.3.0Ocaml library for accessing Amazon S3 - Async version
bap-fsi-benchmark1.5.0BAP function start identification benchmark game
bap-phoenix1.5.0BAP plugin that dumps information in a phoenix decompiler format
bap-piqi1.5.0BAP plugin for serialization based on piqi library
bau0.0.4Bigarray utilities
calculon0.4Library for writing IRC bots in OCaml and a collection of plugins
capnp3.2.1OCaml code generation plugin for the Cap'n Proto serialization framework
choice0.3Monadic combinators for enumerating alternatives.
dune_watch0.2.0A tool to relaunch jbuilder (or dune) when a file modification is detected via fswatch.
herelib112.35.00Part of Jane Street’s Core library
kicadsch0.4.0Library to read and convert Kicad Sch files
launchd1.3Bindings for the launchd socket activation API
lwt_glib1.1.0GLib integration for Lwt
malfunction0.2.1Compiler back-end for functional languages, based on OCaml.
mirage-net-macosx1.6.0MacOS implementation of the Mirage_net_lwt interface
ocamlbuild-pkg0.2.1An ocamlbuild plugin that helps packaging softwares.
ollvm0.99ollvm library offers an interface to manipulate LLVM IR in pure OCaml.
ppx_bitstring2.0.2PPX extension for the bitstring library.
qocamlbrowser0.2.10OCamlBrowser clone written with OCaml and QtQuick 2.
satML-plugin1.30Alt-Ergo, an SMT Solver for Software Verification: satML Plugin
scrypt0.2.1C bindings and a high level interface to the official scrypt distribution.
vhd-format0.12.0Pure OCaml library to read/write VHD format data
annot1.1.0annotation parser for external editors and IDEs
anycache0.7.4Scan-resistant LRU/2Q cache
aperf0.1.2OCaml tools for loop perforation
ascii850.4ascii85 - Adobe's Ascii85 encoding as a module and a command line tool
async-zmq0.3.0Async wrapper for OCaml's zeromq bindings
bistro0.4.0A library to build and run distributed workflows
bookaml4.0Library for retrieving information about published books
CamlGI0.6FastCGI and CGI library
channel1.1.1MirageOS channels
clarity0.4.0Functional programming library
craml1.0.0A CRAM-testing framework for testing command line applications
diet0.3Discrete Interval Encoding Trees
fd-send-recv1.0.5Bindings for sendmsg/recvmsg that allow Unix.file_descrs to be sent and received over Unix domain sockets
incr_selectv0.12.0Handling of large set of incremental outputs from a single input
irc-client0.6.1IRC client library - core functionality
jupyter-kernel0.4Library to write jupyter kernels (interactive notebooks)
lambdapi1.0Implementation of the λΠ-calculus modulo rewriting
lutin2.56Lutin: modeling stochastic reactive systems.
mastodon-archive-viewer0.3View your Mastodon archive offline
mirage-block-solo50.4.0Solo5 implementation of MirageOS block interface
mirage-vnetif0.4.2Virtual network interface and software switch for Mirage
mlmpfr4.0.2OCaml C bindings for MPFR-4.0.2
obi1.0.0interface to OCaml Build Infrastructure
ocaml-data-notation0.0.11Store data using OCaml notation
ocaml-sat-solvers0.4An abstraction layer for integrating SAT Solvers into OCaml.
oclock0.4.0Oclock: Precise POSIX clock for OCaml
otfm0.3.0OpenType font decoder for OCaml
portia1.1Literate Programming Preprocessor.
ppx_meta_conv4.0.0ppx_meta_conv, ppx based type_conv for various tree data formats.
rdf0.11.0Native OCaml implementation of RDF Graphs and Sparql 1.1 Query.
syslog-message1.0.0Syslog message parser
topological_sortv0.12.0Topological sort algorithm
unison2.48.3File-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows
wcs2017-05-26.05Command line interface for Watson Conversation Service
afl2.52bAmerican Fuzzy Lop fuzzer by Michal Zalewski, repackaged for convenient use in opam.
aio0.0.3Linux kernel AIO access library for ocaml
alba0.4.0A compiler for the Albatross programming language
aliases0.0.5In memory indexes
assertions0.1Basic assert statements
bheap1.0.0Binary heap implementation
bitcoinml0.4.1Bitcoin data-structures library for OCaml
bst6.1.0Bisector tree implementation in OCaml
caqti-dynload1.0.0Dynamic linking of Caqti drivers using findlib.dynload
cloudi1.7.5OCaml CloudI API
cmdtui0.4.3Interactive command completion and execution for building REPLs
combine0.55Combine is a library for combinatorics problem solving.
cryptohash0.1.2hash functions for OCaml
dlist0.1.0A purely functional list-like data structure supporting O(1) concatenation
elasticsearch-cli0.4Command-line client for Elasticsearch
electrod0.2.1Formal analysis for the Electrod formal pivot language
expect0.0.6Simple implementation of "expect" to help building unitary testing of interactive program
glfw-ocaml3.2.1-1A GLFW binding for OCaml
grenier0.7A collection of various algorithms in OCaml.
higlo0.6Library for syntax highlighting.
humane-re0.1.1A human friendly interface to regular expressions in OCaml
interval1.4An interval library for OCaml
kafka0.4OCaml bindings for Kafka
kubecaml0.1.0Kubernetes API client for OCaml
lz41.1.1Bindings for LZ4, a very fast lossless compression algorithm
lzo0.0.2Bindings to LZO - a portable lossless data compression library
md2mld0.3.0Md files into odoc mld files
mirage-xen-minios0.9.3Xen MiniOS guest operating system library
ocamlapi0.0.2Path-based HTTP request routing for Ocaml
ocamlcodoc1.0.0Extract test code from doc-comments
ocamlfind-lint0.1.0Simple tool performing checks on installed findlib META files
ogg0.5.2Interface for Ogg Bitstream Library, otherwise known as libogg
opam-bundle0.4A tool that creates stand-alone source bundles from opam packages
oqamldebug0.9.5Graphical front-end to ocamldebug
osc0.1.4Pure OCaml OpenSoundControl client and server implementation
parsexp_iov0.12.0S-expression parsing library (IO functions)
passmaker1.0Library for generating memorable passphrases
plotkicadsch0.4.0Utilities to print and compare version of Kicad schematics
ppx_jsobject_conv0.6.0Ppx plugin for Typeconv to derive conversion from ocaml types to js objects to use with js_of_ocaml.
ptset1.0.0Sets of integers implemented as Patricia trees
quest0.1quest - generates C code for testing a C compiler's calling convention
range0.6Fold on integer range
sequoia0.1.0Type-safe query builder for OCaml
simple-diff0.3Simple_diff is a pure OCaml diffing algorithm.
sturgeon0.4.2A toolkit for communicating with Emacs
tdk0.2.0The Decision Kit is a collection of data structures that are useful
wall0.3Realtime Vector Graphics with OpenGL
assimp0.3OCaml bindings to Assimp, Open Asset Import Library
bap-frames2.1.1A data format for storing execution traces
bap-server0.2.0BAP RPC server
bap-veri0.2.2BAP Instruction Semantics Verification Tool
bip320.2Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets
bitmasks1.1.0BitMasks over int and int64 exposed as sets
brozip1.1CLI to concurrently compress, decompress files using the Brotli algorithm
bun0.3.2simple management of afl-fuzz processes
caqti-lwt1.0.0Lwt support for Caqti
ccss1.6CCSS is a preprocessor for CSS, extending the language with arithmetic operations and variables.
charrua-unix0.12.0Unix DHCP daemon
conex0.10.1Establish trust in community repositories
crypt1.3Tiny binding for the unix crypt function
cstruct-unix3.7.0Access C-like structures directly from OCaml
diy5.01Tool suite for testing shared memory models
dns-forward0.10.0Library and tools for creating forwarding DNS servers
easy_xlsx1.0A library to easily read XLSX files into a simpler format
farfadet0.3A printf-like for [Faraday]( library
findlib_topv0.11.0Exposes findlib_top.cma without the need for using predicates
fm-simplex-plugin1.30Alt-Ergo, an SMT Solver for Software Verification: FM-Simplex Plugin
git-unix2.0.0Virtual package to install and configure ocaml-git's Unix backend
goblint1.0.0Static analysis framework for concurrent C
icalendar0.1.0A library to parse and print the iCalendar (RFC 5545) format
itv-tree2.1float intervals tree library
jekyll-format0.1.0Jekyll post parsing library
lbvs_consent2.1.0Chemoinformatics software for Ligand-Based Virtual Screening (LBVS) using consensus fingerprint queries
mindstorm0.8Drive Lego Mindstorms bricks from OCaml
minilight1.6Minimal global illumination renderer.
mirage-block-xen1.6.0MirageOS block driver for Xen that implements the blkfront/back protocol
mirage-btrees0.1.0An implementation of BTrees designed for use with MirageOS's BLOCK interface
mirage-http3.2.0MirageOS-compatible implementation of the Cohttp interfaces
mirage-kv-unix2.0.0Key-value store for MirageOS backed by Unix filesystem
mirage-qubes-ipv40.7.0Implementations of IPv4 stack which reads configuration from QubesDB for MirageOS
morsmall0.2.0A concise AST for POSIX shell
numerix0.22Big integer library, written by Michel Quercia. Compares well to GMP.
ocaml-xdg-basedir0.0.3xdg-basedir specification implementation
ocaml_pluginv0.12.0Automatically build and dynlink OCaml source files
ocamldsort0.16.0Sorts a set of OCaml source files according to their dependencies
ocsfml2.0Binding to the C++ SFML gaming library.
olinq0.3LINQ inspired queries on in-memory data
openflow0.9.1Serialization and protocol implementation for OpenFlow 1.{0,3}
owl-top0.5.0OCaml Scientific and Engineering Computing - Top
pfff0.29Tools and APIs for program analysis, code visualization, refactoring
ppx_deriving_hardcamlv0.12.0Rewrite OCaml records for use as Hardcaml Interfaces
ppx_distr_guards0.1Extension to distribute guards over or-patterns.
rtop3.4.0rtop: Reason toplevel
smtp0.3SMTP library with Unix and Lwt backends
stb_truetype0.6OCaml bindings to stb_truetype, a public domain font rasterizer
stdlib-shims0.1.0Backport some of the new stdlib features to older compiler
syslog1.4syslog(3) routines for ocaml
telegraml2.2.0Telegram Bot API for OCaml
unix-dirent0.3.5ocaml-unix-dirent provides access to the features exposed in dirent.h
wamp1.2Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) library — Core library
zlist0.1.2Lazy lists for OCaml
agrep1.0String searching with errors
alt-ergo-free2.0.0Alt-Ergo, an SMT Solver for Software Verification
ansicolor0.5Simple ANSI terminal color library (deprecated in favor of ANSITerminal).
argon20.2OCaml bindings to Argon2
atd2cconv0.0.0Convert ATD definitions to OCaml code that uses the CConv 0.1 library
aws-ec20.1.0Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
bdd0.3Quick implementation of a Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD) library for OCaml
bes0.9.4.2boolean expression simplifier
bitcoin2.0Library offering an OCaml interface to the official Bitcoin client API
bson0.89.3A bson data structure, including encoding/decoding
camlgpc1.0Interface to Alan Murta's General Polygon Clipper
camlprime0.5Primality testing with lazy lists of prime numbers
caqti-driver-postgresql1.1.0PostgreSQL driver for Caqti based on C bindings
caqti-type-calendar1.0.0Date and time field types using the calendar library
certify0.2Utility for signing x509 certificates and creating CSRs.
chamo2.03A source code editor, even if it can be used to edit any text file.
cpm4.0.0Classification Performance Metrics library (ROC AUC, BEDROC AUC, EF, PM, etc.)
cryptodbm0.84.2Encrypted layer over the dbm library: access to serverless, key-value databases with symmetric encryption.
datakit-ci0.12.3Continuous Integration service using DataKit
distributed0.5.0Library to provide Erlang style distributed computations. This library is inspired by Cloud Haskell.
docker-api0.2.1Binding to the Docker Remote API
exenum0.86Build efficient enumerations for datatypes. Inspired by Feat for Haskell.
format0.1Format is a syntax extension which defines quotations for building
graphicspdf2.2.1Version of OCaml's Graphics library which outputs PDFs.
graphql-lwt0.9.0Build GraphQL schemas with Lwt support
haxe3.4.7Multi-target universal programming language
incr_dom_partial_renderv0.12.0A library for simplifying rendering of large amounts of data
iocaml-kernel0.4.8An OCaml kernel for the IPython notebook.
jengav0.11.0Industrial strength, full-featured build system
kremlin0.9.6.0A compiler from Low*, a low-level subset of F*, to C.
lemonade-sqlite0.1.0A monadic interface to sqlite
line-up-wordsv0.12.0Align words in an intelligent way
minicli5.0.0Minimalist library for command line parsing
mirage-clock-freestanding2.0.0Paravirtual implementation of the MirageOS Clock interface
mirage-flow-rawlink1.1.0Expose rawlink interfaces as MirageOS flows
mlbdd0.6A high performance BDD implementation in OCaml
mongo0.67.2OCaml driver for MongoDB
nsq0.4.0A client library for the NSQ messaging platform
oasis2opam0.8Tool to convert OASIS metadata to OPAM package descriptions
obandit0.3.4Ocaml Multi-Armed Bandits
ocamldiff1.1OCamldiff is a small OCaml library providing functions to parse and display diff results.
ocamldot1.0OCamldot is a small library to parse, print and display graphviz dot files.
ocamlrss2.2.2Library providing functions to parse and print RSS 2.0 files
ocamlspot4. - OCaml source browsing
ocp-index-top0.5.0Documentation in the OCaml toplevel
ocplib-resto0.1Minimal OCaml library for type-safe HTTP/JSON RPCs.
ogen0.1.4A tool for creating new OCaml projects with OPAM, Oasis, and Merlin
operf-micro1.1.1Simple tool for benchmarking the OCaml compiler
optimization1d0.6.1Find extrema of 1D functions
otags4.01.1Tag file generation of OCaml sources (for vi and emacs)
owl-base0.5.0OCaml Scientific and Engineering Computing - Base
parse-argv0.1.0Process strings into sets of command-line arguments
patoline0.1A new typesetting system, programmable in ocaml.
plist1.0.0Native OCaml Plist manipulation
posixatv0.12.0Bindings to the posix *at functions
ppx_factory0.0.0PPX to derive factories and default values
profiler-plugin1.30Alt-Ergo, an SMT Solver for Software Verification: Profiler Plugin
ranger0.1.0A consecutive range slice library for strings, arrays, etc.
rashell0.2.1A resilient and replicant shell programming library
reason-parser2.0.0Reason Parser: Meta Language Toolchain
redis-sync0.3.6Synchronous client for Redis
rmlbuild0.11.0-00rmlbuild is a fork of ocamlbuild that handles ReactiveML projets.
sparrow0.2A Static Analyzer for C
spatial_index0.0.2Implementation of several spatial indexes (R-tree, etc.)
stemming0.2.1Collection of stemmers
string_dictv0.12.0Efficient static string dictionaries
termbox0.1.0Bindings for the termbox library, minimalistic API for creating text-based interfaces.
tlstunnel0.2.0Tunnel -- a TLS reverse proxy
treeprint2.2.0Small tree structure printer with operator associations and precedences.
win-error1.0Manipulate Windows system errors
wxOCaml1.0.1OCaml bindings to the wxWidgets graphical library
xenstore_transport1.0.0Low-level libraries for connecting to a xenstore service on a xen host.
zstd0.2Bindings to zstd compression library
abt0.0.3OCaml port of CMU's abstract binding trees.
acme0.1A library to interact with the acme text editor.
alphaCaml20061214Turns a so-called "binding specification" into an OCaml compilation unit
ancient0.9.1Use data structures larger than available memory
annexlib0.13.5An extension to the standard library
aws-autoscaling0.1.0Auto Scaling
aws-cloudformation0.1.0AWS CloudFormation
aws-cloudtrail0.1.0AWS CloudTrail
aws-elasticloadbalancing0.1.0Elastic Load Balancing
aws-sdb0.1.0Amazon SimpleDB
aws-ssm0.1.0Amazon Simple Systems Management Service
aws-sts0.1.0AWS Security Token Service
baardskeerder0.5.2Baardskeerder is an append-only B-ish tree.
balancer1.0A collection of load balancing algorithms implemented in pure Ocaml
binbin0.01Convenient and human-readable bitmap manipulation.
bisect-summary0.3bisect-summary - simple analysis of coverage data created by bisect-ppx
bpf0.2Embedded eBPF assembler
callipyge0.2Pure OCaml implementation of Curve25519.
camltemplate1.0.2Library for generating text from templates
captureio0.1.2Capture output to Stderr and Stdout
caqti-driver-mariadb1.1.0MariaDB driver for Caqti using C bindings
cfgen1.0Context-free grammar based random text generator
cohttp-lwt-jsoo2.0.0CoHTTP implementation for the Js_of_ocaml JavaScript compiler
conf-netsnmp1.0.0Package relying on net-snmp libs
cordova-plugin-camera1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-camera using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-dialogs1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-dialogs using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-file1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-file using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-file-transfer1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-file-transfer using gen_js_api.
corecount1.0.0Get count of cores on machine
crlibm0.3Binding to CRlibm, a correctly rounded math lib
cuid0.1CUID generator for OCaml.
datakit-bridge-github0.12.3A bidirectional bridge between the GitHub API and Datakit
datakit-bridge-local-git0.12.3DataKit Local-Git bridge
dbforge2.0.1A tool to describe database schemas and generate OCaml code to access these databases.
dnssd0.5.0DNS Service Discovery for macOS
dokeysto3.0.0the dumb OCaml key-value store
dolmen0.4A parser library that targets languages used in automated theorem provers
earley-ocaml1.1.0Earley-OCaml extensible parser for OCaml (and pa_ocaml preprocessos)
electrumAnalyzer0.3.5-2A tool for the analysis of Electrum formal specifications.
exn-source0.1Exception backtrace for OCaml with source code printing
github-hooks0.4.0GitHub API web hook listener library
graphql_ppx0.0.4GraphQL syntax extension for Bucklescript/ReasonML
hardcaml-llvmsim0.3.0HardCaml simulation backend using LLVM
horned_worm0.3.4An easy functional Web app micro framework
hts_shrink2.1.0Distance-Based Boolean Applicability Domain for High Throughput Screening data
imagemagick0.34-1Bindings for ImageMagick
incr_dom_keyboardv0.12.0A library for Incr_dom keybinding and keyboard shortcut helpers
io-page-unix2.1.0Support for efficient handling of I/O memory pages on Unix
ipv6-multicast0.9UNIX bindings for IPv6 multicast
irmin-indexeddb0.3This is an Irmin backend that stores the data in the web-browser's IndexedDB store.
js_of_ocaml-ppx_deriving_json3.3.0Compiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
json-static0.9.8JSON camlp4 syntax extension using json-wheel
learn-ocaml0.10The learn-ocaml online platform (engine)
libssh0.1Bindings to libssh
lwt-parallel0.1.2Lwt-enabled multiprocessing library
lwt_named_threads0.1Library to attach names and logs to Lwt threads (for debug/trace/objsize)
metrics0.1.0Metrics infrastructure for OCaml
mirage-console-unix2.4.1Implementation of Mirage consoles for Unix
mirage-flow-lwt1.5.0Flow implementations and combinators for MirageOS
mirage-fs-mem0.1.0In-memory file system for for MirageOS
mirage-net-flow1.0.0Build MirageOS network interfaces on top of MirageOS flows
mld0.2The MLD package makes directory foo.mld turn into module Foo
morbig0.10.3A trustworthy parser for POSIX shell
mtl1.0.0A Monad Transformers Library for OCaml
nosetup0.8.1An `.ocamlinit` helper to `#require` packages in an OCaml toplevels
nunchaku0.6A counter-example finder for higher-order logic, designed to be used from various proof assistants
ocal0.2.2An improved Unix `cal` utility
ocaml-lua1.7Lua bindings
ocaml-zmq0OCaml bindings for ZMQ 2.1
ocamlbuild-protoc0.1ocaml-protoc plugin for Ocamlbuild
orm0.7.1The ORM library provides a storage backend to persist ML values.
otetris1.1Tetris game implemented in OCaml language.
owl-ode0.0.8Owl's ODE solvers
pa_monad_customv6.0.0Syntactic Sugar for Monads
pecu0.2Encoder/Decoder of Quoted-Printable (RFC2045)
pomap4.1.1Partially Ordered Maps for OCaml
posix-math0.3.1-0POSIX math
ppx_deriving_crowbar0.1.1ppx_deriving plugin for crowbar generators
ppx_deriving_morphism0.4.1Morphism generator for OCaml >=4.02
ppx_orakuda3.3.0ORakuda, Perlish string literals in OCaml
ppx_test1.6.0A ppx replacement of pa_ounit.
qfs0.9Bindings to libqfs - client library to access QFS
record_builderv0.12.0A library which provides traversal of records with an applicative
resource_cachev0.12.0General resource cache
salsa200.1.0Family of encryption functions, in pure OCaml
satyrographos0.0.1.5A naive package manager for SATySFi
schroedinger0.1.1Bindings for the schroedinger library to decode video files in Dirac format
setr0.1.1Abstract domain library for sets
splay_treev0.12.0A splay tree implementation
spotlib4.0.3Useful functions for OCaml programming used by @camlspotter
tar-format0.7.1Decode and encode tar files
topkg-care1.0.0The transitory OCaml software packager
touist3.5.0The solver for the Touist language
travesty0.3.0Monadically traversable containers
tube4.4.0Typesafe abstraction on top of Lwt_io channels
typebeat0.3Agnostic parser of the `Content-Type` in OCaml
ulex-camlp51.2A lexer generator for Unicode (backported to camlp5)
vlq0.2.0A simple library for encoding variable-length quantities.
vmnet1.5.0MacOS X `vmnet` NAT networking
vocal0.1VOCaL -- The Verified OCaml Library
yurt0.6An HTTP framework for OCaml
ahrocksdb0.2.2A binding to RocksDB
alcotest-lwt0.8.5Lwt-based helpers for Alcotest
amf0.1.0Ocaml implementation of Adobe's Action Message Format
ansi-parse0.3.0Escape sequences to HTML
apalogretrieve0.9.6-4Retrieve data from an Apache logfile with a syntax derived from the SQL language.
archsat1.0An first-order theorem prover with formal proof output
async_sendfilev0.12.0Thin wrapper around [Linux_ext.sendfile] to send full files
bap-ida-python1.5.0A BAP - IDA Pro integration library
bracetax0.4Simple and deterministic text processing syntax
bsbnative1.9.4bsb-native is BuckleScript's bsb but for ocamlc and ocamlopt
build_path_prefix_map0.2An OCaml implementation of the BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP specification
bytepdf0.1Tool to create PDFs that are also OCaml bytecodes
capnp-rpc-unix0.3.1Cap'n Proto is a capability-based RPC system with bindings for many languages.
caradoc0.3parser and validator of PDF files
cdrom0.9.3Query the state and contents of CDROM devices under Linux.
cgroups0.1An OCaml interface for the Linux control groups
cmark0.2.0OCaml bindings for the CMark Common Markdown parsing and rendering library.
coclobas0.0.2Coclobas is a scheduler for HPC-like jobs accessible through HTTP
combinat1.0Fast combinatorics functions for OCaml.
cordova-plugin-activity-indicator1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-activity-indicator using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-background-mode1.0Binding to cordova-plugin-background-mode using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-barcode-scanner1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-barcode-scanner using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-battery-status1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-battery-status using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-clipboard1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-clipboard using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-datepicker1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-datepicker using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-device1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-device using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-device-motion1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-device-motion using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-device-orientation1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-device-orientation using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-email-composer1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-email-composer using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-fcm1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-fcm using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-file-opener1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-file-opener using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-geolocation1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-geolocation using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-globalization1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-globalization using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-image-picker1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-image-picker using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-inappbrowser1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-inappbrowser using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-insomnia1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-insomnia using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-keyboard1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-keyboard using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-loading-spinner1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-loading-spinner using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-local-notifications1.0Binding to cordova-plugin-local-notifications using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-media1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-media using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-media-capture1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-media-capture using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-network-information1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-network-information using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-progress1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-progress using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-qrscanner1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-qrscanner using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-screen-orientation1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-screen-orientation using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-sim-card1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-sim-card using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-sms1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-sms using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-social-sharing1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-toast1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-toast using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-touch-id1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-touch-id using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-vibration1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-vibration using gen_js_api.
cordova-plugin-videoplayer1.0Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-videoplayer using gen_js_api.
crdt-ml0.10.0CRDTs - Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types for OCaml
csvprovider1.2CSV Type Provider for OCaml
devkit1.0Development kit - general purpose library
dnscurve0.3.0DNSCurve protocol for DNS queries over a secure channel
docout0.0.1Functor to create (text) output functions
dog0.2.1A loyal and faithful synchronisation tool that you can rely on.
dsfo0.0.1Download (anyhow) and interact (ocaml, utop) with common machine learning datasets.
dypgen20120619-1Self-extensible parsers and lexers for OCaml
estring1.3Extension for string literals
ezirmin0.2.1An easy interface on top of the Irmin library.
facebook-sdk0.3.5Facebook Graph API SDK for OCaml
flowtype0.94.0Flow is a static typechecker for JavaScript.
gdal0.10.0GDAL and OGR bindings
gettext0.3.8Provides enough service to build a basic internationalized program
gles320160505.alphaOCaml GLES 3.0 bindings
glMLite0.03.51OpenGL bindings for OCaml
glsurf3.3.1GlSurf, implicit curves and surfaces drawing and discretization
gperftools0.3Bindings to gperftools
hamt1.0.0Hash Array Mapped Tries
hashids1.0.1[hashids]( generate short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers, that you can also decode
hlarp0.0.3Normalize and compare HLA typing output.
i3ipc0.1.3A pure OCaml implementation of the i3 IPC protocol
inferno20180405A library for constraint-based Hindley-Milner type inference.
io0.2.0Simple, secure and composable abstraction for efficient component
iocaml0.4.9A webserver for iocaml-kernel and iocamljs-kernel.
iocamljs-kernel0.4.8An OCaml javascript kernel for the IPython notebook.
json-rpc0.5.0-0JSON RPC
lablgtkosx2.01Lablgtkosx binds gOSX_application on top of lablgtk
libsvm0.9.4LIBSVM bindings for OCaml
linkage0.1easier plugin loading
llvmgraph0.2Ocamlgraph overlay for llvm
loga0.0.2A logging library for OCaml
lustre-v61.737The Lustre V6 Verimag compiler
lwt-binio0.2.1Asynchronous random access IO for numbers
maildir0.9.0This is a preliminary release of an OCaml library to access directories in the Maildir format.
memcad1.0.0The MemCAD analyzer
minimal1.1.0Minima.l, a minimal Lisp
monomorphic1.5A small library used to shadow polymorphic operators (and functions) contained in the stdlib.
mssql1.1Async SQL Server client using FreeTDS
murmur30.2bindings for murmur3 hash implementation
mutf80.1The Modified UTF-8 encoding used by Java and related systems
mvar1.0.0Threadsafe mutable variables for Unix threads
namespaces0.5.1Turn directories into OCaml modules
noise0.2.0The Noise Protocol Framework
oasis2debian0.1.5Create and maintain Debian package for an OASIS package
ocaml-http0.1.6Library freely inspired from Perl's HTTP::Daemon module
ocamllint0.3.0Detect common errors in OCaml code
ocamlviz1.01real-time profiling tool
ocapic3.4Development tools to run OCaml programs on PIC microcontrollers
ocf0.5.0Library to load and store configuration options in JSON syntax.
ocp-reloc0.1Relocation of OCaml bytecode executables
odds1.0Dice formula library
ofx0.1.5OCaml parser for OFX files
olmi1.1Olmi provide functor to generate monadic combinators with a minimal interface
omod0.0.2Lookup and load installed OCaml modules
omonad0.3.3Monad programming using ppx preprocessor
opam-query1.3A tool to query opam files from shell scripts
orakuda2.0.0Perlish string literals in OCaml
osx-secure-transport0.1.1macos/ios SecureTransport TLS OSX implementation API for OCaml
pa_comprehension0.4Syntax extension for comprehension expressions
pa_ounit113.00.00Syntax extension for oUnit
parany5.0.1Parallelize any computation
pgsolver4.1A collection of tools for generating, manipulating and - most of all - solving parity games.
pilat1.2A Frama-C polynomial invariant generator
ppx_bigarray3.0.0A PPX extension for big array literals
ppx_compose0.0.4Inlined Function Composition
ppx_getenv1.2A sample syntax extension that uses OCaml's new extension points API.
ppx_graphql0.2.0Write type-safe GraphQL queries
ppx_hardcaml1.3.0PPX extension for HardCaml
ppx_include1.1Include OCaml source files in each other
ppx_nanocaml0.1Framework for writing nanopass-style compilers
ppx_poly_record1.3.0ppx for polymorphic records
ppxx2.3.2Ppxx: a small extension library for writing PPX preprocessors
regenerate0.1Regenerate is a tool to generate test-cases for regular expression engines.
rfc77481.0Edwards Curves X25519 and X448 from RFC 7748
root1d0.5.1Find roots of 1D functions
rosetta0.1.0Universal mapper to Unicode
safa1.4Symbolic Algorithms for Finite Automata
sanddb0.2A simple immutable database for the masses
sattools0.1.0Ctypes and DIMACs interfaces to minisat, picosat and cryptominisat
scid1.0Sierra Chart's Intraday Data File Format library
selective0.1.0Selective applicative functors in OCaml
sibylfs0.5.0formal specification and oracle-based testing for POSIX file systems
sibylfs-lem0.4.0SibylFS fork of Lightweight Executable Mathematics for large-scale semantics
simple_pam0.1.2Tiny binding around PAM
spirv1.1.2SPIR-V Compiler Library
statmemprof-emacs0.1.0Emacs client for statistical memory profiler
statverif1.97pl1.1StatVerif: automated verifier for cryptographic protocols with state, based on ProVerif.
stone0.5.1Simple static website generator, useful for a portfolio or documentation pages
sugar0.7.3Monadic library for error aware expressions
systemverilog0.0.1SystemVerilog for OCaml
taglog0.3.0Logging library using levels and tags to determine what to log.
thrift0.9.0OCaml bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
tldr0.2An ocaml tldr client
tplib1.3TPLib: Tropical Polyhedra Library
tptp0.3.2Library for reading and writing FOF and CNF formulas in TPTP format
unix-fcntl0.3.5Unix fcntl.h types, maps, and support
unix-sys-stat0.5.2ocaml-unix-sys-stat provides access to the features exposed in sys/stat.h
unix-time0.1.0Unix time.h types, maps, and support
unix-type-representations0.1.1Functions that expose the underlying types of some abstract types in the Unix module.
usb1.3.0OCaml bindings for libusb-1.0
utp0.9.0OCaml bindings for [libutp](
valentine1.0.0Validate HTML from command line
webtest1.2.0Framework for in-browser testing of js_of_ocaml code
wiringpi0.0.1WiringPi for OCaml, low level Raspberry Pi hardware access
ws0.1Generic websocket implementation for OCaml
yajl0.7.3bindings to the YAJL streaming JSON library
yara0.1OCaml bindings for YARA matching engine
yices20.0.3Yices2 SMT solver binding
zarith-freestanding1.7-2Implements arithmetic and logical operations over arbitrary-precision integers
zbar0.9Binding to ZBar (QR-code scanning library)
anycache-async0.7.4Scan-resistant LRU/2Q cache
anycache-lwt0.7.4Scan-resistant LRU/2Q cache
argot1.1An enhanced HTML generator for the ocamldoc tool of the OCaml language.
async-mvar0.1.0Async-mvar is a port of Lwt's Lwt_mvar
avroc0.0.1Read and write Apache Avro files
bear0.0.1Bare essential additions to the stdlib
bench1.3A benchmarking tool for statistically valid benchmarks
bigbro2.0.4-rev3Management tool for hypertext (HTML) documents
bigstring-unix0.2Unix bindings for bigstrings
bolt1.4Bolt is an OCaml Logging Tool
bt0.2BitTorrent library and client using Lwt
bulletml0.2.0Library to manipulate shmup patterns
cache1.0Implements a caching service for storing arbitrary strings that can be located by string keys
camelsnakekebab0.4A Ocaml library for word case conversion
camlhighlight5.0Camlhighlight provides syntax highlighting facilities for OCaml applications.
charInfo_width1.1.0Determine column width for a character
charrua-client-mirage0.12.0A DHCP client for MirageOS
coin0.1.1Mapper of KOI8-{U,R} to Unicode
commonjs_of_ocaml0.1.0Import and export CommonJS modules in js_of_ocaml
curve-sampling0.1Sampling of parametric and implicit curves
dead_code_analyzer0.9dead_code_analyzer -- Dead code analyzing tool.
debian-formats0.1.1Parse debian files
deriving-ocsigen0.5Extension to OCaml for deriving functions from type declarations
dht0.2.0OCaml bindings for Juliusz Chroboczek's dht C library
dlm0.3.0Libdlm bindings
dockerfile-cmd6.1.0Dockerfile eDSL and distribution support
dokeysto_lz43.0.0the dumb OCaml key-value store w/ LZ4 compression
dropbox0.1~772c4a6Binding to the Dropbox Remote API
dumpast0.2.0OCaml AST dumper
easy_logging0.2Module to easily log messages
elf2json1.0.0Converts an ELF binary to a JSON representation
ezxenstore0.1.2An easy-to-use xenstore library with a simplified interface geared
farmhash0.3Bindings for Google's farmhash library
febusy0.0.0Embedded build system library
flock1.0.0Ctypes bindings to flock for OCaml
forkwork0.3.2Fork child processes to perform work on multiple cores
freetennis0.4.8Free Tennis, a free tennis simulation.
fstreams0.2.1Functional, lazy, infinite streams.
gadelac0.6.1Preprocessor for the Game Description Language.
gamepad0.2.0Bindings for the JS Gamepad API
gammu0.9.4Cell phone and SIM card access
gasoline0.5.0Unix-ish application development framework
gedcom1.0.0GEDCOM parsing.
gen-bs0.1.0generate bucklescript code from Javascript type specifications
General0.6.0Rich functionality for built-in and basic OCaml types
github-unix4.0.0GitHub APIv3 Unix library
glicko21.0.0Implementation of the Glicko2 algorithm.
gpx1.1.1Conversions between XML and GPX (1.1) types.
grib0.11.0Bindings for the ECMWF GRIB API
gxl-light1.0Gxl parser and in-place destructive update library
hardcaml-bloop0.1.0Boolean logic tools for HardCaml
hardcaml-yosys0.1.0Import Verilog designs into HardCaml
hashset1.0.0Sets as hash tables
hdfs0.2Bindings to libhdfs
hll2.7Create opam package files from a repository
hweak1.1An hastable with weak pointer enabling the GC to collect things that are in the hashtable
ibx0.8.1OCaml implementation of the Interactive Brokers TWS API
igvxml0.1.0Create IGV session files from the command-line
integration1d0.5Integration of functions of one variable
interface-prime0.1Interfaces for common design patterns
inuit0.4.1Make interactive text-based user-interfaces in OCaml
iri0.4.0IRI (RFC3987) native OCaml implementation.
irmin-mem1.3.0In-memory backend for Irmin
javascriptcore0.0.1OCaml bindings to JavaScriptCore
jemalloc0.1Bindings to jemalloc mallctl api
JsOfOCairo2.0.0Library to reuse Cairo-based drawing code in web browsers
json_of_jsonm1.0.0json_of_jsonm_lib is a JSON encoder and decoder library that converts text to and from a
jsondiff0.0.1JSON sensitive diffing
kyotocabinet0.2OCaml bindings for Kyoto Cabinet DBM
labrys0.1A toy language based on LLVM that implements the System Fω type-system
lascar0.5A library for manipulating Labeled Transition Systems in OCaml
ldap2.4.0Implementation of the Light Weight Directory Access Protocol
let-if0.1.0This ppx brings a `let%if` construct similar Rust's `if let`.
lilis0.2.1Library to Interpret Lindenmayer Systems
llopt1.0.0Just a tiny LLVM-IR optimizer for testing stuff.
logtk0.8.1Logic Toolkit
lpd1.2.2A Line Printer Daemon (LPD) server library written entirely in OCaml.
lpi0.0.2A REPL and library for a small dependently-typed language.
macaroons0.1.1Macaroons for OCaml
maki0.2Persistent incremental computations, for repeatable tests and benchmarks.
maxminddb0.6Bindings to's libmaxminddb library, like geoip2
mergeable-vector0.1.0Mergeable vector based on operational transformation
mezzo0.0.m8We present the design of Mezzo, a programming language in the ML tradition,
mikmatch1.0.8OCaml syntax extension for regexps
milter1.0.4OCaml libmilter bindings
minima-theme1.0.0OCaml port of the Jekyll Minima theme
minivpt2.0.0Minimalist vantage point tree implementation in OCaml.
mirage-clock-xen1.1A Mirage-compatible Clock library for Xen
mirage-fs-lwt2.0.0MirageOS signatures for filesystem devices using Lwt
mirage-net-fd0.2.1MirageOS network interfaces using raw sockets
mirage-random-test0.0.1Stub random device implementation for testing
mkaudio1.1.0CLI program for generating audio files
mlt_parserv0.12.0Parsing of top-expect files
modular-arithmetic0.1A library for operations on integers modulo some integer (the modulus)
mpris0.2.0Client library for the MPRIS D-Bus media player interface
mrt-format0.3.0MRT parsing library and CLI
mybuild5Collection of ocamlbuild plugins (extprot, atdgen, ragel, etc)
nlp0.0.1Natural Language Processing tools for OCaml
ocaml-buddy0.6.1Bindings for the Buddy BDD library.
ocaml-logicalformv0.6.0`LogicalForm` provides modules for efficient and intuitive manipulation
ocaml-protoc-yojson0.2.0JSON Runtime based on Yojson library for `ocaml-protoc` generated code
ocaml-systemd1.2OCaml module for native access to the systemd facilities
ocaml-xml-rpc0.2.3An XML-RPC client and server, using an ad-hoc interface definition language and IDL compiler
ocamleditor1.13.4OCamlEditor is a GTK+ source code editor and build tool for OCaml.
odbc3.0Interface to various ODBC drivers
offheap0.1.2Copies OCaml objects out of the OCaml heap
ollvm-tapir0.99.1a fork of ollvm with added LLVM-Tapir support
oolc0.3An Ocaml implementation of Open Location Code.
opaca0.1.5A friendly OCaml project scaffolding tool
opamconfig0.3.0Virtual package owning parameters of opam installation.
opencc01.0.2Bindings for OpenCC (v0) - Open Chinese Convert
opencc11.0.1Bindings for OpenCC (v1) - Open Chinese Convert
opti1.0.3DSL to generate fast incremental C code from declarative specifications
orandforest1.0.0A random forest classifier based on OC4.5.
oranger0.9.11OCaml wrapper for the ranger (C++) random forests implementation
orec1.0dynamic open records
orrandomForest1.0.0Classification or regression using Random Forests
orsvm_e10713.0.2OCaml wrapper to SVM R packages e1071 and svmpath
orxgboost1.0.1Gradient boosting for OCaml using the R xgboost package
otto0.0.2Otto is a testing / autograding library
owee0.2OCaml library to work with DWARF format
pa_solution0.7A DSL for solving programming contest problems
pa_where0.4Backward declaration syntax
partition_map0.9.0Partition maps
pbs0.2.0Helper library around PBS/Torque
pci-db0.3.0Library to parse and query the pci.ids database of PCI devices
pds-reachability0.2.1A PDS reachability query library.
phantom-algebra1.0A strongly-typed tensor library à la GLSL
phashtbl1.0.0Persistent hash table library using dbm under the carpet.
polyglot1.0.0Filters to convert XHTML into polyglot HTML5
posix-getopt0.1.0OCaml bindings for POSIX getopt/getopt_long
posix-semaphore0.5.0-0POSIX semaphore
posix-types0.1.1ctypes-compatible type representations for the types exposed in <sys/types.h>.
ppx_const1.1Compile-time "if" statement for conditional inclusion of code.
ppx_deriving_madcast0.1Library deriving cast functions based on their types.
ppx_implicits0.3.0ppx_implicits: ppx extension for implicits, overloading and type classes.
ppx_integer0.1.0ppx extension for integer literals with a suffix character [g-zG-Z].
ppx_view1.0.1A ppx rewriter that provides pattern matching on abstract types by
primes1.3.5A small library for dealing with primes.
profound0.4.2Interactive proof exploration based on formula linking
proj40.9.2Bindings to the PROJ.4 projection library
pumping0.1.0Regular languages in types
pure-splitmix0.2Purely functional splittable PRNG
qbf0.2QBF solving in OCaml, including bindings to solvers
qmp0.9.1OCaml implementation of a Qemu Message Protocol (QMP) client
raygun4ocaml0.1.0Client for the Raygun error reporting API
rdr2.0.1Rdr is a cross-platform binary analysis and reverse engineering library,
reed-solomon-erasure1.0.2OCaml implementation of Reed-Solomon erasure coding
reedsolomon0.3Reed-Solomon Error Correction CODEC
resp-server0.9.1Redis serialization protocol server
rfc19510.8.1Implementation of RFC1951 in OCaml
rfc62871.0.3RFC6287 OCRA (OATH Challenge-Response Algorithm)
rfsm1.0A toolset for describing and simulating StateChart-like state diagrams.
rhythm0.0.1Data Structures and Algorithms implemented in Reason
sendmsg0.0.2π-calculus? In _my_ kernel?
sessions0.1.0Library to provide session types to allow for static verification of protocols between concurrent computations.
sgf1.0Parser and pretty printer for SGF files.
shared-secret0.3Exceptions are shared secrets.
sid2.0Handle security identfiers
smbc0.5Experimental model finder/SMT solver for functional programming
socket-daemon0.3.0Create daemons listening to a socket for stop, restart, ..., orders
spf2.0.2OCaml bindings for libspf2
spotify-web-api0.2.1OCaml bindings to the Spotify web API
spreadsheet0.1Functor for parsing and building spreadsheets.
sqlexpr0.9.0Type-safe, convenient SQLite database access.
sqlite3EZ0.1.0Thin wrapper for sqlite3-ocaml with a simplified interface
srs2.0.0OCaml bindings for libsrs2
sslconf0.8.3An OCaml version of Openssl's NCONF library
stemmer0.2Porter stemming algorithm in pure OCaml
stog-rdf0.16.1Plugin for Stog. Define and query RDF graphs in rewrite rules.
stog-writing0.17.0Plugin for Stog to use footnotes and bibliographies in stog-generated web sites.
subtype-refinement0.1Refinement types encoded with private types in OCaml.
symkat1.4Symbolic Algorithms for Kleene algebra with Tests (KAT)
tcx0.25.0OCaml library for parsing and formatting Training Center XML files.
testrunner0.1.0Simple framework to run tests and create test reports for OCaml libraries.
tidy5-0.2Bindings for libtidy5 -- HTML/XML syntax checker and reformatter
tjr_simple_earley2017-11-14eAn implementation of an Earley-like algorithm, designed for simplicity.
tophide1.0.4Hides toplevel values whose name starts with an underscore
topology0.4.0A library for working with network topologies.
traildb0.1OCaml bindings for TrailDB.
trakeva0.1.1Transactions, Keys, and Values; with Postgresql and/or Sqlite.
trax0.3.0Stack-independent exception tracing
tree_layout0.1.0Algorithms to layout trees in a pretty manner.
typerex-binutils1.0Libraries and tools to work with object files
typerex-system1.0System utilities written in OCaml
ucaml0.1Translate OCaml code into C code
ulid0.1ULIDs for OCaml
unix-sys-resource0.1.2Unix sys/resource.h types and bindings (getrlimit, setrlimit, and friends)
unix-unistd0.4.0Host-independent unistd.h bindings
unmagic1.0.4Runtime tag-checking of marshaled ocaml data
varint1.0A simple varint implementation modeled after the one found in Go's standard library.
vcardgen1.1Simple OCaml library for generating VCards per RFC-6350.
vector30.2.1module for 3D vectors (implemented as records of x, y and z floats)
vpt4.0.1Vantage point tree implementation in OCaml.
webdav1.1.5Implements the client side of the WebDAV protocol (RFC 4918)
weberizer0.8Compile HTML templates into OCaml modules
websocket-async2.12Websocket library (Async)
wyrd1.4.6Text-based front-end to Remind, a sophisticated calendar and alarm program
xapi-rrd1.0.2RRD library for use with xapi
xenctrl0.10.0Low-level Xen hypercall bindings.
xmldiff0.5.0Diffs on XML trees.
xstr0.2.1Functions for string searching/matching/splitting
atdgen-runtime2.0.0Runtime library for code generated by atdgen.
bap-dwarf1.5.0BAP DWARF parsing library
bap-future1.5.0A library for asynchronous values
bap-objdump1.5.0Extract symbols from binary, using binutils objdump
bap-trace1.5.0A plugin to load and run program execution traces
boomerang1.1.0The Boomerang Language
brotli2.0.3Bindings to Google's Brotli compresion algorithm
calculon-web0.4A collection of web plugins for Calculon
camldm0.1.0Bindings for Linux libdevicemapper
camlmix1.3.0Camlmix is a generic preprocessor which converts text with embedded
capnp-rpc-mirage0.3.1Cap'n Proto is a capability-based RPC system with bindings for many languages.
caravan0.0.2A framework for testing arbitrary systems, in OCaml.
cduce_ws0.1Library fo Web Services creation
cfg2.2.1CFG - Context-Free Grammars
coinst1.9.1Coinst tool suite to perform analysis on package repositories.
conex-nocrypto0.10.1Establish trust in community repositories
conf-secp256k11.0.0Virtual package relying on a secp256k1 lib system installation
configuration0.4.1Analyse configuration files
cookie-js1.0.0Simple library for setting/getting cookies in js_of_ocaml
cryptgps0.2.1Cryptographic functions
cviode0.0.3Contact variational integrators - native ocaml version
daft0.0.2DAFT Allows File Transfers
datakit-client-9p0.12.3A library for Datakit clients over 9P
datakit-client-git0.12.3A library for connecting Datakit client using Git
datakit-server-9p0.12.3Build Datakit servers using the 9P filesystem protocol
disml0.2.5An OCaml library for interfacing with the Discord API
distwit0.1.0Distribute/marshal exceptions and extensible variants
dns-async1.1.1DNS implementation using the Async concurrency framework
dns-lwt-unix1.1.1DNS implementation for Unix and Windows using Lwt_unix
erm_xmpp0.2XMPP protocol implementation
erssical0.1Erssical is a tool to fetch, merge and filter Event RSS channels.
fkie-cad-cwe-checker0.1A plugin for bap that detects common bug classes, e.g. use of dangerous functions and simple integer overflows
fluent-logger1.1.0Structured logger for Fluentd (OCaml)
frama-c-e-acsl0.5This package contains the Frama-C's E-ACSL plug-in.
functoria-runtime2.2.2Runtime support library for functoria-generated code
get_line6.0.0Robustly select lines from file; can replace the head and tail shell commands and do even more
github-hooks-unix0.4.0GitHub API web hook listener library
github-jsoo4.0.0GitHub APIv3 JavaScript library
gtk-light0.0.1Light wrapper around lablgtk2
hack_parallel0.1.1Parallel and shared memory library
hardcaml-vpi0.3.0HardCaml Icarus Verilog cosimulation module
httpaf-async0.5.0Async support for http/af
hvsock1.0.2Bindings for Hyper-V AF_VSOCK
imap1.1.1Non-blocking client library for the IMAP4rev1 protocol
immutable0.0.15Pure Reason implementation of persistent immutable data structures.
irmin-git1.3.0Git backend for Irmin
irrlicht0.0.3An OCaml binding for the Irrlicht Engine.
jerboa0.1Jerboa is a minimalistic web framework for everyone
jhupllib0.1.1A library of tools and utilities for JHU PL lab projects.
libevent0.8.1OCaml wrapper for the libevent API
libra-tk1.1.2Learning and inference with discrete probabilistic models
libudev0.2.1Bindings to libudev for OCaml
libvirt0.6.1.4Libvirt is a portable toolkit to interact with the virtualisation capabilities of Linux, Solaris and other operating systems.
lipsum0.2lipsum - self-contained tool for literate programming in tradition of NoWeb
logical0.1.0Logical is a minimalistic logic programming inspired by microKanren
lua_pattern1.7Implementation of Lua patterns
lwt_camlp41.0.0Camlp4 syntax extension for Lwt (deprecated)
merge-fmt0.1Git mergetool leveraging code formatters
mirage-block-ccm1.0.1AES-CCM encrypted Mirage V1.BLOCK storage
mirage-console-lwt2.4.1Implementation of Mirage consoles using Lwt
mirage-time-lwt1.1.0Time operations for MirageOS
ml2mxml0.2Generate musicxml files from OCaml
mldonkey3.1.6Cross-platform multi-network peer-to-peer daemon
mmdb0.2.1Binding to the MaxMind DB library for GeoIP lookups
mqtt0.0.2MQTT message parser in OCaml
mysql_protocol2.0Implementation of MySQL Protocol with the Bitstring library
named-pipe0.4.0Bindings for named pipes
netchannel1.10.1Network device for reading and writing Ethernet frames via then Xen netfront/netback protocol
netlink0.2.1Bindings to the Netlink Protocol Library Suite (libnl)
numalib0.1.0Interface to Linux NUMA API
ocamltter4.1.1The OCAMLTTER OAuth1 library and twitter, flickr clients
ocamlweb1.39A literate programming tool for OCaml
ocs1.0.3OCS: OCaml Scheme interpreter
odiff-gtk1.0OCaml library to display and merge diffs using Lablgtk.
ojs-base0.5.0Components to create web applications using js_of_ocaml and websockets.
operf-macro0.2Macro benchmarking tool
opium_kernel0.17.1Sinatra like web toolkit based on Lwt + Cohttp
osbx1.2.4Implementation of SeqBox in OCaml
osm_xml0.0.1Library for parsing OpenStreetMap XML dumps.
osx-acl0.1.0OS X POSIX.1e file system access control list (ACL) bindings
osx-attr0.3.0OS X generic file system attribute system call bindings
osx-mount0.1.1Bindings to OS X mount system calls
osx-plutil0.5.0OS X plutil plist manipulation
osx-xattr0.3.0OS X extended attribute system call bindings
owebl0.1A fast, light, and concurrent web framework inspired by Flask and Sinatra.
pci1.0.1Ctypes bindings to libpci for OCaml
posix-clock0.4.0-0POSIX clock
posix-mqueue0.8.0-0POSIX message queues
pvem_lwt_unix0.0.2Access to the Operating system with Pvem and Lwt_unix
r2pipe0.0.1Deprecated: use radare2 instead
reins0.1aPersistent data structure library from OCaml Summer Project 2007 sponsored by Jane St. Capital.
river0.1.3A planet (feed aggregator) in OCaml.
rpclib5.9.0Remote procedure calls (RPC) library
sanlock0.0.9Ctypes bindings to libsanlock for OCaml
sarek20140620GPGPU kernels DSL for OCaml.
shellv0.12.0Yet another implementation of fork&exec and related functionality
should0.1.0Literate assertions
snabela1.0Logic-less template system
solo5-bindings-hvt0.4.1Solo5 sandboxed execution environment (hvt target)
sosa0.3.0Sane OCaml String API
sphinxcontrib-ocaml0.3.0Sphinx extension to document OCaml libraries
spotinstall1.2.1A tool to facilitate the installation of OCaml annotation files (.cmt, .cmti, .spot, .spit).
tallgeese0.1Enhanced SSH on OS X
text-tags1.5.0A library for rich formatting using semantics tags
textrazor0.1An OCaml wrapper for the TextRazor API
ubpf0.1OCaml bindings for userspace eBPF VM
ucorelib0.2.0A light weight Unicode library for OCaml
uritemplate0.0.1OCaml implementation of URI templates (RFC6570)
uuuu0.1.1Mapper of ISO-8859-* to Unicode
webidl1.4Web IDL parser
wget0.1.0Basic wget-like client, based on the Citrix' HTTP library.
yuscii0.2.1Mapper of UTF-7 to Unicode
zarith-ppx0.1Literals for Zarith's arbitrary-precision integers and rationals
bap-arm1.5.0BAP ARM lifter and disassembler
bap-beagle1.5.0BAP obfuscated string solver
bap-byteweight1.5.0BAP facility for indentifying code entry points
bap-byteweight-frontend1.5.0BAP Toolkit for training and controlling Byteweight algorithm
bap-cache1.5.0BAP caching service
bap-callsites1.5.0Inject data definition terms at callsites
bap-cxxfilt1.5.0A demangler that relies on a c++filt utility
bap-dump-symbols1.5.0BAP plugin that dumps symbols information from a binary
bap-frontc1.5.0A C language frontend for based on FrontC library
bap-frontend1.5.0BAP frontend
bap-llvm1.5.0BAP LLVM backend
bap-mc1.5.0BAP machine instruction playground
bap-mips1.5.0BAP MIPS lifter
bap-powerpc1.5.0BAP PowerPC lifter
bap-primus-dictionary1.5.0BAP Primus Lisp library that provides dictionaries
bap-primus-lisp1.5.0BAP Primus Lisp Runtime
bap-primus-region1.5.0Provides a set of operations to store and manipulate interval trees
bap-primus-support1.5.0Provides supporting components for Primus
bap-primus-test1.5.0BAP Primus Testing and Program Verification module
bap-primus-x861.5.0The x86 CPU support package for BAP Primus CPU emulator
bap-print1.5.0Print plugin - print project in various formats
bap-relocatable1.5.0Provides a brancher service for BAP that handles certain relocations
bap-report1.5.0A BAP plugin that reports program status
bap-run1.5.0A BAP plugin that executes a binary
bap-salukibap-1.5A verification framework for detecting vulnerability patterns in binaries
bap-ssa1.5.0A BAP plugin, that translates a program into the SSA form
bap-strings1.5.0Text utilities useful in Binary Analysis and Reverse Engineering
bap-symbol-reader1.5.0BAP plugin that reads symbol information from files
bap-taint1.5.0BAP Taint Analysis Framework
bap-taint-propagator1.5.0BAP Taint propagation engine using based on microexecution
bap-term-mapper1.5.0A BAP DSL for mapping program terms
bap-traces1.5.0BAP Library for loading and parsing execution traces
bap-trivial-condition-form1.5.0Eliminates complex conditionals in branches
bap-warn-unused1.5.0Emit a warning if an unused result may cause a bug or security issue
blahcaml2.1Blahcaml provides basic OCaml bindings to the Blahtex library.
cbat-explicit-edge0.1VSA-based CFG edge reconstruction made in bap ecosystem
cduce0.5.5Modern XML-oriented functional language with innovative features
cmdtui-lambda-term0.4.3Interactive command completion and execution for building REPLs
conf-numa0.1.0Package relying on libnuma
cordova1.0Binding OCaml to cordova Javascript object.
core-lwt0.2.0Lwt library wrapper in the Janestreet core style
dispatch-js0.4.0Dispatch - js_of_ocaml-specific support
distributed-lwt0.1.0A library to provide a lwt based implementation of Distributed.
distributed-uwt0.1.0A library to provide a uwt based implementation of Distributed.
dns-forward-lwt-unix0.9.0Lwt implementation for the `dns-forward` library
dokeysto_camltc3.0.0the dumb OCaml key-value store w/ tokyocabinet backend
ezjsonm-lwt1.0.0Simple Lwt-based interface to the Jsonm JSON library
faraday-lwt-unix0.7.0Lwt_unix support for Faraday
flow0.3Deprecated exceptionless “systems” library on top of Core and Lwt.
flowcaml1.07Flow Caml is an extension of OCaml with a type system tracing information flow.
frag0.1.0File fragment extraction
froc0.2.2Jake Donham's Froc library for functional reactive programming in OCaml.
ftp0.1.0Functions for accessing files via FTP
fury-puyo0.5Fury Puyo is a free clone of the Puyo Puyo game.
future0.2.0Abstraction over Stdlib, Lwt, Async, and more.
gdb0.3GDB/MI (machine interface) library and stack-sampling profiler
gen_server2.0.2An Erlang-like gen_server framework written for Async.
genet0.6Genet is tool to build a continuous integration platform.
genspir0.1functions to generate almost uniformly points on the unit sphere
gensqlite0.1A ppx preprocessor to generate SQLite3 prepared statements and query functions.
graphql-async0.9.0Build GraphQL schemas with Async support
gsasl0.10.0Bindings ot the GNU SASL library using Ctypes
gtktop2.0A small library to ease the creation of graphical toplevels.
hardcaml-affirm0.1.0Verification tools for HardCaml
hardcaml-reedsolomon0.3.0HardCaml implementation of Reed-Solomon error correction coding
hardcaml_wavetermv0.12.0A terminal based digital waveform viewer for Hardcaml
hdf0.9.1Bindings for the HDF4 library
http2https1.0.0HTTP to HTTPS redirector daemon
http_router0.1.2Simple http router for cohttp and async.
hydro0.7.1An independent implementation of ICE, the object-oriented RPC protocol by ZeroC
imaplet-lwt0.1.15IMAP server prototype, supports IMAPv4rev1
indexmap0.0.3Generic indexed data for OCaml
irc-client-lwt0.6.1IRC client library - Lwt implementation
irmin-fs1.3.0Generic file-system backend for Irmin
iso-filesystem0.1ISO9660 filesystem library
jane-street-testsv0.10.0Tests for Jane Street packages
jitsu0.3.0A forwarding DNS server that automatically starts unikernels on demand
joolog0.4Logger for js_of_ocaml
js-lz4109.38.alpha1Barebones bindings for the LZ4 C api
json-predicate0.2.0-0JSON predicate
json-wheel_jane_street_overlayv0.9.0Jane Street overlay of the json-wheel library
jsoo_broadcastchannel1.1Jsoo_broadcastchannel is a binding for the BroadcastChannel API for Js_of_OCaml.
jsoo_router1.0Jsoo_router provide an extension point to manage route with the Hash
jsoo_storage1.0A wrapper in Js_of_ocaml for the WebStorage API
ketrew3.2.1A Workflow Engine for Computational Experiments
krb5109.38.alpha1Kerberos 5 bindings
lablqt0.4OCamlfind package and PPX extension to interface OCaml and QtQuick.
lacc0.2fat-free list accumulators
lambdoc1.0-beta4Library providing support for semantically rich documents in web applications.
lemonade0.6.0A monad library with bubbles
libres31.3Amazon S3 compatible server
libvhd0.9.0OCaml bindings for the C library 'libvhd' which allows the manipulation
litiom4.0Extensions to Ocsigen's Eliom.
m17n1.0Multilingualization for OCaml source code
macaque_lwt0.1Utils for MaCaQue with Lwt
mascot1.0A style-checker for OCaml sources (code, documentation, interface, metrics, and typography).
merge-queues0.2.0Mergeable queues
merge-ropes0.2.0Mergeable ropes
merlin-acme0.1Merlin interface for acme.
merlin-of-pds1.4Simple script that turns a pds.conf into a .merlin file
mirage-channel-lwt3.2.0Buffered Lwt channels for MirageOS FLOW types
mirage-entropy-unix0.2.0MirageOS entropy device
mirage-entropy-xen0.3.0MirageOS entropy device
mirage-http-unix1.0.0MirageOS HTTP client and server driver for Unix
mirage-http-xen1.0.0MirageOS HTTP client and server driver for Xen
mirage-protocols-lwt2.0.0MirageOS signatures for network protocols
mirage-seal0.4.2Serve static files over HTTPS, using Mirage+ocaml-TLS.
mirage-www1.1.0MirageOS website (written with MirageOS)
mirari0.9.7MirageOS application builder
mirror0.0.1Mirror upstream OPAM package distribution files
missinglib0.4.1Collection of OCaml-related utilities
misuja0.0.0A library to drive the MIDI system of the Jack Audio Connection Kit.
mmseg0.1.1A word identification system based on the maximum matching algorithm.
modelica_ml0.2.0Modelica abstract syntax and parser
mqtt_client0.0.1MQTT pub/sub transport protocol client written in OCaml
nanomsg1.0Ctypes based bindings to nanomsg
nbd3.0.0Network Block Device (NBD) protocol implementation
nebula0.2.1DCPU-16 emulator.
netamqp1.0Implements an AMQP client for accessing a message broker
netml0.1.0Network packets authoring and parsing toolkit.
netsnmpv0.12.0An interface to the Net-SNMP client library
nit0.6Nit, a static analysis tool, checks whether a java bytecode program is NullPointerException free.
nonstd0.0.3Non-standard mini-library
nullable-array0.1Small self-contained library providing an efficient implementation for a type equivalent to `'a option array`
obeanstalk0.1Async based client for the beanstalk work queue
obigstore0.9.1Client/server + embeddable semi-structured database.
obrowser1.1.1OCaml virtual machine written in Javascript
oc451.0.0Pure OCaml implementation of the C4.5 algorithm.
ocaml-arg0.3A simple library to handle subcommand arguments
ocaml-gist0.0.1A tool to create online OCaml gist experiences for the web
ocaml-indent1.2.1OCaml-indent: OCaml source code indenter
ocaml-markdown0.1.1Markdown processor for Ocsigen
ocaml-topexpect0.3Simulate and post-process ocaml toplevel sessions
ocamlcc1.0Compiler from OCaml bytecode executable files to C source code
ocamldbi0.9.11Database independent layer patterned upon Perl DBI
oci0.3OCI is a framework for continuous integrations and benchmarks. At the
oclaunch0.3.0-pre1Command-line program allowing you to launch program on a human basis. Don't let a clock plan things!
ocp-manager0.1.3Global Manager for OCaml versions and OPAM switches
ocplib-concur0.1Concurrent wrapper on top of Lwt and Async
odate0.5Date & Duration Library
odb-server0.1Text editors/IDE helper module
odisco0.1.3OCaml library for Disco workers.
odoc-depgraph1.0Custom OCamldoc generator to insert clickable dependency graphs in generated html page
ojwidgets0.1Browser widgets in OCaml with js_of_ocaml.
oloop0.1.2Evaluate code through the OCaml toploop for inclusion in educational material.
oni1.0.12Oni - assorted components for low-level networking.
opa-base1.1.0+4263Extended standard library developped along the OPA language
opam-build-revdeps0.1.0Build reverse dependencies of a package in OPAM.
opam-doc0.9.3Produce documentation for OPAM packages
opam-sync-github-prs1.1.0Sync OCaml GitHub issues with OPAM
opam_of_packagejson0.1.2Simple tool to generate META, opam and .install files.
opamfind1.2.0Small library and tool to find out relationships between OCamlFind and OPAM packages.
opass2.15A simple command line tool for storing, retreiving,
opasswd1.0.1OCaml bindings to the glibc passwd file and shadow password file interface.
oplay1.0.0Raw YUV video player
ospec0.3.2Behavior-Driven Development tool for OCaml, inspired by RSpec
oth2.10Ocaml Test Harness - Simple library for running tests
ox1.1.1A platform for writing OpenFlow controllers
pa_bin_prot113.00.01A binary protocol generator
pa_do0.8.16Syntax extension to write arithmetic expressions
pa_ovisitor1.0.0CamlP4 type_conv module to auto-generate visitor, folder, mapper from type definitions.
pa_typerep_conv113.00.01typerep is a library for runtime types.
pa_variants_conv109.15.04Part of Jane Street’s Core library
packet0.4.0A serialization library for several common packet formats
pamv0.12.0OCaml bindings for the Linux-PAM library
pcf-format0.0.1parse PCF format X11 bitmap font files
perf1.0Binding to perf_event_open
phox0.89.170929PhoX is an implementation of Higher Order Logic
planck2.2.0A small monadic parser combinator library
planets0.1.14A simple interactive program for playing with simulations of planetary systems
plasma0.6.2Distributed filesystem for large files, implemented in user space
posix-time1.0.1-0POSIX time
ppx_curried_constr1.0.0ppx_curried_constr: ppx extension for curried constructors
ppx_debugger1.0ppx_debugger is a small semi-interactive for debugging OCaml execution
ppx_dotbracket1.0.0ppx extension for rebinding dot-bracket expressions such as a.[x], a.(x), a.{x}
ppx_fun0.0.4ppx_fun is PPX rewriter that provides simplified syntax for anonymous functions via extensions: `[%f ...]` and `[%f_ ...]`.
ppx_json_types0.3JSON type providers
ppx_measure1.1Provide a Type-safe way to manage unit of measure
ppx_netblob1.2.1type-driven generation of HTTP calling code
ppx_pattern_guard1.0.1ppx_pattern_guard: ppx extension for pattern guard
ppx_relit0.2.0An implementation of Typed Literal Macros for Reason
ppx_sexp0.3.0ppx_sexp is a ppx preprocessor for embedding S-expressions in OCaml programs.
ppx_where1.0Haskell-style `where` clauses as a PPX syntax extension
prettiest0.0.2Non-greedy pretty printer
prob-cache1.1.0Polymorphic probability cache API, including a distributed riak backed cache.
procord0.2.0Procord: a portable library to delegate tasks to other processes.
promela0.4.2Library to create, manipulate and reason about PROMELA data structures.
pvem0.0.1Polymorphic-Variants-based Error Monad
qrencode0.1Binding to libqrencode (QR-code encoding library)
radis0.1Radix tree implementation
receive-mail0.1.2A simple SMTP server for OCaml
regstab2.0.0SAT-Solver able to deal with formulae patterns
release1.1.1Release is a multi-process Lwt-enabled daemon framework for OCaml.
riak1.0.0A Riak OCaml client
riakc2.0.0Protobuf based Riak client
rpc2.2.0A library to deal with RPCs in OCaml
rtime0.9.3Module implementing timelines for React
rubytt0.1rubytt is a static code analyzer for Ruby.
schoca0.2.3Implementation of the Scheme language in OCaml
sexp_diff_kernelv0.12.0Code for computing the diff of two sexps
sexp_macrov0.12.0Sexp macros
sill1.4Implementation of Linear Session Types
simple-bmc0.0.1A tool to translate Hybrid automata into SMT formula which is solvable by dReal(
skkserv-lite2.0.1SKK server using sqlite3 dictionaries
slack-backup0.1Small tool to backup IM and channels from slack.
socialpeek1.0.0OCaml library to extract social information such as Twitter cards or OpenGraph data from webpages and HTML.
sociaml-facebook-api0.4.1Facebook Graph API Client Library for OCaml
sociaml-tumblr-api0.2.0Tumblr API Client Library for OCaml
sociaml-vcard0.2.1vCard library for OCaml
solo5-bindings-virtio0.4.1Solo5 sandboxed execution environment (virtio target)
solo5-kernel-muen0.3.1Solo5 sandboxed execution environment (muen target)
solo5-kernel-virtio0.3.1Solo5 sandboxed execution environment (virtio target)
solvuu-build0.3.0Solvuu's build system.
solvuu_build0.0.2DEPRECATED. Please use solvuu-build.
sonet0.1.2Collection of modules for asynchronous network applications
space-search0.9.1SpaceSearch is a library that turns Coq into a solver-aided host language. Many
spdiff0.1tool for automatic inference of semantic patches
spotlib_js2.2.0_jsUseful functions for OCaml programming used by @camlspotter
spreadsheetml1.0A library to parsing SpreadsheetML (used in Microsoft Excel files)
stationary0.0.1Static site generator
statsd-client1.0.2StatsD client library
swdogen0.1.0SWagger DOcumentation GENerator
testsimple0.3.1A simple unit testing framework
tftp0.1.4A TFTP library and Mirage unikernel
themoviedb0.8.1API for website
transmission-rpc1.0A client library for the Transmission Bittorrent client RPC
trie0.1.1trie tree
tryocaml0.2.2Easiest way to learn how to code in OCaml language
type-beat0.1A parser for the Content-Type value
typehashlib109.15.04Part of Jane Street’s Core library
typerep_extendedv0.9.0Runtime types for OCaml
typerex-attic1.0.2A set of simple tools and libraries that we developed over the years
typerex-lldb1.1A set of tools and libs built on top of the LLDB debugging framework
udunits0.2.0Bindings to the UDUNITS-2 library
unix-errno0.5.2Unix errno types, maps, and support
vhd-tool0.12.0A command-line tool to manipulate, transcode and stream .vhd format data.
vhdlib0.9.1Bindings to libvhd
vimebac0.0.0Vimebac is graphical metronome and instructions display that interfaces with
vpnkit0.2.0VPN-friendly networking devices for HyperKit
vrt0.1.0A setup command line tools to help with development on remote AWS desktops
wdialog2.1.3Dialog-oriented web applications
win-eventlog0.2Write to the Windows event log
xapi-rrdd1.2.1Performance monitoring daemon for xapi
xe0.6.3A command-line client for the 'xapi' service (as used in XenServer)
xe-unikernel-upload0.5A simple tool to upload a Unikernel to a XenServer pool.
xen-block-driver0.2.5Xen disk device drivers: both client ("frontend") and server ("backend")
xen-disk1.2.1A command-line tool for attaching disks to VMs running on a xen host.
xenbigarray1.0.0Portable Bigarray intended for embedded Xen use
xentropyd0.9.3Xentropyd: provide entropy to Xen VMs
xtmpl0.17.0XML templating library and ppx.
zephyrus0.1Zephyrus automatic configuration generation tool.
zero109.28.00Deprecated, merged into core_kernel
zstandardv0.12.0OCaml bindings to Zstandard
alt-ergo-lib2.3.0The Alt-Ergo SMT prover library
alt-ergo-parsers2.3.0The Alt-Ergo SMT prover parser library
arp-mirage2.0.0Address Resolution Protocol for MirageOS
bap-abi1.5.0BAP ABI integration subsystem
bap-api1.5.0A pass that adds parameters to subroutines based on known API
bap-bil1.5.0Controls the BIL transformation pipeline
bap-c1.5.0A C language support library for BAP
bap-constant-tracker1.5.0Constant Tracking Analysis based on Primus
bap-demangle1.5.0Library for name demangling
bap-emacs-dot0.1Will automatically detect graph specifications in a dot syntax and display them using overlaying
bap-emacs-goodies0.1A collection of useful Emacs tools for BAP
bap-emacs-mode0.1Emacs major mode for reading and analyzing programs in BAP's IR
bap-ida1.5.0An IDA Pro integration library
bap-ida-plugin1.5.0Plugins for IDA and BAP integration
bap-microx1.5.0A micro execution framework
bap-optimization1.5.0A BAP plugin that removes dead IR code
bap-primus1.5.0The BAP Microexecution Framework
bap-std1.5.0The Binary Analysis Platform Standard Library
bap-x861.5.0BAP x86 lifter
base-bytesbaseBytes library distributed with the OCaml compiler
base-flambdabaseVirtual package relying on Flambda.
base-implicitsbaseDummy base package for compilers with modular implicits support.
base-metaocaml-ocamlfindbaseFindlib toolchain configuration for MetaOCaml
base-native-int630.1Virtual package for enabling native int63 support in Base
base-no-ppxbaseA pseudo-library to indicate lack of extension points support
base-numbaseNum library distributed with the OCaml compiler
base-ocamlbuildbaseOCamlbuild binary and libraries distributed with the OCaml compiler
base-unsafe-stringbaseA pseudo-library to indicate OCaml versions that equate 'string' and 'bytes' (by default)
bimage-gtk0.1Bimage_gtk allows images to be displayed in GTK windows
bimage-unix0.1Bimage_unix provides methods for encoding/decoding images in many formats using ImageMagick/Ffmpeg/stb_image
bsdowl3.0.0-20150830This collection of BSD Make directives aims at providing a highly
cairo2-gtk0.6Rendering Cairo on Gtk canvas
cairo2-pango0.6Interface between Cairo and Pango
capnp-rpc-lwt0.3.1Cap'n Proto is a capability-based RPC system with bindings for many languages.
cbat-tools0.1Program analysis tools developed at Draper on the CBAT project
cbat-vsa0.1Value set analysis made in bap ecosystem
cconv-ppx0.5Combinators for Type Conversion in OCaml
charrua-client-lwt0.12.0A DHCP client using lwt as effectful layer
charrua-core0.12.0DHCP wire frame encoder and decoder
conf-aclocal1.0.0Virtual package relying on aclocal
conf-autoconf0.1Virtual package relying on autoconf installation
conf-bap-llvm1.3Checks that supported version of LLVM is installed
conf-binutils0.2Checks that binutils are installed
conf-blas1Virtual package for BLAS configuration
conf-bluetooth1Virtual package for Bluetooth library
conf-bmake1.0Virtual package relying on a BSD Make compatible program
conf-boost1Virtual package relying on boost
conf-brotli0.0.1Virtual package relying on a brotli system installation
conf-cairo1Virtual package relying on a Cairo system installation
conf-capnproto0Virtual package relying on captnproto installation
conf-cmake1Virtual package relying on cmake
conf-csdp1Virtual package relying on a CSDP binary system installation
conf-dbm1.0.0Virtual package relying on gdbm
conf-efl1.8Virtual package relying on the EFL system installation
conf-emacs1Virtual package to install the Emacs editor
conf-env-travis1Detect Travis CI and lift its environment to opam
conf-expat1Virtual package relying on an expat system installation
conf-fftw31Virtual package relying on a FFTW3 lib system installation
conf-freetype1Virtual package relying on a freetype lib system installation
conf-ftgl1Virtual package relying on an ftgl system installation
conf-g++1.0Virtual package relying on the g++ compiler (for C++)
conf-gd1Virtual package relying on a libgd system installation
conf-gfortran0Virtual package relying on a gfortran system installation
conf-git1.0Virtual package relying on git
conf-glade2Virtual package relying on a libglade system installation
conf-gles21Virtual package relying on a OpenGL ES 2 system installation
conf-glew1Virtual package relying on a GLEW system installation
conf-glfw32Virtual package relying on a GLFW3 system installation
conf-glib-21Virtual package relying on a system GLib 2 installation
conf-glpk1Virtual package for GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit)
conf-gmp1Virtual package relying on a GMP lib system installation
conf-gmp-powm-sec1Virtual package relying on a GMP lib with constant-time modular exponentiation
conf-gnomecanvas2Virtual package relying on a Gnomecanvas system installation
conf-gnuplot0.1Virtual package relying on gnuplot installation
conf-gnutls1Virtual package relying on a gnutls system installation
conf-graphviz0.1Virtual package relying on graphviz installation
conf-gsl1Virtual package relying on a GSL lib system installation
conf-gssapi1Virtual package relying on a krb5-gssapi system installation
conf-gtk318Virtual package relying on GTK+ 3
conf-gtksourceview2Virtual package relying on a GtkSourceView system installation
conf-gtksourceview30Virtual package relying on a GtkSourceView-3 system installation
conf-hidapi0Virtual package relying on a hidapi system installation
conf-ida0.1Checks that IDA Pro is installed
conf-lapack1Virtual package for LAPACK configuration
conf-leveldb1Virtual package relying on a LevelDB lib system installation
conf-libclang1.0.0Virtual package relying on the installation of llvm and clang libraries (any version)
conf-libcurl1Virtual package relying on a libcurl system installation
conf-libev4-11High-performance event loop/event model with lots of features
conf-libffi1Virtual package relying on a libffi system installation
conf-libgif1Virtual package relying on a libgif system installation
conf-libgsasl1Virtual package relying on a GSASL lib system installation
conf-libjpeg1Virtual package relying on a libjpeg system installation
conf-liblz41Virtual package relying on liblz4 system installation
conf-libMagickCore1Virtual package relying on an ImageMagick system installation
conf-libmaxminddb1Virtual package relying on a libmaxminddb system installation
conf-libmosquitto1Virtual package relying on a libmosquitto system installation
conf-libpcre1Virtual package relying on a libpcre system installation
conf-libpng1Virtual package relying on a libpng system installation
conf-libsodium1Virtual package relying on a libsodium system installation
conf-libsvm3Virtual package relying on libsvm library installation
conf-libudev1Virtual package relying on a libudev system installation
conf-libuv1Virtual package relying on a libuv system installation
conf-libX111Virtual package relying on an Xlib system installation
conf-linux-libc-dev0Virtual package relying on the installation of the Linux kernel headers files
conf-lldb3.5Virtual package to check the availability of LLDB 3.5 development packages
conf-llvm7.0.0Virtual package relying on llvm library installation
conf-lua1Virtual package relying on a Lua system installation
conf-m41Virtual package relying on m4
conf-mariadb1Virtual package relying on a libmariadbclient system installation
conf-mecab0.996Virtual package relying on MeCab library installation
conf-mpfr1Virtual package relying on library MPFR installation
conf-mpi1Virtual package relying on a mpi system installation
conf-mysql1Virtual package relying on a libmysqlclient system installation
conf-nanomsg0Virtual package relying on a nanomsg system installation
conf-ncurses1+systemVirtual package relying on ncurses
conf-neko1Virtual package relying on a Neko system installation
conf-npm1Virtual package relying on npm installation
conf-ode1Virtual package relying on a ODE system installation
conf-openbabel0.1Virtual package relying on openbabel library installation
conf-openblas0.2.0Virtual package to install OpenBLAS and LAPACKE
conf-opencc01Virtual package relying on opencc v0 ( installation
conf-opencc11Virtual package relying on opencc v1 ( installation
conf-openssl1Virtual package relying on an OpenSSL system installation
conf-pam1Virtual package relying on a system installation of PAM
conf-pandoc0.1Virtual package relying on pandoc installation
conf-pango1Virtual package relying on a Pango system installation
conf-perl1Virtual package relying on perl
conf-pic-switch0.1Check if the +PIC compiler switch of the OCaml version you are using is installed
conf-pkg-config1.1Virtual package relying on pkg-config installation
conf-ppl1Virtual package relying on the Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL) system installation
conf-python-2-71.0Virtual package relying on Python-2.7 installation
conf-python-2-7-dev1.0Virtual package relying on Python-2.7 development package installation
conf-python-3-dev1Virtual package relying on Python 3 development package installation
conf-qt5.2.1Installation of Qt5 using APT packages or from source
conf-r1.0.0Virtual package relying on the R interpreter
conf-r-mathlib1Virtual package relying on a system installation of R Standalone Mathlib
conf-rdkit0.1Virtual package relying on rdkit library installation
conf-rocksdb1Virtual package relying on a system installation of RocksDB
conf-ruby1.0.0Virtual package relying on Ruby
conf-rust0.1Virtual package relying on cargo (rust build system)
conf-rust-20181Virtual package relying on cargo (rust build system)
conf-sdl-gfx1Virtual package relying on a sdl-gfx system installation
conf-sdl-image1Virtual package relying on a sdl-image system installation
conf-sdl-mixer1Virtual package relying on a sdl-mixer system installation
conf-sdl-net1Virtual package relying on a sdl-net system installation
conf-sdl-ttf1Virtual package relying on a sdl-ttf system installation
conf-sdl21Virtual package relying on a SDL2 system installation
conf-sdl2-image1Virtual package relying on a sdl2-image system installation
conf-sdl2-mixer1Virtual package relying on a sdl2-mixer system installation
conf-sdl2-net1Virtual package relying on a sdl2-net system installation
conf-sdl2-ttf1Virtual package relying on a sdl2-ttf system installation
conf-sfml21Virtual package relying on a SFML2 system installation
conf-snappy1Virtual package relying on snappy
conf-sqlite31Virtual package relying on an sqlite3 system installation
conf-tcl1Virtual package relying on tcl
conf-tidy1Virtual package relying on libtidy installation
conf-time1Virtual package relying on the "time" command
conf-tk1Virtual package relying on tk
conf-vim1Virtual package to install the Vim editor
conf-wget1Virtual package relying on wget
conf-which1Virtual package relying on which
conf-wxwidgets3.0Virtual package to check the availability of wxWidgets 3.0 development packages
conf-zlib1Virtual package relying on zlib
conf-zmq0.1Virtual package relying on zmq library installation
conf-zstd1.3.8Virtual package relying on zstd
ctypes-foreign0.4.0Virtual package for enabling the ctypes.foreign subpackage.
datakit-client0.12.3A library to construct Datakit clients
datakit-github0.12.3Abstraction of the GitHub API, suitable for DataKit clients
datakit-server0.12.3A library to write Datakit servers
decoders-ezjsonm0.1.2Elm-inspired decoders for Ocaml
decoders-yojson0.1.2Elm-inspired decoders for Ocaml
dns-lwt1.1.1DNS implementation in portable Lwt
dockerfile-opam6.1.0Dockerfile eDSL and distribution support
erm_xml0.3XML stream parser
esgg20190322Elasticsearch guided (code) generator
faraday-async0.7.0Async support for Faraday
faraday-lwt0.7.0Lwt support for Faraday
genlet201406Let-insertion for MetaOCaml.
getopts0.4.0Analyse command line arguments
git-mirage2.0.0MirageOS backend for the Git protocol(s)
gmp-xen6.0.0-1The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
graphlib1.5.0Generic Graph library
hardcaml-examples0.3.0HardCaml examples designs build using hardcaml-framework
hardcaml-framework0.3.0Framework for generating and simulating HardCaml cores
hardcaml-waveterm0.2.0Terminal based digital waveform viewer
hiredis-value0.8Hiredis Value type
influxdb-async0.2.0InfluxDB client library using async for concurrency
influxdb-lwt0.2.0InfluxDB client library using lwt for concurrency
interface-prime-lwt0.1Interfaces for common design patterns (LWT implementation)
io-page-xen2.1.0Support for efficient handling of I/O memory pages on Xen
ipv6-multicast-lwt0.9UNIX bindings for IPv6 multicast — Lwt
irc-client-tls0.6.1IRC client library - TLS implementation
irc-client-unix0.6.1IRC client library - Unix implementation
irmin-chunk1.3.0Irmin backend to store raw contents into chunks
irmin-mirage1.3.0MirageOS-compatible Irmin stores
jitsu-libvirt0.0.1Virtual package for installing Jitsu with a libvirt backend.
jitsu-libxl0.0.1Virtual package for installing Jitsu with a libxl (xenctrl) backend.
jitsu-xapi0.0.1Virtual package for installing Jitsu with a Xapi (xen-api-client) backend.
js_of_ocaml-toplevel3.3.0Compiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
json-pointer0.1.1-0JSON pointer
junit_alcotest2.0.1JUnit XML reports generation for alcotest tests
junit_ounit2.0.1JUnit XML reports generation for OUnit tests
lablgtk3-gtkspell33.0.beta5OCaml interface to GTK+3
lablgtk3-sourceview33.0.beta5OCaml interface to GTK+ gtksourceview library
libtensorflow0.1TensorFlow library package
libtorch1.0.1LibTorch library package
links-postgresql0.8Linking Theory to Practice for the Web
logs-async-reporter1.0Logs reporter compatible with Async's threads
lutils1.44Tools and libs shared by Verimag/synchronous tools (lustre, lutin, rdbg).
macaddr3.1.0A library for manipulation of MAC address representations
markup-lwt0.5.0Adapter between and Lwt
mbr-format0.3A simple library for manipulating Master Boot Records.
mesh-display0.8.9Triangular mesh representation using the graphics module
mesh-easymesh0.9.5Triangular mesh generation with EasyMesh
mesh-graphics0.9.5Triangular mesh representation using the graphics module
mesh-triangle0.9.5Binding to the triangle mesh generator
message-switch1.4.0A simple store-and-forward message switch.
meta_conv1.1.5Meta conv, type_conv for various tree data formats.
metrics-lwt0.1.0Lwt backend for the Metrics library
metrics-unix0.1.0Unix backend for the Metrics library
mindstorm-lwt0.8Drive Lego Mindstorms bricks from OCaml (LWT version)
mirage-block-lwt1.2.0Block signatures and implementations for MirageOS using Lwt
mirage-clock-lwt2.0.0Lwt-based implementation of the MirageOS Clock interface
mirage-console-xen2.4.1Implementation of Mirage console for Xen
mirage-console-xen-backend2.4.1Implementation of Mirage console backend for Xen
mirage-console-xen-cli2.2.0Libraries for interacting with the Xen console command-line interface.
mirage-console-xen-proto2.4.1Implementation of Mirage console protocol for Xen
mirage-flow-unix1.5.0Flow implementations and combinators for MirageOS
mirage-git1.6.0Virtual package to install the `git.mirage` libary
mirage-irmin0.9.8Virtual package to install Irmin with mirage support
mirage-net-direct0.9.4TCP/IP networking stack in pure OCaml
mirage-net-socket0.9.4Socket-based networking stack compatible with Mirage
mirage-no-solo51Virtual package conflicting with mirage-solo5
mirage-no-xen1Virtual package conflicting with mirage-xen
mirage-profile-unix0.8.2Collect runtime profiling information in CTF format
mirage-profile-xen0.8.2Collect runtime profiling information in CTF format
mirage-runtime3.5.0The base MirageOS runtime library, part of every MirageOS unikernel
mirage-stack-lwt1.4.0MirageOS signatures for network stacks
mirage-tcpip-unix0.9.5Userlevel TCP/IP stack
mirage-tcpip-xen0.9.5Userlevel TCP/IP stack
mirage-xen-posix3.3.0MirageOS library for posix headers
mixture1.0.0The Mixture package is a mixin library for the module system
mock-ounit0.1.0Configurable functions to test impure code
monads1.5.0A missing monad library
mpris-clients0.2.0Client implementations of the MPRIS D-Bus media player interface
oasis-mirage0.3.0aThis is a fork of OASIS with support for native output-obj.
ocaml4.07.1The OCaml compiler (virtual package)
ocaml-config1OCaml Switch Configuration
ocaml-migrate-parsetree-ocamlbuild1.2.0Ocamlbuild plugin for ocaml-migrate-parsetree
ocaml-system4.07.1The OCaml compiler (system version, from outside of opam)
ocaml-webworker0.0.1A webworker for the web that runs OCaml code which includes a modified version of Merlin to run on the web.
ocaml9p0.4ocaml9p is a library for the 9p protocol.
ocaml_at_p1.1.0OCaml@p : A debugging print system for OCaml
ocamlapi_async0.0.2Path-based HTTP request routing for Ocaml
ocamlapi_lwt_unix0.0.2Path-based HTTP request routing for Ocaml
ocamlapi_ppx0.0.2Path-based HTTP request routing for Ocaml
ocamldaptransitionTransitional package for ldap (renaming)
ocp-pp1.99.19-betaA simple preprocessor for OCaml
ocplib-compat1.99.17-betaCompatibility between String/Bytes modules for several OCaml versions
ocplib-config1.99.17-betaA simple library to manage configuration files
ocplib-file1.99.17-betaA simple library to manage accesses to files
ocplib-json-typed-browser0.7.1Json_repr interface over JavaScript's objects
ocplib-json-typed-bson0.7.1A Json_repr compatible implementation of the JSON compatible subset of BSON
ogre1.5.0Open Generic REpresentation NoSQL Database
ojquery0.1JQuery binding for OCaml
opam-ci1.0.0query the opam package build status
open_packaging1.0A library for parsing Microsoft's Open Packaging Specification (most commonly used for Microsoft
opencctransitionBindings for OpenCC (v1) - Open Chinese Convert
osx-cf0.1.1OS X CoreFoundation bindings
osx-membership0.1.0OS X membership.h bindings for user, group, and UUID translation
owl-ode-sundials0.0.7Owl's ODE solvers, interface with SundialsML
owl-plplot0.5.0OCaml Scientific and Engineering Computing
owl-zoo0.5.0OCaml Scientific and Engineering Computing - Zoo
pa_qualified0.6A syntax extension that implements support for fully qualified module references
papi0.1.0Performance Application Programming Interface for OCaml
passmakercmd1.0Command line utility for generating memorable passphrases
pds5.24A tool to build Makefiles for Ocaml projects
pgx_async0.1Pgx_async - Pgx using Async for IO
pgx_lwt0.1Pgx_lwt - Pgx using Lwt for IO
pgx_unix0.1Pgx_unix - PGX using the standard library's Unix module for IO (synchronous)
pkcs11-cli0.18.0Cmdliner arguments to initialize a PKCS#11 session
pkcs11-driver0.18.0Bindings to the PKCS#11 cryptographic API
pkcs11-rev0.18.0Reverse bindings to pkcs11
ppx_deriving_protocol0.8.1Migrate to ppx_protocol_conv
ppx_dryunit0.4.0A detection tool for traditional unit testing in OCaml
ppx_overload1.4Virtual package for ppx_overload, now provided by typpx
ppx_protocol_conv_json3.1.3Json driver for Ppx_protocol_conv
ppx_protocol_conv_msgpack3.1.3MessagePack driver for Ppx_protocol_conv
ppx_protocol_conv_xml_light3.1.3Xml driver for Ppx_protocol_conv
ppx_protocol_conv_yaml3.1.3Json driver for Ppx_protocol_conv
ppx_sqlexpr0.9.0Type-safe, convenient SQLite database access - extension for use with sqlexpr.
protobuf1.0.0Protobuf implementation for Ocaml
protocol-9p-tool2.0.0An implementation of the 9p protocol in pure OCaml
protocol-9p-unix2.0.0A Unix implementation of the 9p protocol in pure OCaml
publish0.3.4+transitionopam-publish transition package
qcheck-alcotest0.9QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml.
qcheck-core0.9QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml.
qcheck-ounit0.9QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml.
raw_spacetimebaseRaw_spacetime_lib library distributed with the OCaml compiler
rdbg1.175RDBG: a reactive programs debugger.
regular1.5.0Library for regular data types
relit-reason0.0.2Hygienic typed literal macros (TLMs) for Reason
relit_helper0.2.0A helper library for those wishing to write TLMs using Relit
resp-client0.9.1Redis serialization protocol client
resp-mirage0.9.1Redis serialization protocol tools for MirageOS
resp-unix0.9.1Redis serialization protocol library for Unix
riak-pb1.0.0Riak OCaml Protobuffs library
riakc_ppx3.1.4An OCaml riak client with ppx extensions
rpclib-async5.9.0Driver for rpclib using async
rpclib-lwt5.9.0Driver for rpclib using lwt
salsa20-core0.3.0Salsa20 core functions, in OCaml
sdl-liquidsoap1Virtual package installing liquidsoap's sdl dependencies
session-cohttp0.4.1A session manager for your everyday needs - Cohttp-specific support
session-cohttp-async0.4.1A session manager for your everyday needs - Cohttp-specific support for Async
session-cohttp-lwt0.4.1A session manager for your everyday needs - Cohttp-specific support for Lwt
session-postgresql0.4.1A session manager for your everyday needs - Postgresql-specific support
session-postgresql-async0.4.1A session manager for your everyday needs - Postgresql-specific support for Async
session-postgresql-lwt0.4.1A session manager for your everyday needs - Postgresql-specific support
session-redis-lwt0.4.1A session manager for your everyday needs - Redis-specific support for Lwt
session-webmachine0.4.1A session manager for your everyday needs - Webmachine-specific support
shared-block-ring2.4.0A single-consumer single-producer queue on a block device
shared-memory-ring-lwt3.1.0Shared memory rings for RPC and bytestream communications using Lwt
sociaml-oauth-client0.5.0OAuth Client Library for Ocaml
solo5-bindings-muen0.4.1Solo5 sandboxed execution environment (muen target)
solo5-kernel-ukvm0.3.1Solo5 sandboxed execution environment (ukvm target)
starterkit1.0.0Virtual package for starting OCaml
tar-mirage1.0.1Read and write tar format files via MirageOS interfaces
tar-unix1.0.1Decode and encode tar format files from Unix
tiny_json_conv1.4.1Meta conv for Tiny Json
toml-cconv5.0.0Interface between cconv and toml
typerex-clibs1.0A set of bindings to common C libraries
tyxml-ppx4.3.0PPX that allows to write TyXML documents with the HTML syntax
vchan-unix4.0.1Xen Vchan implementation
vchan-xen4.0.1Xen Vchan implementation
vhd-format-lwt0.12.0Lwt interface to read/write VHD format data
wamp-msgpck1.2Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) library — Msgpck support
wamp-yojson1.2Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) library — Yojson support
wcs-api2017-05-26.04SDK for Watson Conversation Service
wcs-lib2017-05-26.05SDK for Watson Conversation Service
xapi-backtrace0.5A simple library for recording and managing backtraces
xapi-forkexecd1.4.0Sub-process control service for xapi
xapi-idl1.14.0Interface descriptions and common boilerplate for xapi services.
xapi-inventory1.0.2Library for accessing the xapi toolstack inventory file
xapi-libs-transitional1.0.1Further transitional libraries required by xapi
xapi-rrd-transport1.2.0Shared-memory protocols for exposing performance counters
xapi-stdext2.1.0A deprecated collection of utility functions
xapi-tapctl1.0.1A library to control tapdisk on a Xen host
xapi-xenops1.0.1Create/destroy/manipulate Xen domains
xen-api-client0.9.14Xen-API client library for remotely-controlling an XCP or XenServer host.
xen-evtchn-unix2.1.0Xen event channel interface for Linux
xen-gnt-unix3.1.0Xen grant table bindings for OCaml
xstrp41.8Brace expansion (alias 'interpolation') performed by camlp4
yajl-extra0.7.3extended YAJL bindings with a convenient high-level JSON representation
zarith-xen1.7Implements arithmetic and logical operations over arbitrary-precision integers
zmq-async5.0.0Async aware bindings to zmq